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Author Topic: The Last Seven Years Broken Down: 2x1260 day Periods of End Time Period  (Read 1222 times)

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Elijah returns

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The Six Seals

"The Six Seals"

The Four Horsemen

The Wrath of Man
(1260 days)
Christ opens the first of Seven seals
Satan falls to earth

(Matthew 24:4-14 Revelation 6:2-17)

First Time Period of 42 Months

First Seal: Christ begins to wage war amidst his enemies.
Second Seal: Nation against nation
Third Seal: Famine
Fourth Seal: 1/4 of earth dies (1.5+ billion)
Fifth Seal: Martyrdom of holy ones of Jehovah.
Sixth Seal: Earthquakes, stars fall, Present System as ruled by Britain and America collapses. Satan is expelled from Heaven and Christ takes over control. This present systems collapse coincides with Satan’s expulsion. The King and Kingdom of Tyre come to their end.

Sudden birth pains: The Great Tribulation begins suddenly and unexpectedly.

Summary of Events of Six Seals

Christ opens the first of seven seals which seals him waging war amidst his enemies.

This marks the arrival of the last two witnesses of God and Antichrist.

The first 3 1/2 years start with the beginning of the "Antichrist's effort of world conquest", which helps plunge the world into the deadliest wars in history, followed by the resulting famines, disease, persecutions, and complete breakdown of the old world order, making way for the Satan’s mimic kingdom of Jehovah’s real one by means of his New World Order. He makes a covenant with the many for 7 years, even with some of those leaving the Holy Covenant.

Towards the middle of that last and 70th week of years he causes worship of God to cease as he rises to suprememe and ultimate power. This begins 30 days before the last two witnesses of Jehovah complete their assignment. Gods people of today, like the jews during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, they may have to surrender themselves under the yoke of the King of Babylon for their well being?

And as Christ himself had said, many of the holy ones will be fooled by this Beast. This time period also sees the arrival f the last two servants of God, their execution at the end of their mission sees the Antichrists rise to absolute supremacy.

Oil is the key. Oil has become the life blood of the world's economies. The Antichrist will likely gain broad power by controlling much of the world's oil supply, as well as the internet, banking, satellite systems, and nuclear weapons to be sure.

The Gospel must be preached to all nations is a requirement before the end time comes. And this commission is carried out by the elite two witness group. The Great Commission will be completed as the Gentile world overwhelmingly rejects Christ. As last and formal worship of Jehovah stops 30 days before the two witnesses complete their mission and Wild Beast is set up. Like Christ they are slain in the middle of the week, but the last and 70th one, but rise again 3.5 days (or years) later.

The Nations and Anglo American duel World Power falls along with Babylon The Great, but Old World Order and its Religion rises again, but as the New World Order and New World Religion.

Seventh Seal to Sixth Trumpet

"The Seventh Seal"

The Six Trumpets

The Wrath of Satan
(1260 days)

Set up of
Satan’s New World Order

(Matthew 24:15-31 Luke 21:20-*24 Revelation 8:1-9:21 11:15)

Second Time Period/42 Months

Satan has been expelled and hurled down to the earth。Christ now rules, but the Kingdom does not become Jehovah’s or his Christ’s until the 7th Trumpet.

Seventh Seal: Silence in Heaven for 1/2 an hour, or 21 months until 1st trumpet is blown. The Nations have been lulled into a sense of false peace and security by this skilled Politician. The call of peace and security may go forward on or before the silence in heaven comes to its end. During this time the instruments of the destruction are being prepared in heaven ready to be poured out on the wild beast and those that’ve accepted his mark.

There is a space of 1/2 hour between Seventh seal and First Trumpet = 21 Months? There will be a period of false peace and security before the cry of peace and security comes. On that call going forward the last 7 trumpets will blow and bring their respective plagues with them until the conclusion of all things at Trumpet 7.

The Bible says in Revelation 17 that the Kings of the Earth rule with the Beast for a symbolic 1 hour, and we know the Beasts rule is for 42 months, so, following on from that, the 1/2 silence must be for 21 months?

