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Author Topic: THE WAY BACK  (Read 107 times)

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« on: Mon Feb 24, 2014 - 18:31:05 »

                This place feels safe.  But, it is dark.  And, I am feeling the heat being sucked out of my body.  And, sometimes, it feels as if the walls are closing in on me, trying to suffocate me.  I am not sure how long I can stay here.  But, everything out there bites and stings.  In here, it’s cool, even if a little damp.

                I remember them talking about “the garden” and how peaceful it was.  But, all I ever knew was the squalor in which my folks raised me.  Thorns. Thistles.  And the snakes! agh!  And, we had to work constantly, just to survive.  When we’d get a little stored up, then came the rats and worms.  It was a losing battle.

                We brought Him an offering to “thank” Him for the “bounty” that He “gave” us; and, then He turned up His nose at mine.  That damned brother.  I showed them?!  Who’s the favorite now?  But, here I am now.  Alone.

                There are some camp fires I have seen down in the next valley.  I don’t know who they could be in the god-forsaken wilderness.  How could anybody make it out there?!  But, I am going to die if I stay here.  Maybe they won’t kill me.

                I am going to begin walking down there, tomorrow.  I sure cannot go back where I was.  There is no way they would take me back.  I am too far gone, anyways.  I am not even sure how to get back.  Odd!  The old man used to mutter that same thing?!  “…not sure how to get back…”

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« on: Mon Feb 24, 2014 - 18:31:05 »