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Post by: JERRY C on Sun Feb 14, 2016 - 21:26:44


The stars all sing, with words unspoken!

But, how can we hear, with hearts so broken?

Create in us, hearts anew, and spirits aright.

Let us see, from our darkness, your blessed light.


In sullen quietness, the deaf cannot dance.

To hear the music, they have not a chance.

Alone, in cold darkness, they miss the sunrise;

Maybe sensing the warmth, yet blind are our eyes.


He heals the deaf; and, to the blind gives sight.

Now, they can hear; and, gone is their night.

“Open our eyes that we may see, and ears to hear.”

We urgently call out to you! Lord, draw us near!


Turn up the volume of the heavenly chorus.

Front row and center, the best seats for us!

Fill with your Spirit, with forgotten resurgence.

Raise us up to our feet; and Lord let us dance! (