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ONE ministries
« on: Fri Jan 07, 2011 - 02:07:56 »
hey guys just want to let you guys know about my ministry we are a ministry team focused on reaching the lost in Mexico specifically Cancun and the yucatan peninsula i spent a bulk my time there working with social service kids and orphanages and we currently have teams from youth groups that we work with down there ill be going back to do full time missions there in couple weeks to meet with the rest of my team. Our main objective is to reach the non believers down there and build a strong relationship with them and from that speak about the gospel so i ask for prayer that God will reveal himself to the people of mexico and give them a higher understanding of who he is im new to this site so please bear with me lol

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thank you
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ONE ministries
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Re: ONE ministries
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I will pray for your ministry.

God bless you.