Author Topic: The Spirit of Strong Delusion in These Last Days  (Read 280 times)

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The Spirit of Strong Delusion in These Last Days
« on: Tue Mar 01, 2022 - 05:36:53 »
The spirit of strong delusion has been around all the days of my life.  It was what brought about WWII.  It is known as fear.  Fear does serve a most useful purpose when properly applied.  Such as one having a fearful respect of and for our Lord and God.  Yet again, a fearful respect of and for government, such as the former governments of fascist Germany and communist Russia first come to mind as pure evil in disguise.  Yet again, in our own country, comes the ever-present election cycle of city, county, state and federal officials where one is requested to choose between the lesser of the evil being presented as candidates for office.  All these candidates must be pure evil in the United States as there is a law separating church from state affairs.  Thus, one's personal commitment of being in right standing with our Lord and God is not to be questioned.  A very wide-open door for evil to enter in without questions of this most important nature.  So, evil does reign supreme in any and all of our elected officials.  Just like in fascist Germany and communist Russia.  The greater good of and for the state rules without any fear of any measure of godliness being a requirement.

The end result is what one does see in the state of world affairs at present.  For no one can serve two masters is a given, once again, in any and all public officials' requirements for office.  What one sees is just what one should expect in service performance, good intentions bearing evil results.

What should one expect when one's personal and fearful respect of and for our Lord and God is cast out?

As for myself, I was forcefully recruited to serve this present United States of America back in 1969.  They tried using the standard draft requirement, which failed as I simply used my God given right to refuse to report.  So false charges were the order of the day as well back then and was applied to get me to change my mind about these affairs.  Twelve years of hard time in jail or two years of active service duty.  After destroying a city and county jail, the state and federal prisons refused to have anything to do with me.  For I was far too disruptive in releasing all the prisoners of the former city and county jails.  Numerous city, county and state law enforcement officials ended up being permanently disabled in the process as well.  Only when the sitting president of the United States stepped in, did I take the personal time to listen to just what was being offered.  A covert position within the NSA and answering to him alone, that being the highest authority I needed to answer to.  All others would be subject to review, as in working to assist me in any and all assigned tasks by the president. Only after our Lord and God advised me personally to take this position did I than report for active duty.  All prior charges were to be swept aside as well as numerous new charges along the way as well so as to receive an honorable discharge. 

From the very beginning of my active duty and along the way, I was asked to reveal the source of my most unusual powers and abilities to accomplish all that I was requested to perform.  My usual and standard reply was our Lord and God.  The usual and standard response was, "Which Lord and God?". 

All the proof anyone should need to prove that we have a most ungodly form of government, not only here in the USA, but around the world as well.  For I worked on international affairs, meeting with and working on problems for all of the allies of the United States also.  Same question receiving the same reply and getting the same follow-up question, "Which Lord and God?". 

The ever-present "FEAR" of any and all government officials and authority allowed me to travel the world over most freely as this very selfsame "FEAR" reigns over the world as well.  The personal fear of anyone within the former Soviet Union of a special KGB agent working in secret operations for their powers that be gave me unquestionable ability to do whatever I please across the Soviet Union.  Same goes for Red China as a personal friend of Chairman Mao on assignment.  The assignment was never impossible for one man with the Lord and God of All of his personal creation to assist.

Again, the world at present has a most complete lack of any measure of right and proper fearful respect of and for our Lord and God yet will never fail to be most ready to answer the call to serve one's own personal interests by way of present government official authority.   

With this total lack of respect of and for our Lord and God one need not ask just why such evil seems to prevail the world over.  Not very difficult for me to see that our Lord and God is simply allowing all this present evil to self-destruct.  Just don't get caught up in any of its latest actions.  When the time is right, our Lord and God will take any and all needed action to set things right. 

I must add, only the right and proper fearful respect of and for our Lord and God will release any and all from this spirit of strong delusion.  Setting one on the straight and narrow path that leads to being forever in his own personal care and service.
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