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Author Topic: Good News of Gods Kingdom: Still to be preached  (Read 472 times)

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Elijah returns

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Good News of Gods Kingdom: Still to be preached
« on: Thu Mar 25, 2010 - 15:32:39 »
Dear Friends and fellow hub readers, thanks once again for visiting, welcome to new readers too of this very speacial hub dedicated to the expounding of Gods word for people hungry for Gods word, and those seeking rigteousness.

I hope that the next coming essays and little letters will be a refreshment for you, as well as provide some stimilus for thought. These documents are intended for all people, and I dont set any one denomination over another for I belong to none.

For those of you are Jehovahs Witnesses, either active or inactive, you can also login to Robert Kings site where he provides up to the minute topics on current world affairs and how they pertain to Bible prophecy.


The good news of the Kingdom. Has it already been preached? Or is it still to be preached? Many say they preach it, have preahed it or are preaching it, even Jehovahs Witnesses, saying that they have taken the message of Gods Kingdom to the most distant parts of the Earth.

Maybe some of these groups have? But, was it according to accurate knowledge? Was it in a spirit of truth?

I ask this as it is very hard to discern which, for all mainstream groups claim to be the one and only truth, but in actual fact, all are tainted in some way with regards to doctrine and practice, these being doctrines and practices which are totally out of harmony with Gods word.

Besides, there are still peoples, Nations even who are blocked from receiving this message of the kingdom. One country in particular is China where there are people who thirst for righteouness, but must still live in darkness.

Paul, when he was an Apostle on the earth wanted to go to Asia, but the way was blocked to him. Nothing has changed today as the government seeks to repress and stamp out all vestiges of the good news so as to maintain a tight grip over the people and hold them captive.

But, this is about to change Mr Hu Jin Tao and Wen Jiao Bo, and soon you will know and acknowledge Jehovah and his appointed Christ asLord, Master and king, as indeed will others, either to your eternal benefit or detriment, only you can choose which, but choose wisley, kiss the Son now, as his anger flares really easily.

The Good News of Kingdom with Miracles demonstrates that the Kingdom will be shortly at hand (Reverend C.I. Scofield DD 1909)

What I am about to say some of you may scoff at, but facts say that this life saving work is still to be carried out. I firmly believe that Jehovahs Witnesses have not fufilled this prophecy as given by Christ. As commendable as their work may be, and I believe this for a number of very valid reasons. The most important one being that we are not in that time period yet when this is set to occur, and furthermore, this good news is entrusted to a small elite group of people only who are still yet to be revealed in a very wonderful as well as miraculous way.

But below are my reasons why that this life saving work is still future.

The Last 7 Years of Mankinds History

Before the end time begins, the last two prophets of God must come first. Some say these will be Moses and Elijah. But, the last two prophets to come will have the spirit of these two men only, just as John had the Spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:15 -*17*).

This preaching of the Good News of the Kingdom of God has been entrusted and reserved for the Holy ones only, and is preached over a period of 3.5 years, those years being the first 1260 days of the rapidly oncoming last 7 years of mankinds history.

This message of the last pronouncements of God will be taken by these two prophets to the most distant parts of the earth, and the message is peculiar to them, as they have received pebbles with names on them that only they know about, and they sing a song only they can sing, the song of Moses.

And this message will go to all places, peoples, Nations, even to Kings, and where no one has had the chance of hearing of God and his christ, even to Arabia and Asia where the work may be very difficult to preach, especially under the threat of death.

The work will be backed up by astounding works of God. And Jesus had himself said that his Apostles would carry out works greater than he had done (John 14:12). Christ fed the hungry, cured the sick and had even raised 3 people we know of from the dead. And as a part of these miracles which we are about to see, it cannot be excluded or indeed ruled out that a raising of the dead this side of Armageddon will occur (Matthew 19:26).

These men really are going to rock the Nations to their very core in their search for the lost sons of Israel, so as to draw all the desirable things out of this world and prepare a people ready for the day of Jehovah, the time when worship of that one and only true God will be established above all others, and people will flock to this mountain in droves....really, a great crowd out of which no man is really able to number (Haggai 2:7, Micah 4:2 Revelation 7:13-14)

They will indeed preach a release to those held captive, to those held captive to the false teachings of men, to those who are blind, for these last two prophets of God are going to preach the acceptable year, just as Christ had done, but this work will be done just prior to the fear inspiring day of Jehovah arriving which is the time of the end, which are the last 1260 days of mankinds history.

When will these things be?

We cannot obviously put a date to such things, as that would be fooloish, and many sensationalist churches such as the Jehovahs Witnesses have done this over and over again, only to make themselves to look like fools for speaking and declaring such things which are in Gods eyes contemptable, as he never sent these false prophets to speak these things (Matthew 24:36).And these false prophets heal the break down of his people lightly, by telling them a sword is not coming, when in actual fact it is coming and will chase many to the very dust itself.

But we do have the signs, and like the seasons, when all these things begin to occur for real then we will know for sure. We certainly see some of these signs now, but these are not the markers of the begining of the end of the age (Robert King: Satans Ousting From Heaven). And we are about to witness some of the most fearful sights ever seen on this world as the last 7 years begins, and draws to a close with the final arrival of Christ and all his angels at the 7th Trumpet. Certainly we do see some of these signs mentioned in Matthew 24, but these are not the markers for the approaching of the end of the age. For these markers will be the sign of the Son of Man, as well as the most fearful sights ever witnessed on this planet.

