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Title: true satisfaction Psalm 107:9
Post by: lovie dovie on Sun Jul 31, 2011 - 06:22:03
 In Man 's quest for satisfaction and fulfillment, man tries to fill this with material things, fame and relationships. Satisfaction through this may only last for a while, never long enough: one desire comes after another desire; there seems to be no end to this.
   However, God tells us that He is the only one who can satisfy and fill us.
   Have you ever wondered why life seems to have no meaning?
   Nothing seems to satisfy?
   Maybe we could start checking ourselves to see where we seek to get our source of satisfaction.
   Are we connected to the right source?
   If we think we haven't asked God to be our source, it's never too late for us to call on Him and ask Him to be in our life. He will be welcoming us with gladness  ::hug::