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Author Topic: HE'D HAD ENOUGH  (Read 101 times)

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« on: Sat Jun 06, 2015 - 12:30:36 »

   His mama held my wife in a long hug, at the visitation.  Standing next in line, I looked into the casket, into the face of his dad, into the void.  Then I heard his mom whisper to my wife, repeatedly, “… we’ve made it through two days; we’ll make it through…”

   Yesterday morning, the garbage collectors noticed his lifeless body as they worked their route for the day.  The police came.  Family came.  Their boy had “had enough”.  Maybe it was thoughtful to end it on the day he’d be quickly found?!  He had sat down in his back yard and left this world.  Now they stood near his casket and greeted well-wishers.

   How does one make sense of such?  For over two decades he had watched his body waste away with some nameless, crippling disease.  “Normal” was not a part of his brief adult life – no wife, no children, no job, no …

   I am twelve years further down the road, but had known him, through church.  I had been in his parents’ home for a couple of Christmas church parties.  I got his gift one year in the “dirty-santa” gift exchange, a nice, pecan pie.  Once, I made a two-hour trip with him to a church men’s retreat near Montgomery.  We talked and laughed there and back.

   Mike spoke haltingly and with stuttering jerks.  His mind was way ahead of his mouth desperately trying to keep up.  And his walk was similar.  The athlete’s body was still in there somewhere.  But, he could not quite break the huddle as he once could.

   I called a friend to confirm the rumor at the mill that Mike was gone when I first heard it.  We talked and he asked, “… what do you say?”  I remembered Psalm 103:14 – “He knows our situation…”  God, help us!

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