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Independence day
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Another excerpt from Jerry's Reflections.

Today is Independence Day in the United States of America, the day our founding fathers made the Declaration of Independence public.  The freedom they intended was actually won later in the Revolutionary War at the cost of many lives and much blood.  Freedom is not free.  It has a cost in human toil and bloodshed.

 The most important Independence Day that ever was happened nearly 2,000 years ago on a hill outside Jerusalem.  It was also at the expense of someone's lifeblood.  The freedom we have in Christ Jesus is not free either.  Freely given but not without cost.  Something to ponder as we gather with friends and family or however you intend to celebrate the 4th.

 Jesus has declared us free.  Let us not bind ourselves to things that would re-enslave us.  Many things and forces push to deprive us of the freedom we have in Christ.  Do not casually and lightly esteem it.  It is fully bought and paid for but you and I need to cherish and guard ourselves that we allow nothing and no one to bring us into bondage again.

 Celebrate both today.  National freedom.  It needs to be cherished and protected too.  But also does our freedom in Christ.

 Thank You Father for the freedoms that are ours.  Guard us and enable us to cooperate with Your Holy Spirit to walk intentionally in the freedoms we have.  Grant to each of us today such measure of Your Holy Spirit that we will be able to live in a manner that honors You and that cherishes and preserves our freedoms.  In the name of Jesus.


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Independence day
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Re: Independence day
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