Author Topic: Passover 2020: the Blood and the Exodus  (Read 1028 times)

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Passover 2020: the Blood and the Exodus
« on: Sun Apr 05, 2020 - 09:32:59 »
Passover commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. God, seeing the blood, “passes over” the Israelites, while killing the first-born sons of the Egyptians. Another enemy is coming – Gog. Could this be our Exodus – the Rapture? This is a content summary only. Visit the Rapture and End Times website for full links, other content, and more!

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Re: Passover 2020: the Blood and the Exodus
« Reply #1 on: Sun Apr 05, 2020 - 10:33:25 »
  The Gog-Magog war will occur after the antichrist comes to power & brokers a deal between the Jews & their Moslem enemies, causing all sides to disarm, & Israel becoming "a land of unwalled villages." However, the hatred will still be there.
  A group of Moslem nations, listed in Scripture, will ask Russia to arm them & lead them in an attack upon Israel. (Magog was located in what's now Russia, & Gog was the name of several of their leaders.) This attack will occur too swiftly for the antichrist to act, but GOD will intervene for Israel, destroying 5/6 of their army. Jesus will make Himself known to the Jews, & most will realize He is Messiah.
  The rapture will occur soon after, so there'll be little or no opposition to the antichrist & his sidekick the false prophet instituting the marka the beast. However, there'll be tribulation saints, but they'll have a tough time being unable to buy/sell on the open market, and the antichrist's police hunting them. Many will be killed.
  Shortly after comes the great trib, then, Jesus' return.