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valley of churches
« on: Sun Nov 21, 2021 - 19:44:55 »
at 4 am
the heaven open up like a window a portal, a vision, I saw a valley and valley of churches, thousands of churches, each one had a cross on top them, they were all types of churches some small and some were tall, there was something unique about them, They were, beautiful and old fashion, made of Cedarwood, and then; there I notice something, unique about them.

Musical notes were coming out of these Churches and the musical notes were going up towards the heavens, they were so many beautiful and brilliant in colors.
It was like a kaleidoscope in the sky, and then in the middle of this valley of Churches, there was a very, very great and huge church in the center of the valley of Churches.

They were two altars one in the inner Church and another in the outer Church with the initials L. C. and the word Babylon
It was very Gothic; and then I saw an altar in the inner Church, with the initials B. G. and the word Sardis?

As I got closer I noticed, I saw many types of statues it had silver and gold, gemstone, red and purple, and scarlet a man with long hair.
This church was the prettiest church of all. But was one thing missing that there was no sound, no musical notes I thought because there were no people, but there were people just like the other churches why?

I did not understand. As I looked into the sky the musical notes got lower but soothing to my ears and suddenly a ladder Came down from heaven and went on top of the little churches with the musical notes.

A latter of gold it was such a beautiful latter, candles on each side of it and the people walk up, laughing and singing songs and hymns, the musical notes were so brilliant in color.

It overwhelmed me with love and peace. But the big church, the very huge Church had no latter on it why?

Why didn’t come to this Church? So they the people of this Church they created and built their own ladder to reach the heavens. When they finish they worked so hard.

They fashioned with their own gold and silver and diamonds and put their own candles, they were so proud, you could see the pride in their faces.

Then the people they took their latter and put it against the wall of their Church to climb up, so many people, hundreds and thousand claiming up the ladder, but the people were rushing, one on top of each other, people rushing desperately

They were Not worried about others why? And as they got almost to the top of their ladder, it collapsed on them and a very strange sound came out of them as they fell to the ground why?

And then suddenly I saw what happened to these people; the earth opens up and swallows up the Church and its people. Oh my

could this be the end times