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Author Topic: OUT OF HERE, THIS I KNOW  (Read 175 times)

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« on: Wed Aug 26, 2015 - 18:49:09 »


How we ever got here, I just do not know?!
But, one thing I know – We, all, must NOW go!
Up, into the light, climb fast as we can;
Not one leave behind, woman, child nor man.

Sparkling, it lured us; it looked like a well;
Now we know better; the gate straight to hell?!
Many around us, all raising a toast,
“It’s the water of life!” the liars proposed!

Take hold of my hand, with all of your might.
Up, out of the cold; up, out of the night,
Back from where we fell, so very long ago.
It was better there; this I surely know.

But, “we like it here,” darkened souls may say?!
No! Hear me my friend; we really can’t stay.
Soon, in frozen sleep, ourselves we will find;
Overcome and drugged, drowsy all our minds!

Already it grows, above and around!
“Where is the path out?”  “It now can’t be found!”
Soon, we’ll be taken, no more to be seen.
Vanished, all, forever; ensnared by the fiend.

I barely can breathe!  The air is so foul!
Listen! I can hear, down deeper, a howl!
There, in deep darkness, red eyes I can see.
Hungry, they all look, at you and at me!

“Please, daddy, do not slip,” my girl cried to me.
“Swiftly, let’s now climb, a chance there may be?”
For them I give all; God give us success!
“Save us all I pray!” All together, Yes!

Above us I can hear, voices calling to me,
Loved ones gone before, “climb out and get free!”
With smiles on their faces, and, tears in their eyes,
“This is the right way! Climb up for the skies!”

Let us not linger. There’s danger below.
I must now save her!  Yes, this I but know!
Get up and be gone, from the worlds below.
Get out of here, now!  To the light we go!

O, Sweet  Jesus!

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« on: Wed Aug 26, 2015 - 18:49:09 »