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Author Topic: The wacky Gray Parrot:  (Read 371 times)

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The wacky Gray Parrot:
« on: Wed Oct 18, 2017 - 16:19:47 »
Quite a few years ago, I had gone on a trip. After driving for some 8 hours I decided to stop at what appeared to be a 1940es style hotel. It was quite large, and well kept. As I was walking into the lobby, there was a large bird cage standing to my left with this beautiful Gray Parrot inside. I walked over to the desk and checked in, but, before I left for my room, I spoke to the clerk about the parrot.

He was telling me that this breed of parrot was extremely smart, expensive and was also declining in population. I asked the clerk if the parrot could talk, he said “yes, but, he could only say one thing.”

When he said “one thing,” a big smile came over his face. I started to smile myself thinking maybe I had some catchup on my chin from the Hamburg I had recently eaten.

I ask him, “what’s up?” he replied, “would you like to hear him say the one thing he’s learned to say?” I said, “Of course!” The clerk had me going and my curiosity was breaking through my brain. So, we walked over to the cage and the clerk spoke to the parrot, and the parrot replied,

“Here kitty, kitty!

And, to make it even funnier, the cat they owned happened to be in the lobby, and came running over to where we were standing. It appeared to me the cat was licking his chops.
I laughed so hard tears were coming down my cheeks. After I took hold of myself, I asked, “Why was he taught that?” The clerk shrugged his shoulders and said “Who knows?”
The reason I’m telling you this funny story is, in both politics and religion; how many people have become Gray Parrots, mimicking only what they hear, never looking to see if what they heard or read is correct. If it sounds good, or makes me feel good, it must be right.

Well, that parrot had a steel cage around him, safe only if he remained in the confines of that cage. You may say, “well if he had escaped the cat couldn’t catch him anyway.” Not this one, he had his wings clipped.

I can sit here and honestly say, “whoever it was that taught the parrot to mimic his words, surely, surely didn’t have the parrot’s best interests in mind.

The lesson, make sure what you learn and understand concerning scripture, especially on the subjects of, who is Jesus Christ; what must we do to be saved; and the study of end time prophesy is correct. Always make sure what you believe to be the truth won’t come back and bite you, because what you did learn was nothing but a lie. After-all, there’s a great deal at stake, it’s your eternity! Teaching others the things you believe to be the truth, carries with it, a great deal of responsibility.


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The wacky Gray Parrot:
« on: Wed Oct 18, 2017 - 16:19:47 »