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General Discussion Forum / Re: Christmas as a non- Christian holiday
« Last post by grams on Today at 05:11:14 AM »

Well back  to the 1960  before we were saved.

[ we did go to church , but were not saved ]

We took our children to  see , santa clause 

And as I was placing our daughter on his lap , she looked at him and
began to scream and cry and wanted no part of him.
That has stuck in my mind all these years. 
[she was about 2 years old ?  ]
Prayer Requests Online and Praise Reports / Re: Broken hearted
« Last post by geronimo on Today at 05:04:51 AM »
From MeMyself:

Father, I pray You will come and bind up this broken heart. Cover her in the shadow of Your wings and give her peace.  Let her know how much You love her and surround her with Your people who can minister to her in the midst of her heartache.
Thank You, Lord,
In Jesus Name amen.

 I echo these thoughts. Let it be so.
Theology Forum / Re: “The House of Israel”
« Last post by Charlie24 on Today at 05:02:54 AM »
“Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will establish a new covenant with (1) the house of Israel and (2) with the house of Judah...” (Jer. 31:31-34).

I guess I'm just not seeing the problem.  Israel was fractured into two parts.  One part went away.  Jeremiah say that they will be brought back.  The author of Hebrews says it is happening in His day.

There is no problem in the Biblical language if it speaks of two parts, as long as it remains consistent with itself, by declaring that the two are being merged into one.


I believe you are correct. It is still happening today.

The hostility of the tribes goes back to Jacob, and will not end until Christ returns. I believe the contraversy will be resolved when all the Jews see the Messiah.
The Northern Kingdon (Ephraim) never had a king with a heart for God. The Southern Kindom (Judah) for the most part, had a king that did right in the sight of God. The separation was a refusal to obey Gods commandments by the Northern Kingdom.

The Northern Kingdom was destroyed by Assyria and never returned. The Southern Kindom, destroyed by Babylon did return to Israel. I believe this remnant is the saved remnant in Israel today.

In 1948 God called His people from all over the world, both Northern and Southern Kindoms. I believe this was the beginning of preparation for the words of the Apostle Paul. He recites Isaiah in Rom. 11:26-27.

And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.

I believe this could only happen at the Second Coming.

Also in Isaiah 11:11-12,

 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.
And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Forum Issues and User Help / Re: Moving ?
« Last post by grams on Today at 05:00:24 AM »

Thank you !

I just have a feeling some thing will go wrong.  Like how do I look for my pass word. 

We have moved  before  and for some reason I seem to miss place things.........   
Theology Forum / Re: Eternally Secure
« Last post by Red Baker on Today at 04:11:02 AM »
And how does this conflict with what I stated?  It confirms what I stated.

Again you said:
I not sure just what you are attempting to show here either since it confirms exactly what I stated in my post.

Thaddaeus, you generally follow very well, but not this time around. I said in plain words what I was attempting to show you and others like you~hear me again:

Good works are clear evidences of one born of God, but are ,but are not the means of attaining eternal life, but are at best only clear proof that one is born of God, without which no one has no evidence that he is born of God~and we would add, if one's life is one that sin dominates and rules over, then that person is giving evidence that they are  not of God.

Could I have said it clearer?  I do not think so.  You and others believe that good works are a means of one attaining eternal life. This is against the word of God, and, without question promoting a system based upon works, instead of grace freely given through Christ's obedience, which God's word teaches us that know the the truth and who glory in Jesus' obedience, and not our own.   

Since one cannot be born of God without faith

This is against the word of God.  NOW, you may finally follow me, and see that my gospel that I preached and believes in, and trust in,does not teach that faith precedes regeneration, but follows the new birth! Just as as seeing and hearing follows natural life, and is not before it. Once a person takes hold of this truth, then the word of God, will gloriously begin to open up to that person, and not before then, concerning the doctrine of regeneration by the Spirit of God alone~just as John taught us in John 1:13, and more so in John 3:1-9, using Nicodemus as an perfect example how one is first regenerated, then comes faith and understanding, and not before, as most are taught. 

it still confirms that the way to attain eternal life is through faith, working the works of righteousness.

Sir, that's wrong and against the words of Jesus Christ, the apostles of the Lord Jesus.  Eternal life is THROUGH JESUS' FAITH AND OBEDIENCE, not our's; and our salvation from sin and condemnation is confirmed by our faith and obedience~only, and are never used by God as the means of attaining life.  Many have taken the scriptures that give evidence of one's salvation (using that word is a narrow sense from sins and condemnation) and try to apply them as a means of attaining life.  God has hidden his truth in the word of God, our duty is to be diligent and seek to rightly divide God's word, lest we are put to shame by those that do give the scriptures their proper God given sense. 

Again, there is nothing in these texts that overturns what I stated.  Explain to me what you are actually saying “for his sake alone”.

