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Author Topic: A Preicous Thing  (Read 86 times)

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A Preicous Thing
« on: Sun Apr 09, 2017 - 17:10:41 »
       So many hold the idea of suffering and whatever crisis they’re going through as being a very evil and ugly thing, but the Apostle Paul speaks of the trial of our faith being more precious than gold, 1 Peter 1:7. No matter what you may be facing always remember you are kept by the power of God. There is a blessed consolation in realizing that nothing can pluck you out of the hand of God, John 10:29.
       There is a keeping power of God which is greater than anything known to man. There is a keeping power in the grace of God. He keeps us from danger, from evil, he keeps us from failing. This keeping power of God is by faith. The trial comes to challenge your faith, for Satan is no challenge for the power of God. However, Satan’s Challenge is to get us to doubt the word of God in the things that immediately touch our lives.  If our faith is not anchored in the word of God we will soon doubt the power of God. Satan has done his job when the church is silenced by fear and doubt. As long as faith is in the power of God, he will keep us in the trial and through the trial. We are truly kept by the power of God. 
       No trial is meant to last forever but only for a season, 1 Peter 1:6. It is beautiful to know that we are not going to always be in the valley or weeping through the night, for there is the promise of joy in the morning. It is in this hope that our faith is made stronger because we realize that God is faithful. As sure as the sun will rise, the long night will break because God is faithful. He provides for every sparrow of the sky and every fish of the sea, God is faithful. The Nations of the world have his abundant resources in the heavens and earth. Even if we suffer it is only for a season because he knows just how much we can bear.
       Many times the Lord has delivered me from great trials and so I can say has David has said “the Lord will deliver me” Samuel 17:37. God delivered David from a giant. The giant represents anything that stands before us to defy our faith and to bring fear.  Each of us has a testimony of God’s deliverance and we know has we face the giant of trouble God is a deliverer.
        In the trial God is working all things for our good. God is perfecting my faith in the midst of the trial. To be kept by the power of God, one must have faith in God. How can we say we are children of the king if we have no faith? Faith means that the believer is willing to trust God and stand in faith along. There are places in life were all you have is faith in God. No matter how small your faith might be if you ask God he is able to do all things.
       The word of God is what we live by when faith is alive. But we cannot say that we have faith in God if we are not willing to live Holy. The word of God is a sword to use in the midst of defeat, doubt, fear, sickness, financial need; the word of God is the way out. The word of God reveals the power of God in knowledge and understanding.
       I have no doubt that there are many who have great faith, but who is using it. It was the servant who had wrapped his talent in a napkin and had buried it. His Lord held him accountable for that action. His Lord took what little talent he had and gave it to another who had many, and cast him into everlasting condemnation, Matthew 25:28. Why? Because he had hid his talent.
       Faith will do you no good until you put it to work. In time of trouble we use our faith in the word of God by trusting him in the midst of whatever we face. To declare as Job 13:15 “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.” The testimony of Job to this day was that his latter state was better than the former. Therefore whatever we lose for the sake of the gospel God will restore many times over.
      Whatever we are call to go through in this life is only for a season. For the trial of your faith is a precious thing. Let us look to God and know that it is in his power to keep us until the end of our faith which is the salvation of your soul.

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A Preicous Thing
« on: Sun Apr 09, 2017 - 17:10:41 »