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Bring the Church to People
« on: Thu Jul 25, 2013 - 14:21:47 »
Our hearts are to love and reach people in the most unloved and unreached areas. This is a blog about reaching people in out of the box ways. We really believe that most people are not going just show up at our churches. We have to go to them. Our goal is to encourage others to go to people and even come along side them in that process.
Some of the areas we work in in Dallas.
Reaching people in the sex industry:
We do Brothel outreach and phone call ads to sex ads. We are trying to rescue sex trafficking victims too.
Loving the gay community:
Dallas has the second largest gay community in country. We go to hospice house for people dying of aids among other things.
Reaching people of all faiths:
We go into mosque and temples to build relationships with peoples and learn from them. We also teach people how to befriend other faiths in general.
New Age:
Have outreaches at drum circle
Lower Income Apartment Communities:
Work with drug addicts, mentally ill, etc..
Any area of your city can be reached. You just have to go and be willing to be outside the box. Hope this is in encouraging to you.
We would love to get more followers for our blog. Following our blog helps us encourage others to join in.
Our blog is
Thank you so much!!

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Bring the Church to People
« on: Thu Jul 25, 2013 - 14:21:47 »