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Author Topic: Revelation part 1  (Read 345 times)

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Revelation part 1
« on: Tue Oct 24, 2017 - 15:20:21 »
I had written a series some 10 years ago and sent them to my life long friend in N.Y. In all my previous articles posted on this form, I have been covering for the most part Daniel. Now I'm going to tackle the book of Revelation. It's quite long, so I will post it in shorter sections. Again, if anyone has any questions, ask them one at a time so as to clarify.

Unraveling the book of revelation.

In order to unravel anything, we must understand several things first. What is the end product of the thing that is being unraveled? What is the focal point of the person giving out the information? What is the significance of the end to which their efforts are directed? What tools are there to help us, and why was the thing so tangled in the first place?

Many Christian’s have gone before us, attempted to solve the enigma involved in the book called, Revelation. Some of the pieces had been put in place by these men and women. So, the question, "Is there any information, any conclusions we can draw from the scholars of the past?" Can their reasoning, their judgments aid our own efforts? Can we gather together enough information from their work to put in place a solid foundation that we can stand on?

In order to move ahead and solve the remaining mysteries locked in the book of Revelation, dedication to the truth is of the utmost importance. Another main ingredient is that unbiased thoughts need to be at the forefront of any further investigation, and all speculation, suppositions, unwarranted dogmas, need to be set aside.

The Scriptures are to be the first, and the last resource we use. When the final sentence is finished, the last T crossed, and last i dotted, its teaching and conclusions alone are what matter.

World history, especially Middle Eastern history is of the utmost importance; the history of the Jewish people, the land, and the powers that have involved themselves with the affairs of the Jews, and the land itself must be understood.

Example: before the Jews returned to their homeland in 1948, there was a great chasm that needed to be filled in our understanding in order to move ahead in certain areas of the book of Revelation. Before the Jews return to Israel in 1948, the name Israel had been spiritualized by many beginning with the Catholic Church. Why, because it was thought the Jews would forever be severed from their land and from the promises of God. This thinking prevailed, and many cults, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons followed with this false understanding.

So, when the Jews began their return, when the land was again called Israel; when the people made Hebrew their language, the shekel brought back, the land flourishing again, and when the enemies of the Jews who were named thousands of years ago again threatened them as prophesied, new doors were opened, causing us to enter into a new understanding of the book of Revelation.

I will not involve myself in any argument, those who choose to can do so among themselves, and I'll stand on the sidelines. 


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Revelation part 1
« on: Tue Oct 24, 2017 - 15:20:21 »