First Trumpet/ First Bowl: Hail of fire – first plague strikes earth. 1/3 plants die in the destruction。
Second Trumpet/ Second Bowl: Fiery Mountain hurled into sea - 1/3 sea life dies.
Sea turns to blood. 1/3 of sea creatures die, 1/3 of boats destroyed.
Third Trumpet/ Third Bowl: The star Wormwood falls to the earth. 1/3 rivers are poisoned. Many people die from drinking this.
Fourth Trumpet/ Fourth Bowl: 1/3 heavens darkened by smoke and fires.
Fifth Trumpet/ Fifth Bowl: 5 months of torture by locusts. The Kingdom of the wild beast begins to darken. Trumpets 5-7 are the last 3 woes. Jehovah’s people released 110 days before Armageddon.
Sixth Trumpet/ Sixth Bowl: The 200 million man army of the wild beast gets ready to move on in on Babylon to destroy it at the appointed time for its destruction. 1/3 of mankind (another 1.5+ billion people) will be eradicated/wiped out.

Summary of Events: 7th Seal to Sixth Trumpet

Satan has been expelled. He drags down one third of the Heavens with him to the earth in great rage knowing his time is short, namely, 1260 days or 3.5 years, the same duration as that of his final and last king.

The 144,000 are sealed within the 7th seal. The remainder of the remnant of Holy ones are taken into the wilderness to be away from the face of Satan for the second 3 1/2 years, "On the wings of a giant eagle."

The second 3 1/2 years start with the Abomination of Desolation: The Antichrist invades the holy place of Jehovah and sets himself up as god in the temple of God, eliminating all true worship around the world. He occupies and tramples on Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years. This thing is served by a false prophet that forces all on the earth to bow down to it. It performs signs so as to mislead many, even some of Gods holy ones too.

The Antichrist comes to power in this turbulent time as a skilled politician. He is given control of the world's economic and political systems by the 10 nations in hopes that he can bring peace. He takes over and destroys Christian worship around the world. Jehovah’s people go into servitude under the boot heel of Babylon the Great and the Wild Beast for the period of 2300 evenings and mornings or 1150 days This antichrist is also Satan’s mimic kingdom of Gods real one, many will be fooled by it when he arrives believing Gods kingdom is represented through this beast, just after the demise of America and Britain.

The World alienated from God and his Christ receive this Kings mark and follow this him in wonderment and in awe. But, in receiving that Mark they receive Gods wrath and judgement unto them also.

The Mark of the Beast is instituted to represent the force of absolute allegiance to the one world government/religion. Anyone who does not carry this mark cannot buy or sell, and may well perish by means of the Sword.

The Great Harlot, embodied by the western countries in false worship, will hand power over to the Beast but will be betrayed by him in a single day of fiery destruction.

The World's armies get ready and prepare to move on in on to Babylon to destroy it. The Wild Beast will send an Army of 200 million men, ruthlessly killing half the world’s population along the way. This is the second last woe.

The Seventh Trumpet

The Wrath of God

Christ returns
144000 rise to him

(Matthew 24:29-31 1 Corin 15:51-52 1Thess 4:13-17 Revelation 11:15 Revelation16:17-21)

Last Time Period/Christs Return

Seventh Trumpet/ Seventh Bowl: Poured out in the air - lightning, hail, and earthquake. Cities of the nations fall
(last trumpet). The 6 bowls of God’s wrath have come to their completion and the 7th is finally poured out, this is the last, it is Armageddon.

Summary of Events Seventh Trumpet

The 144000 rise as Christ returns and His kingdom on earth is declared, and the 144000, both those sleeping in the dust and those still alive, those of that chosen group, rise at sounding of the 7th trumpet and are taken up to their places to be Kings and Priests in an instant to be alongside Christ for the 1000 year reign.

The Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky announcing Christ's return... Every person on earth will see Christ as He returns, and begin to beat themselves in lamentation and fall out of fear for what is about to occur.

The seventh bowl is poured out on the beast's kingdom and mankind as a judgment on those who have received his mark. This is definitely the last. The finish of Gods anger.

Christ destroys the world's armies at Armageddon. Blood will come up to the horse’s bridles for 200 miles as Christ slays millions of troops and saves Israel his people from annihilation.
The Wild Beast along with the False Prophet that serves it are destroyed.

Christ abysses Satan for the 1000 year period in which he will reign.

1000 Years of Peace during Christs Millenial Reign

1000 Year Millennial reign begins. Its a time of real peace.

Best Wishes to all
Author Elijah Returns

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