This preaching work commences at begining of the 70th, and indeed last week of years, and it lasts for 3.5 years only. And this work is carried out by the brothers of Christ, the Holy ones of God, the Anointed. These ones being the Angels of the Seven Churches, and the Stars being held in Christs hand (Revelation 2:4,13,16, 10:8-11 11:3-7 Daniel 9:27 Matthew 24:14 Acts 1:8).

The Stars in the hand of Christ are not the Elders of any sensationalist Church such as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Why would Jesus hold men in his hand who are corrupt and deviant in their practices?

Its highly unlikely that the works of these men will go unnoticed, for I am sure, that the TV, Radio and Internet will be buzzing with the activities of these Holy men, as they come to preach the judgements and last proniuncements of Jehovah before his fear inspiring day comes which is also known as the time of the end. These are, if you like, the Elijah that is to come before that day begins (Malachi 4:5 Isaiah 40:3-5). Can you imagine reports of people being cured, people being raised from the dead, rivers being turned to blood, heavens being closed to rain........well, I think these will be astounding events to be sure just as they were during the time of Jesus, but as it is, his Apostles are going to carry out works greater than he had done. We will, I am sure, be exposed to a mountain of news each day when the last two prophets come, and like Jesus, they are going to draw the crowds. Rember the story of the Leper that came and fell before the feet of Jesus the Son of David. This was forbidden and for anyone suffering such a condition, it was forbidden to enter into the community. But, this poor man came and fell before the feet of the son of God. "Lord, if you want to, you can make me clean". Jesus moved with pity said, "I want to".

The brothers of Christ who are coming are going to do works greater than this, and like their Brother Jesus, they too will reach out, and say "I want to".How does this make you feel?

The period we are entering, as fearful as it may be, it will give all those hope, it will be faith strenthening for those waiting on the return of the Lord, Master, and King Jesus Christ. Are you looking forward to this? These men by means of this one off special assignemt will truly establish Gods Kingdom.

Christ opens the first of several seals as these Holy ones and indeed Antichrist arrives on the scene, at the point when Christ moves forward to wage war amidst his enemies. And on that day, his holy ones, his people, those being his troops on the day of that fight, will offer themselves willingly (Revelation 6:2-17, Psalms 45:1-5, Psalms 110:3, Revelation 10:8-11, 11:3-7).

This will be a time of Geo-Political tension and talks of war, which will result in (a) war.Then there will a be war, and one such as never seen before, and one which will never be seen again, and one which will see the eradication of 1/4 of the worlds population, and this is even before the coming Antichrist has risen to Supreme power.

Antichrist arrives at the same time as these prophets and concludes a covenant with many for 7 years, even with some of the Holy ones of Jehovah. Whether this covenant may have anything to do with the ushering of draconian measures and martial law to keep the populaces in line still remains to be seen. Towards the middle of the last and 70th week, 30 days before the assignment of the last two ends the Antichrist causes all worship of God to cease as he kills off the last two witnesses who had tortured the earth with Gods Judgments.

This slaying of the two witnesses sees the collapse of our present world as ruled by Britain and America, Satans ousting from Heaven, and rise of Antichrist to Supreme power for the last 1260 days of mankinds history. This is just the collapse of our present system, not its end, for Satan will be cast out of heaven and his demon angels along with him as he begins his rule of tyranny here on the earth with his Antichrist which rises to ultimate power in the last 1260 days of mankinds history.

This preaching work of the good news must still be carried out. All I can do is ask you to remain awake to whats going on, and place faith in these men, these brothers of Christ when they do arrive, for as scripture says, they are going to lead all men of all kinds, even kings back to God before his fear inspiring day comes. And those of you who give as much as a glass of water to one of these ones, you will by no means lose your reward in the Kingdom of the Heavens, for in doing this to them, you do it to Christ their brother.

Be ready for you are about to witness things which have never been seen before, nor will be seen again.

Are you ready to fosake everything so as to run the race as free people, to be truly free of every weight that so easily entangles one, to win the race as a free people, as a people who will have had their shackles cut from the bonds and thinking of this system? If so, then what are you prepared to do, and wouldnt now be the time to do it?

The last two prophets to come will light this way and lead the way back to God. Men, women, children and even Kings themselves will turn back to God on that day. A time when the eyes of the blind will be opened, and captives released from those holding them in bonds. A great time to look forward to and to have hope and faith that Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ have not forsaken mankind, but will do all that has been promised and much more. The very creation of the world and Universe provides testimony to the fact that this will be done and that nothing is impossible for God to do. He has sworn it, said it, and it will be carried out.

I can only encourage you to let the life and flame of the christ burn within you ever more now as these days draw nearer. Look to him as Messiah. Acknowledge him as Lord, Master, Eternal Father and appointed King in your hearts and minds. As I said earlier, kiss the Son, as his anger flares easily. Be afraid of no man and no instrument formed against you, for what can a man do to you? Better more to be in fear of the one who has real power over the soul, life and death.

Look into Gods word yourselves, and you will find an abundance of treasure beyond your wildest imagination, then like fountains of refreshing water, but life giving, you can bubble over and impart this to your neighbours also.

May Jehovah and the love of his Christ be with you all on the journey to God, and may he cover you on that day he has appointed to vent his rage on a world which is about to pass away into the very annals of history with his coming Kingdom.

Author of Elijah Returns

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Good News of Gods Kingdom: Still to be preached
« on: Thu Mar 25, 2010 - 15:32:39 »