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Christian Marriage Forum / Re: Fence sitting
« Last post by ForATime on Yesterday at 07:58:00 PM »
We are not living together.

She thought I did. I clarified I didn't.

Either of us is legally able to file and serve at this point and it hasn't happened in 8 weeks.

She will answer emails about our children but not about our next steps (either way)

She dropped off a gift of mine she had given me previously and also some cooking.

God is a gentleman, he does not made us do anything.  He could have just showed up and overshadowed her and impregnated her.

But, not only did He send a messenger so that Mary could participate in the decision and choose His will, He went to Joseph to tell Him to calm down, all is well.

He does not do things against our wills or that change our lives without allowing us to participate.  I've heard people say God told me I am going to marry so and so... while so and so is oblivious.  But, God's concern with Joseph is proof that God does not do things that way.  He speaks to you about things concerning you!
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Christian Rock concerts
« Last post by LexKnight on Yesterday at 07:44:46 PM »
It's really 2 extremes here.

On one side is the idea that God only accepts old religious hymns, like they're holy or something. On the other is corporations turning "praise" into a marketing and product. One is religious, the other is, well, on par with someone selling love for money.

Music adapt, it just does. We're musical creatures too, it doesn't take much to figure that out. I'm of the 2000s rocker generation myself, and a bit above amateur with a guitar (hope to get into bass soon), and if I were to play for him, I would on my electric. Would even make a song for him, or for my brothers. Wouldn't market it, though, wouldn't be right.

You really expect the Lord to be so uber-religious that anything not an old hymn is unacceptable and heretical with him? You really think praise comes from just the mouth and music?
Churches of Christ Forum / Christians Crying About Being Boycotted.
« Last post by Tyler on Yesterday at 07:44:43 PM »
I actually heard a man on TV crying that he would lose his business if the gay community would boycott. Said that he was a "Christian." Oh? and how would we know? Now we hear the governor of Indiana crawfishing. He "made a mistake." Yea, and so did the voters of Indiana. He is a coward---afraid to make a stand for the Lord. No doubt, will make an apology for Sodom and Gomorrah.
The Lord called this community-- "dogs." (Revelation 22:15). I keep my dogs in kennels because they have no idea that they are "gay."

The coC has been under attack ever since Saul of Tarsus held the cloak of Stephen as the Jews stoned Stephen to death. Saul continued his destruction of the church when he attacked and scattered them abroad (Acts 7:57-60; 8:1). Jesus, with a loud voice said, Saul, Saul, why persecute thou me (Acts 9:4). When you attack the church--you persecute the Lord, Jesus Christ. They are synonymous.

Seriously? are we to believe that the Lord Jesus is seated at the right hand of God wringing his hands over the gay community boycotting Christian businesses? "Woe is me" is heard from heaven?
"Be you faithful until death" is his plea. Until we get enough preachers behind the pulpit that will take a stand we are about to see a frontal assault on the church of Christ in the high court of this land. Those 9 turkeys in black robes will follow the squeaking wheel and money.
Christian Marriage Forum / Re: Fence sitting
« Last post by Buster D Body Crab on Yesterday at 07:41:11 PM »
Oops. Fixed. Sorry
No problem brother. I thought maybe you just wanted to vent and which I could understand too.

When you say you received an email asking for divorce. Does that tell us you aren't living with our wife? That you're separated now?
Please don't feel you need to reveal deeply personal things when I ask this: What do you think would cause your wife to want a divorce? 
Did you have an open line of communication before this email?
General Discussion Forum / Re: What do I do about this crisis?
« Last post by MeMyself on Yesterday at 07:40:43 PM »
I think the hard part for me ...is when I think of God - I think of forgiveness  - and that makes me do whatever the other person wants...."I" feel like the troubled person when I tell my ex "no".  He has been a very good dad in many ways to our son -- when I went off the deep end with my last relationship.

But, I must admit that much of the trouble was triggered by my ex.  He tried telling me I would never see my son again -- and that he was going to ruin me.  THAT was what provoked my boyfriend to get aggressive at the time. He was trying to protect me - since he saw how hurt I was.  And then my ex laughed at all the drama that he caused....even after causing a lot of problems with my son...by telling him that "Mommy is a liar" and she doesn't "love daddy anymore..."

A book that would really help you, I think is Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend.  It will help you understand how to forgive, but not put yourself in the position of being a door mat. 
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Christian Rock concerts
« Last post by Buster D Body Crab on Yesterday at 07:33:38 PM »
Look around the legalistic CoC most are my age.  Another 30 years and that wing will be dead or on life support. Scripture said "For God so loved the world..."  He loved the drunk the tattooed, the addicted the poor and so should we.  We should love them until they ask why then tell them.  Making rules and standards where God has not will not reach a lost and dying world.  He said go ye not invite them.

The goth Christian community, those that are even goth Christian bands, are the one's providing that image of Christian. They're singing about being saved. They appear to be those who are lost because of the tradition history of the goth culture that they maintain even after getting saved. Thereby not appearing as if they are new creatures when their appearance is that of one who, per goth theme, worship death.
Christian Marriage Forum / Re: Fence sitting
« Last post by ForATime on Yesterday at 07:30:30 PM »
Oops. Fixed. Sorry
I don't think God made her do anything.  She was already a servant of God.  She was a Godly young woman, and when the angel came and offered her this chance she said yes.

She was not a puppet, she was a willing servant.
Agreed. Mary referred to herself as the handmaid of the Lord. She consented when she said, let it be done to me according to thy word. Keywords there, let it be.
Had she had no choice in the matter the conversation between herself and the angel would have been quite different.
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