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Author Topic: Are disabled natural mark of the beast recepients?  (Read 370 times)

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Are disabled natural mark of the beast recepients?
« on: Wed May 02, 2018 - 16:38:23 »
First of all, I have Asperger Syndrome, and this leads me to ponder about the following:

Few years ago I read on the internet how in one of the disabled kindergardens they had a running competition, and one of the kids fell, so then they all took hands together and simply walked side by side so there were neither winners nor loosers. The point being is that the disabled have post-modern new age concepts biologically ingrained to them even as little kids, while NT-s have to be taught them through years of propaganda. So how about the mark of the beast which will unite the humanity? Will the disabled be the only ones to like that idea naturally without the need of extensive brainwashing?

I guess a lot of it has to do with where society places the disabled. When I ask whether, as someone with Asperger, I am allowed to have a gun, most people tell me yes; but I remember a couple of instances where people said no; that plus also my mom is terrified of an idea of either me or her having a gun. Now, if I can't have a gun, then I want the whole country to be disarmed, just so that I don't have to feel inferior. But if I had a gun I wouldn't feel that way, would I. So now you see how people just converted me into taking a democrat side about this one topic just by the virtue of discriminating against me?

Thankfully, this didn't make me support gays: I am not gay so its not my problem. But there are plenty of other aspies that do support gays, because they think that they are both minorities, while totally overlooking the fact that Bible speaks against homosexuality but Bible never speaks against aspies. And then, of course, aspies reject Bible so that they can support homosexuals: thats why so many of them are atheists.

So yeah, I think one of the biggest ways NTs harm aspies is that they are causing them to allign with antichrist on various issues. I once read an article how they were considering microchiping people with Alzhcheimer *and autism*. Well, thankfully, nobody came knocking at my door to microchip me. But don't you see how various psychological things they do to the aspies kind of push them in the same direction? First they disarm *just* aspies (just like antichrist will disarm the whole earth), they also treat aspies in the same way they treat minorities, so that aspies end up sympathizing with minorities (thus supporting antichrist in this area too) and then finally they will make aspies take a microchip. So, in other words, what NT-s want to do to aspies is the same as what antichrist wants to do to the whole world. So no wonder aspies support antichrist: if you know you will go down, *of course* you want others to go down with you (and that race in a kindergarden is a good illustration of this: because you will do this in the name of love).

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Are disabled natural mark of the beast recepients?
« on: Wed May 02, 2018 - 16:38:23 »