I just did above.  Our sins are forgiven because Jesus' perfect faith and obedience.  All for whom Christ represented are forgiven of their sins, for his holy name sake, because he died for their sins and secured life for those given to him of his Father, in the election of grace.   Your gospel is one strange gospel.  You believe that Jesus died for every single person, past, present and one's yet to be born, and that his death secure eternal life for all, not as some others believe that Jesus' death provided life for all~and I might add, both of which are wrong.  We believe that the scriptures teach and will support that Christ died for his people/seed, and his life, death and resurrection secured the free gift of eternal life for them all, Jews and Gentiles, not for the Jews only.  When the holy apostle used the word "all" he meant Gentiles as well as Jews, and among them both, God had his people, and their sins are forgiven them for what Jesus did for them in the days of his flesh, by being that perfect sacrifice for their sins.  We are indeed forgiven for his name sake alone, not anything from us, would ever be consider as means of our forgiveness, or else, Jesus's death would not have been needed!  Galatians 2-5

Again, Red, you need to understand that scripture has a separation between Salvation and Eternal life.

Sir, I DO understand that being born again and eternal life are ONE AND THE SAME.  Now, the word salvation is used in different senses in the scriptures~so, most of the time, I am very careful on how I say my words in explaining certain bible truths, so that the reader would not get confused, and to help them better understand bible truths.  If one is born of God, then that person has eternal life now, and the full realization of it will be in that world yet to come. By faith we trust that God's word is so, and that all that he has said, will surely come to pass just as he has promised, including that once my spirit leaves this body of sin and death, that I will be present with him, and that I will not truly ever die.  John 11:25,26

Incorrect. We are given salvation. You don't even need to accept it. It is an outright gift of God, of His love, grace and mercy  

But then you just as quick say this:
One receives eternal life through faith. Works are evidence but they are also the heart of, the means to attain eternal life, the content of faith.

Sir, that's called where I come from: "one confused person!" Are you listening carefully to what you said here?  If you can not differentiate between those two statements of yours, then maybe others will, in order to help them to see.  Deception is powerful and real!  The evidence is right before our eyes. 

The works justifies ones faith.

Well, it does, in the sense that I said above.  If a man professes to have faith, yet is void of godly works, then that man's faith is vain and useless.  True faith produces godly works in our life, without which, one is not born of God.  His so-called faith is nothing more than what the devils had, who fear Jesus when in his presence.  No man can have faith, without first being born of God.  (John 5:1).... Faith is the evidence of those that are born of God, not the means thereof.   

Christ atoned for the sin of the world. I John 2:2.

The world, meaning Jews and Gentiles, not the Jews only~and among them both, God had an elect people for whom Christ died for.   Too many scriptures in the NT to support this understanding and TRUTH!

  It is NOT faith alone.

According to what sense you are trying to use those words, would determine how I should respond to your words.  I will say this though~without faith it is impossible to please God.  Faith is used as a strong biblical fruit that proves if one is of God, or not. 
General Discussion Forum / Re: Pulling my hair out!
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 03:20:26 AM »
My grand parents are passed.no sisters,and never see my 2 brothers :(
I have always been the outcast in my family.
But I can Happily,and proudly say I have my DH,and DS :-)
DH was thrown into a boys home at age 5 until he got out of school so he is not close to his 2 brothers,and 1 sister.He was the last one out,and the others went there own ways. so see
it is just DH,DS, me,Heavenly father,and jesus Christ :-)

 Thats why God gives us a church family I suppose, and friends can be like family. 
I have noticed a lot of first time posters are looking for acceptance and/or acceptance in what they do. They usually don't post back (more than five or six times) because the answer they get is not what they want to hear.

How do you connect with people like the OP?

Pray? ????

It pulls deep at my soul but if it be true that they accept Christ, then the best that I can say is dont abuse Him!

Am I wrong for feeling this way?  To loose sympathy for the OP? 

I think it is a cry for help.

I have read a lot on this forum and I have learned a great deal from each and everyone of you!. I pray that the OP of this thread learns something also.
Yes I hope he learns something as well, that taking an illegal harmful drug isnt what God wants for him. ::shrug::

If someone comes here looking for acceptance of their sin, are we to say 'thats fine just carry on, it wont do you any harm, and God doesn't mind if you get high or break the law or take drugs that are harmful for your body'???

I think my answer may have been slightly different if he had been a teenager who was immature than to a man in his 50's who really should know better.  ::shrug:: 
General Discussion Forum / Re: Christmas as a non- Christian holiday
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 03:08:51 AM »
I see it that Christmas should NOT be the only day to celebrate Jesus, but we should wake up every morning and celebrate our Lord,and Savior...  ::prayinghard::

Its a day when we remember the BIRTH of Jesus. 
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Tony C. Branch
« Last post by marc on Today at 12:39:58 AM »
Anyone else read this? I've been selling copies steadily, but lack the motivation to follow up.
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Why Are Other Christian Faith Groups Wrong?
« Last post by marc on Today at 12:35:17 AM »
I've been Church of Christ all my life, baptized in '73, and I think we have a tendency to make up procedures, call them the teachings of Christ, and condemn everybody who disagrees with us.

Or something like that.

Some of us are changing, but we have to face who we've been and sometimes still are.

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