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Re: 1000 Year Reign
« Reply #140 on: Fri Dec 25, 2020 - 07:15:30 »
I'll give my thoughts since 4WD has spoken.  We have no record that Enoch's or Elijah's body tasted of death, other than dying with the Lord Jesus' death which we ALL DID. So many scriptures could be provided, for now, consider:The law of God has judged every believer IN CHRIST and has found them to be RIGHTEOUS, nothing worthy of death, so, we all are dead to the law of God in this sense, it has NO POWER over us because of the spirit of HOLINESS we rendered unto the law IN CHRIST!

What we do not know is this: at what point did God shed them of their earthly bodies and cause them to be able to appear with him in glory~these things are hidden from us and we cannot particularly speak of them at the moment.
According to Hebrews Enoch shed his earthly bodily just after he was taken.  From other scripture we know that Enoch and all of the others who died in Christ before Christ came were taken to Abraham's bosom. Then from Daniel and Matthew we know that they received their glorified bodies on the last day that Christ was in the tomb -  at the resurrection of Christ.

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Re: 1000 Year Reign
« Reply #141 on: Fri Dec 25, 2020 - 12:57:31 »
The clear implication from those verses is that when we appear at the judgment seat of Christ we will NOT be IN THE BODY.  Clearly from that passage to be at home with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is to be away from the body.
There is no such "clear implication."  The clear implication is that we will be IN OUR BODIES. 

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Re: 1000 Year Reign
« Reply #142 on: Fri Dec 25, 2020 - 13:12:55 »
Psychic and pneumatic are NOT GREEK words they are ENGLISH words. But you know that and so does everyone else.
You yourself literally posted the entries from Thayer's lexicon in this thread proving otherwise.