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Author Topic: REACHING THROUGH THE BLOOD  (Read 187 times)

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« on: Tue Mar 08, 2016 - 21:06:20 »

“... they do not understand; they are reaching through the blood!”  My co-worker interjected this comment during our job chatter.  Our hands were covered with grease; but, our minds were in the heavens.  And, his comment exploded in my mind, and kept my night’s sleep less than restful.  My messed up mind was envisioning a clawed, demonic hand reaching into a forbidden dimension through the covering of the Blood. In my mind I could see a sci-fi image crossing into a taboo dimension, through a wall of blood.

There are some places we have no business intruding.  Only once a year, only the High Priest could enter the Most Holy Place, making atonement for the sins of the nation.  Behind the veil was a forbidden, mysterious aura where sins were appeased and others dare not tread that Holy Place.  It is demonic activity to reach through the veil of forgiveness and retrieve a dead trespass and try to resurrect something that God has buried?!

This R/S, resurrected sin, takes on a life that is unnatural and unholy.  It could be called an “i-zombie” – an iniquity zombie.  It is a vampire-like, blood-drenched ghoul that needs a Calvary stake through its heart.  But, the demon has returned, with his friends.  And, sadly, some fallen fool has helped the living dead to walk among the holy ones.  Jesus mentions some demons “come out only with prayer and fasting” and the “R/S” is especially unholy.

This conversation began with comments about some preacher choosing to avoid using a gospel quartet because of some past indiscretions.  Ironically, it was noted that this same preacher had some guard-dogs nipping at his heels over some dredged up stuff on him!  Martin Luther is quoted saying, “Only the Devil brings up forgiven sins.”  With our tongue we can set the world on fire, the fires of Hell! We are participating with the schemes of the Devil!  (James 2)  We give new life to covered, buried, forgiven sins.  The Biblical warnings about “gossip” begin to take on a more serious light?!

“… as far as the east is from the west …” is the language of Scripture when it speaks of forgiven sin.  But, the demons go on a scavenger hunt trying to revive these dead sins and employ them in their schemes to steal, kill, and destroy the hearts and souls of the sons of Adam.  They want to go diving in the “sea of forgetfulness” and retrieve what God has cast there.  And, we are far too often unwitting helpers, at best; and, at worst we are dark souls in league with Hell.

“… love covers a multitude of sins…”  “… love keeps no record of wrongs …”  These sentiments are the directions to the high road, the route to the heavenly highway.  The Lord Jesus once basically instructed some angry, hate-filled hot-heads, “drop your stones”!  What he said was, “he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone” as the crowd shoved the adulterous woman at his feet and demanded Jesus to quote the Law.  But, Love covered a multitude of sins, and the stones dropped from their hands.  We need to let the $10 debts go, and reflect on our own $10B overdraft?!

Recently, my wife and I were discussing a particularly difficult sin that has surfaced in our community.  A man was accused of sleeping with his teen daughter.  Agh!  Does it get any worse than that?  We discussed how we might handle such a nightmare if it were in our immediate family.  I thought I was looking at an angel as my wife softly suggested, “… we have to forgive …”?!

What motivates such damaging, demonic cooperation?  Why do we act like this?  Some of it may be smoke to cover and excuse our own bad behavior and bent hearts?  Some of it may be power grabbing as poor sinners are manipulated into cages?  Agendas are pushed with no regard for the not-so-innocent bystander! (much like the woman cast at the feet of Jesus?!)  Some of it is likely just sad, sick, sordid thrill-seeking, whether ignorantly, or darkly disseminated?  Some sick souls just seem to enjoy destructively setting fires.

What are the results of a R/S?  What does our tale-bearing effect?  Discord is sown.  Fellowship is destroyed.  Relationships are damaged.  Struggling disciples are disheartened.  Jesus warned about offending such little ones, and mentions something else being cast into the sea!  Another after-effect is our distraction from our mission.  We focus on what should be forgotten, and forget what should be our focus?!

God has a way of protecting His secrets?  Ananias and Sapphira found out the hard way about telling lies about God.  Not all of us have been struck down, yet, for our gossip and tale-bearing.  But, sowing discord among brothers, causing little ones to stumble, attacking God’s anointed, … these things are dangerously close to entering the Most Holy Place?!

“… the secret things belong unto God …”  may contextually belong to another discussion, but it fits well here?!  Another text mentions, “…what God has joined together, let not man put asunder…”  God has put my sins with the un-sin of Jesus, and the balance is zero!  But, the demons of hell are calling like collection agents who have found my number.  But, they have no power over me!

But, to make sure the point is not missed, maybe you need to remember such axioms as “let sleeping dogs lie” or maybe “do not stir the crap; it will stink”.  If you must talk, then go talk TO the sinner, not ABOUT the sinner!  Do not resurrect forgiven sins.

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