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Author Topic: JESUS GROWING -- A CHRISTMAS CALL  (Read 102 times)

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« on: Thu Dec 22, 2016 - 18:52:59 »

“Joseph, Joseph … he kicked me!  feel!  Look, he is pushing with his foot, right here!”  The little one within her began to move!  Some have called this moment “quickening” but life was there long before any of this.  And this Life was definitely moving long before anything!  One of his disciples would later write about this Cosmic Lord, Creator of all, very Word of God.  But, for now, He was forming, moving, growing, all within the belly of his mother, Mary.  And, she surely marveled, “… until this child be formed within me …??”

There was no room in the Inn.  So, He drew his first breath, in this world, in the stables, laid in a manger, in wraps of cloth.  He took in sustenance, and began His journey among us.  He would grow into the very image of God, a servant, the Savior, very Lamb of God, and High Priest, reconciling us to Heaven.  But, Bethlehem missed their moment, as so many others would miss their opportunity to meet and be moved by this man child, the Son of Man.  He was born in their village, but not in their hearts.  As Mary was overshadowed by the Most High, we too must come under the engendering power of Heaven, with Him being formed within us.

At the tender age of twelve, he had the Sages and Teachers of Jerusalem rubbing their heads, in amazement, as he questioned and answered them in His Father’s house.  Years later some of these same men would meet Him again, and marvel at His teaching.  But, so many would turn away in hard-hearted stubbornness.  For now, Jesus went home with his road-weary, wonder-filled parents.  One can only wonder what Joseph thought of this young man.  But, we are told that Mary pondered these things in her heart.  Jesus went home with them to his father’s house, obedient, growing “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke2:52)  Did He smile, knowingly, as others wondered?

He plainly and powerfully revealed himself to the Samaritan woman, declaring, “… if you knew …” (the gift and the giver) and then began to speak of living water and the Spirit., and never thirsting again! (John 4)  In another place, He had earlier confused Nicodemus with talk of being born of the water and the Spirit.  New Birth?!  Starting over and growing up afresh?  (John 3) Who does not want this refreshing water, this fresh start, this new beginning?  Parched, stunted, distorted, twisted lives given eden-like regeneration, to grow into their original, potential design?!

Paul, an apostle of this Man, wrote of  being “…in pangs of birth until Christ be formed in you …” (Gal.4:19)  He also spoke of “…Christ in me…”  (Gal.2:20) and challenged believers, asking, “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?” (2Cor.13:5)  In yet another place, he wrote of Christ working within you and your working out your own faith – allowing the faith within to expand and fill you out, molding you into His image. (Phil.2)

The Babe, Jesus the Christ, was formed within the womb of Mary.  But, He must also be born into the heart of each man, growing, maturing, shaping, molding until we grow up unto the full image of Christ.  This is the heart of what we call Christmas.

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