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Apologetics Forum / What does the Bible say about entertainment?
« Last post by gigman7 on Today at 07:19:37 AM »

What are some verses that tell us about our entertainment?
Theology Forum / Re: Questioning the Elders
« Last post by TruthScientist on Today at 07:14:08 AM »
I have a dilemma. I have always considered myself a man of faith. Approximately a month ago, I realized that I was kidding myself and have refocused my attention to learning the scripture and my clarity on some issues has made itself achingly known. While I know I'm ill-prepared, I feel a desperation to evangelize my wife's parent's who have been attending a Pentecostal church for fourteen years. They speak in tongues, dance around, play music and learn very little about the true word.

I do not wish to debate about the Pentecostal religion.

What I am hoping to find here is some applicable experience.

How do you tell your elders, people you respect and love, that the path they have traveled for fourteen years has been leading them in the wrong direction. Away from works, away from effort of any kind aside from the glorification of their own faith.

Do they love God, believe that Jesus is His Son and died for their sins?

Yuck is all I can think of to say wondering about what they would be having us put into our bodies,

But, it is possible that Walmart is not alone in whatever it is.

Remebering back to that Nicole Brown Simpson murder case , during the trial
there was a point that was brought up by the defense regarding the timing of
the murder.

The police had found a cup of Ben and Jerry's ice cream on the railing at the back of the house.

IT WAS NOT melted as would have been expected from the supposed length of time of the murder and when the police got there to investigate.

The suggestion was that OJ was at least at the airport if not in the air when the murders took place because the ice cream had not melted by the time the police got there.

Anyway... maybe Ben and Jerry's used the Walmart stuff in their ice cream to keep
it from melting also?
End Times Forum / Re: The Israel Land Question
« Last post by Tyler on Today at 06:55:57 AM »
DaveW :"
There you go - "mind of God" thing again. 

Get off it, will ya?  It is not scriptural.

Well---let's hear the "Messianic Jew"  "scriptural" version of John 14:25-26.
When you stutter your way through this-----Try Matthew 10:18-20.

Where do you think the Apostles received the words to speak orally? or to write Scripture?
By the way---when you return your answer --don't use Scripture---you might be quoting the MIND of GOD and we know the Messianic Jews hold to the "traditions" that came from out yonder behind the temple.....:)

Apologetics Forum / Re: What are some Bible verses dealing with divorce?
« Last post by Rella on Today at 06:52:34 AM »
and, what ever it is, work it out.

I am not married but I do have a male friend who is going through a nasty divorce.

Married 34 years, and she decided he did not love her anymore.

She has been to counseling, and she and her counselor decided he was not wanted to be included in their sessions.

He then got his own counselor, who ultimately told him to give it to God for guidance.

He did and that is where things stand.

The divorce is being mediated and will be final at some point.
This is because he believes this is the direction that God has led him.

So, as there has been no indication of her stepping out on him, and he swears he never did on her, is he wrong?

Apologetics Forum / What does the Bible say about entertainment?
« Last post by gigman7 on Today at 06:49:00 AM »

What are some verses that tell us about our entertainment?
Theology Forum / Re: Questioning the Elders
« Last post by AVZ on Today at 06:44:21 AM »
Yes thats when a prophecy is given through a tongue. Individual praying/worshipping  in tongues, such as the disciples did at penetcost(in a group setting), is an entirely different matter.

When ever do you read in the Bible that prophecy is given through a tongue?
Christian Book Reviews Forum / Re: What are you reading right now?
« Last post by Laurel on Today at 06:40:07 AM »
I've been reading some books by Grace Livingston Hill that I bought at the library book sale.   I have a feeling they're from some little old lady's attic, since most were written in the 1920's.  They are, of course, very dated in many ways but I just love this glimpse into the lives of Christian women at a time when life was so different and morals were held to such a high standard. Inspiring.
Theology Forum / Re: A true statement
« Last post by Charlie24 on Today at 06:36:22 AM »
I don't post much any more and almost never a statement or article from someone else.  But this short statement from Patrick Mead speaks volumes.

For 2000 years Christians have been on a relentless, tireless, exhaustive search for rules and regulations and procedures Jesus never left us while patently ignoring the two he did: love God and love each other.

I say amen!
I agree! It's satans plan from the beginning of humanity, to separate us from the truth.
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