Author Topic: Beat Heart Disease by Eating Your Vegetables  (Read 7610 times)

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Beat Heart Disease by Eating Your Vegetables
« on: Tue Jul 04, 2006 - 20:18:22 »
Beat Heart Disease by Eating Your Vegetables
 Mice fed a diet rich in vegetables were less likely to develop atherosclerosis, fatty deposits in the arteries that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

In the study, researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine used mice specially bred to develop atherosclerosis. Half were fed a diet with no vegetables and the other half were fed a vegetable-rich diet, including broccoli, green beans, corn, peas and carrots. 

Sixteen weeks later, mice fed vegetables had 38 percent less buildup of fatty plaques in their arteries, along with a reduction in total cholesterol and body weight.

Further, mice that ate a vegetable-rich diet had a 37 percent reduction in a marker of inflammation called serum amyloid, which suggests the vegetables may fight inflammation. (Inflammation in the arteries is linked to atherosclerosis.)

Although it's not known whether these results hold true for humans as well, it is known that fruits and vegetables fight heart disease in humans. However, on average most people only eat three out of the five (minimum) recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Journal of Nutrition July 2006, Vol. 136, No. 7: 1886-1889

BBC News June 18, 2006

EurekAlert June 17, 2006

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Re: Beat Heart Disease by Eating Your Vegetables
« Reply #1 on: Fri Jul 07, 2006 - 20:37:59 »
That's why I love my juicer.

Even if I haven't the time -- or even if I really really don't feel like eating another vegetable -- I can pop a little piece of carrot and/or apple for the sweetness into my juicer, and add whatever veggies I like -- 

A good juicer at least breaks up a lot of cell walls and gets you your vitamins and antioxidants and so on, leaving behind a sawdust-like pulp.  So much of the "good" is drawn out of it, it tastes just like plastic sawdust.