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Author Topic: FIRE  (Read 146 times)

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« on: Sun Jan 31, 2016 - 22:14:45 »

Some are out of control – they run across the tree tops laughing at their destructive trail of ash and smoke.  Some are but slaves, waiting as pilots, to ignite a stream of gas, whenever some thermostat demands.  Some float, briefly, through dismal swamps, evoking eerie fear amongst onlookers.  There are the mysterious ones, seemingly offering direction; but, I fear they are not to be trusted, the blue ones you call “wisps” but centuries ago, the ancients called “ignis fatuus”.

Long ago we began.  On the first day, He created “light” and then on the fourth day He embodied “light” in those blazing celestial balls of fire, that you call “stars”. And,  He is, in fact, Light.  Probably our favorite verse in your “Bible” is the one that says, “… our God is a consuming fire…”!  In fact, the word “fire” is in your “Bible” hundreds of occurrences.

Just think of the “fires” in the Scriptures!  Sinai shook and smoked with the flames of His presence.  A pillar of fire led and guided the children of Israel.  Carmel witnessed its stone altar, soaked and dripping wet, licked up like so much tinder, with heaven’s flames.  The Almighty chose to reveal Himself within a “burning bush” that was not consumed.  There are the flames of Nadab and Abihu, of Korah, of Sodom and Gomorrah.  But, we did not touch the three in the fiery furnace!  On that Pentecost Day, God’s Spirit made His presence known with tongues of fire blazing above the heads of the 120!  You have surely read of the “fiery ones” called by the ancient Hebrews, the seraphim!  We stand ready, to be released, at the end of the age, consuming and renewing.  We have been His messengers and agents for many purposes.  Even our fallen ones will do His bidding, albeit not willingly, when they burn in Hell, “… where the fire is quenched not…” And, in the New Jerusalem, the LORD, Himself, will be the light, but not a LED, I promise! ha!

We have many purposes and effects, good and evil.  We can thrill; and, we can terrify.  Think bonfire; then, think wildfire?!  Moths are drawn to us, on a candle, irresistibly!  But, rats are driven away, scattering and running from us, when a cane-field is set ablaze.  Think of the verbs that describe us?!  Flames illuminate, signal, refine, purify, cook.  Fire can warm, heat, expand, energize, … But, we have a darker side (not funny) – we have tortured, destroyed, consumed.  It is tricky.  One named Nero destroyed much of a city, only to rebuild larger and greater edifices.  But, we got the blame, which was shifted onto the disciples of the Light?!  Flames can renew, cleanse, eradicate, …

And, there is one very high purpose that we fulfill – worship!  Just think of all the sacrifices offered upon the altar in Israel’s Temple?!  Flames lifted to heaven the aroma of the offerings made in worship to the Lord!  From heaven itself came the first blaze that lit the altar’s offering!  Indeed, one of your hymn-writers penned the words "...All things praise Thee—Lord, may we!"  Like fingers on raised hands, we praise the “Father of Lights”!

One other thing, before I flame out of here -- there is another fire coming; but there is a hill that has been back-burned.  Get there.  It has already been scorched with the full fury of His wrath.  It is a fire-proof haven! 

“Father, refine us, illuminate us, draw us, renew us.”

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