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Title: The Revelation its ice crystals.
Post by: Aleon on Tue May 29, 2018 - 09:18:02

The ice crystals depict the four living creatures on page four of the Revelation. The ice crystals got six wings like the four living creatures and they have eyes all around and within. This as they are made of atoms and particles. The website behind this image has the explanation of the Revelation and it also has a cosmology book explaining Heaven which is fully accurate. Thus there for the eyes within and around the four living creatures. It means particle cosmology. It also has a model of the human brain which is fully accurate. The ice crystals depict the infinite large, small, still and fast. This makes the change in their shapes as they grow. And the four living creatures represent these infinites. The four living creatures are also the four horsemen. All your questions will be answered in the ebook that is free to share or place anywhere on the internet.