Author Topic: I don't know which one I hate more - living in rumorville or church discipline  (Read 18877 times)

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"There is no fear of God before their eyes"

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Spurly welcome to the American! The only advise I would have for you, is to forgive them the same way Christ forgave them and you. opps and me. God bless.

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I think part of the problem is that the laity has too much power in many Protestant Churches and they think that the Church is not God's, but their Church - a human, not a divine, construction.

Probably in your congregation laity can hire and fire clergy (they shouldn't be able to do that, IMHO), they own the property and then they vote for representatives that decide on dogma on general conferences. So they feel they are your boss, whereas in reality your Boss is Jesus

Jesus didn't start a democracy. He handpicked 12 Apostles (+ Paul) and they hand-picked their successors.

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               why us christian love to participate in rumors .

  because it makes us christians  feel better about our selves .

          why do us you and me   us  christians participate in other sins also.

thinking bad about some one having lust ful thoughts etc

              ::pondering::    perhaps God has a reason he has to save us by his grace alone ? ya think?

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My advice is to pray about it, seek God's word on it, then attack with vigor, as God directs. In reality we who have been pastors know that the pulpit is the WORST place to address a besetting sin, and from what you stated, this may be a multi-generational sin pattern that stems back to the founding of the town.

Can you band together with other Bible-believing pastors and covenant to pray about this sin that has the small town, and its environs in its grip? Dealing with it one church at a time is a sure-fire way to loose the battle, and some in your congregation.( Been there, done that.) However, if other believing pastors agree, and attack the problem as God directs them to do, then you all will be a powerful force in the community, and make substantial progress in this.

I recommend reading together as pastors Neil Andersson's Bondage Breakers and  research to see what the history of the town reveals as a ground of authority for this prevailing, besetting community sin.

One way that you could do it--if God so directs you-- is to use ju jitsu, and flip the gossip into an IMMEDIATE prayer request. Because gossip sometimes is a way to make the gossiper feel superior, placing the gossiper into the role of a pleader for the person she/he wants to malign will make the person think twice about repeating gossip in your presence.

Before I forget. is your wife a partner in the gossip or is she equally grieved by it? Is she is a partner, then you first need to deal with your private church before you do anything with the church you pastor.

Hope this helps!

Father in heaven, I pray for this pastor, and his justified hatred of the harm that gossip is doing to the flock that you gave him to shepherd. May you give him all the cunning of a fox, the tenacity of a she bear in protecting her cubs and the gentleness of a lamb as he deals with those in his congregation and yes, even his household, May he find support from other similarly-minded shepherds, booth in the town and in his denomination so that this will not be his to fight alone.

I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Savior, Amen

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I am living in a small town where everyone knows everyone for the first time in my life.  Can I be honest with you - I hate, I despise, I abhor the rumor mill.  I have seen first hand the way it is used to literally destroy people's lives.

Is there anything I hate worse than the rumor mill?  Maybe.  Maybe it is when your church gets a bad reputation in the community rumor mill and you have to talk to people about those rumors because of the shame those rumors are bringing on Jesus Christ even when there is no truth to them.

Any small town ministers out there?  How do handly the rumor mill.

Ignore it, serve God with all your heart, stay close to Christ, do not allow yourself to be distracted. Rumors are nothing more than distractions from hell. Let God work those issues out.