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The start of the next Jubilee Year
« on: Fri Aug 09, 2019 - 17:36:09 »
According to the Word of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ 596B.C. 5th day 4th Biblical month(30th year of 50-597B.C. 10th day 7th month to 596B.C. 9th day 7th month) is the 5th year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah.This year is also called the 30th year.Ezekiel 1.This would be year 30 of the Biblical calendars 50 year cycles which began on the 10th day of the 7th month.The Day of Atonement.Year 50 called the Jubilee.Leviticus 25.The Jubilee is a Sabbath.A year of liberty.When every man is returned unto his possession and family.A year of no planting or harvesting.Leviticus 23,25.The 7th 14th 21st 28th 35th 42nd and 49th years of the 50 year Jubilee cycle are also Sabbaths.Liberty years.The 12(13) Tribes of Israel were not allowed to plant or harvest.All debts between them were forgiven.And all servants who were their brethren and bought for a price were released with provisions.Exodus 21,23.Deuteronomy 15.Jeremiah 34.

After being instructed by GOD to do so in 596B.C. d 5 m 4 y 30.Ezekiel lay on his left side for 390 d to cover the sin.Bear the iniquity of The House of Israel.The 10(11) Northern Tribes.Samaria.Who lived in Assyria.Second Kings 18.THE MOST HIGH told Ezekiel that He had appointed him each d for a y.Ezekiel 4.596B.C. + 390 y is 206B.C. d 5 m 4 y 20.The year that Antiochus 3 was given the title of the great king for reviving the Seleucid empire by removing the Ptolemies from Seleucid territories.Whos successor Antiochus 4 attacked Jerusalem and stopped the sacrifice in the Temple.

Ezekiel then lay on his right side for 40 d to cover the sin of Judah.Who were now in captivity in Babylon.595B.C. d  5 m 5 y 31 + 40 y is 555B.C. d 5 m 5 y 21.The year that Nabonidus king of Babylon set up his son Belshazzar.Daniel 5.As co-regent over Babylon.He also places at this time the moon idol called Sin above the chief Babylonian idol Marduk.With the Babylonian king and his successor no longer respecting the GOD of Israel like was done in the time of Nebuchadnezzar.The atmosphere in which the Jewish people have to live in in Babylon becomes more nefarious.This is also what Mohammed did 1000+ y later when he took 1 of 360 idols worshiped in Mecca.The moon idol called Sin or Al-ilah.Allah.And claimed that it was ELOHIM.THE GOD of creation.The GOD of Abraham Isaac and Israel.Modern Islam is the continuation of the idolatrous worship of the moon.

Ezekiel at this point is no longer covering the sin of Judah.The Jewish people then suffer a period of punishment by THE ANCIENT OF DAYS of 7X for their sin.A time is 1 y.Leviticus 26.555B.C. + 2520 y is A.D.1966 d 5 m 5 y 41.The period of punishment for Judah is over.23 d 9 m later on June 7th A.D.1967 d 28 m 2 y 42.The Jewish people regained control of the Temple Mount and all of Jerusalem was once again the capital of Israel.The Bible refers to this event as the time of the gentiles being fulfilled.Luke 21.
When using a calculator to make these calculations you have to add on 1 y when crossing over from 1B.C. to A.D.1.This is because there is no y 0.

723B.C. d 5 m 4 y 3.Y 6 of Hezekiah king of Judah.Y 9.Last y of Hoshea king of Israel.Second Kings 18.The y Israel.Samaria.The 10(11) Northern Tribes fell.Were carried off to Assyria.+ 127 y.The reign lengths of the kings of Judah from Hezekiah to Jehoiachin.Second Chronicles 29. Is 596B.C. d 5 m 4 y 30.723B.C. + the 7X 2520 y punishment period is A.D.1798 d 5 m 4 y 23.The beginning of the Kingdom.Great Nation.Jacob's birthright.Which was given to Ephraim.In our time.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.And Manasseh.President Donald J. Trump of The United States of America.The children of Joseph son of Jacob while they were still in Egypt.Genesis 35,48.Deuteronomy 33:13-17.First Chronicles 5:1,2.
On July 19th A.D.1799 d 16 m 4 y 24 the Rosetta Stone was discovered allowing Egyptian history and culture to be known by using the stone to translate the Hieroglyphics carved into their stone monuments.Tombs.Pyramids.July 19th is equal to d 1 of the ancient Egyptian calendars m 1 called Akhet.The beginning of their civil y.

If at the end of the y-in the revolution of the y.Second Chronicles 24:23.At the return of the y.First Kings 20:26.Second Chronicles 36:10.The coming in of the y.Second Kings 13:20.When the year is expired-at the return of the y.Second Chronicles 36:10.In the beginning of the y.Ezekiel 23:21,40:1.Is at d 1 m 1.The prophetic numbers 1290 1335 deal with the daily sacrifice in the Jerusalem Temple being taken away and an abomination set up on the Temple Mount.And persons being blessed.12 y before 596B.C. d 5 m 4 y 30 Jehoiachin king of Judah's 5 y of captivity.In the y 608B.C. d 1 m 1 y 18.The y Nebuchadrezzar.His servants entered the Temple in Jerusalem defiling it by their presence.Removing some of the Temple vessels of gold which Solomon king of Israel had made for the Temple of the LORD.Polluting the House of the LORD.Second Kings 24.Second Chronicles 36.This would have stopped the sacrifices.Made the sacrifices unacceptable to GOD.Made the Temple unclean.Daniel 12 talks about how 1290 y after a sacrifice is stopped there would be an abomination that maketh desolate.Any abomination of desolation always has to do with the Temple Mount.The only place YHWH chose on earth to put His name.608B.C. + 1290 y is A.D.683 d1 m 1 y 8.The y the Muslims started to build the Dome of the Rock on the northern foundations of the ancient ruins of the Roman temple of Jupiter(Tuvia Sagiv.The TV show The Naked Archaeologist hosted by Simcha Jacobovici).An abomination on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.1335 y after A.D.683 is A.D.2018 d 1 m 1 y 43.The Bible states that Blessed are those that waiteth and come to this day.Psalm 25,130,145.Isaiah 40:28-31.The United States of America at the direction of President Donald J. Trump moved their embassy to Jerusalem on May 14 A.D.2018 d 29 m 2 y 43.The 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the nation of Israel.

The prophetic number 2300 deals with the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation.276B.C. y 50.The y the Old Testament was translated into Greek.The Septuagint.JESUS connects an abomination to the reading of the scriptures.Whoso readeth,let him understand.Matthew 24:14,15.Mark 13:10-14.+ 2300 y.Daniel 8.Is A.D.2025 y 50.Will there be some type of transgression of desolation possibly to do with the daily sacrifice of an animal on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that is before and not during the 7 y tribulation?

390 + 40.Since both were prophesied together on the same d.596B.C. d 5 m 4 y 30 + 430 y is 166B.C. d 5 m 4 y 10.The y the Maccabees regained control of Judah.Jerusalem.Rededicating the Temple.John 10:22.The sacrifices.Offerings in the Temple once again covering the sins of the 12(13) Tribes of Israel.


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The start of the next Jubilee Year
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