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This is all part of the process of the economic collapse. I read a long time ago this was going to happen.

Every time my router goes out, I think it's Al Gore and the economic collapse.

Nope... it is all Bush's fault. Isn't it?

My wifi cuts off all the time and I may believe AL Gore could be responsible.

Dell tells me it is my router....

Verizon tells me it is my computer... troble is 2 different computers, 2 different brands. I Dell. 1 Lenovo.

Actually it is Windows 10 fault ............. who may be working behind the scenes on our collapse.

Verizon Fios TV was off air... local channels for more then a day a few days ago....

I can just see all of TV and Internet going dark the evening of Nov 8 and through the night. ::sick::

I would need to sit in my car and burn a tank of gas just to follow along....
Unless one of you wants to call me and keep me updated if that happens?..But then I would not be able to let you know cause I would not have GC access ::doh::

If your wifi cuts out, your router might be old.  Best thing to do is remove power from router for a few minutes and power up again.

Yep... been there and done that and do it quite often.

Even had Verizon remote access and restore it to original whatever, alkong with checking both laptops.... (Could not get them to pop for a new replacement)

Didn't do it.

Also had Dell do a remote access... n the Dell because of email slowness... (I use Firefox... and will continue because of their multi-row toolbar) but I now had 2 OS on the laptops....

Firefox, which I usually use for everything from searches and GC... and also Chrome which I use for my emails. That was the suggestion of the Dell tech,.... and it has been working okay like this for the past couple of moths....

I also have a 3rd laptop... with factory installed Windows 10.  It was the absolute worst for not staying connected to WIFI so I hooked it up with a cord to the router... These other two... that are used primarily ... I installed 10 when it was available....

BIG Mistake..... I hate Windows 10.... period

Human depravity is not the mark of the beast, since the mark is connected with commerce, hence buying or selling.
Well now, IF you had the wisdom of God concerning what is before us, then you would understand what John is speaking about when he said:
Revelation 13:17~"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
The meaning of this is not hard to see. John is speaking of being able to be part of the apostate church in the closing days of this world's history! There's coming a day, and NOW IS, when true believers are NOT wanted, welcome, or desired in the church of the twenty-first century~they would be called trouble makers, Pharisees, Holy-than-thou, over much righteous, etc. etc. Church goers of the twenty-first-century hate and reject God's elect. They are NOT welcome. These churches think that they are doing God a service by speaking against certain people who strictly live according to the scriptures. ONLY those who have the mark of the beast or, who live as they do, think as they think, and pick and chose what they want to believe as they do...are the ONLY ones welcome in the churches of our days. This is John meaning~sir you have been deceived believing that it has reference to literal commerce and literal buying and selling. I could say more, but enough to show you the biblical sense I understand buying and selling. Saints are commanded to buy the truth and sell it not, spiritually we do this every day we live~so many professing Christian are willing to not sell the truth, but just give it away in order to get along and be part of the country club, better known as~the First Baptist Church, etc.

The mark of the beast, nor the beast itself, relate to a church, they relate to a government power, that issues out a way to buy or sell that is sinful. The days already came when the elect have been rejected and killed, what do you think happened to the prophets of old, to Jesus Christ, to the apostles, to the early church? They were all persecuted, and many of them martyred. This is not anything new. There is much confusion in your understanding of these prophecies.
[quote author=BoatRocker link=topic=94641.msg1055045702#msg1055045702

We aren't called to judge, but we are called to be Fruit Inspectors.... that's preached in many pulpits today.[/quote]

Our job is to judge, just without hypocrisy.  "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

Keeping gently floating the idea of the pastor retiring.  The elders don't want to create a mess, but soon there will be an opportunity.   
A Trump "Contract with America:?"

I heard last night on Hannity and again this AM on Fox and

That at least on Fox there will be a major Trump

Supposedly something on paper.

Hannity tried to pinpoint him if it was like a "contract with America"

He declined to be specific but it was announced that he would be
doing this from Gettysburg and then this AM they said
Trump would talk on his "contract with America" at 11AM
this morning......

I do not know if anyone else will be covering other then Fox
Actually, other than a couple of gratuitous items, I thought it was incredible.  It isn't a preview of current events, it's a dramatization of what has been going on for thousands of years.

They could have made it about caterpillars instead of clowns and it would remain the same. 

Again, not only did I find it to be an amazing video, but I love the way it points out that typically not only do we create our own problems, but we believe our own hype until the very thing that we have created and become afraid of does what it has to do to be just like us.
A lot of bad things went on before Jesus tipped over tables that had no business being there (excuse the pun). 
I agree.  The same applies here.

A lot of bad things went on before Jesus tipped over tables that had no business being there (excuse the pun). 

We aren't called to judge, but we are called to be Fruit Inspectors.... that's preached in many pulpits today.

So I pulled the statistics from every business meeting for the past 3 years.  Since just after the Pastor came on board....
  • First time visitor average went from 8 per month to 19 per month, but
  • Church attendance has fallen 22%
  • First time visitor conversion to membership has fallen 68%[/li4]
    • Members who left by reason other than death or relocation (moved letter) is up 37%
    • Active member participation in committees is down 17%
    • Committees who externalize their ministry outside of the church went from 14 to 4

    One small update is that I've since learned that the Deacons and the board have been made aware of the issue and have chosen to do nothing because, "it would just cause more problems".  And I never mentioned here or anywhere the possibility of bringing it out in public.

I was not aware of the answer. Thank you.

Yes, that particular Pastor is not seen as very effective by the administration but he clings on.

The ex did this, also had severe issues controlling his eyes and mind around women in public, including one he stared at in front of me and would not stop, like he was in his own world and he could not hear or see me- I became invisible. He would not stop until she left on a bus. She knew and I could see she felt uncomfortable. She looked like she wanted to cry. This guy also lied so much as a control tactic.

I do not do self-care very well, but I am learning. I will consider mentioning this to my Pastor and asking for prayer.

Thanks again and may God bless you.
I am a very active member of our Church: I work with the administration of my denomination sometimes and have consistently had a role with one of the ministries at a local church level.

However, when it is time to go to Church at the weekend, I don't want to go. I come across people who are acquainted, but not really very close (I have a few close friends but feel awkward with he rest). People who want to know your business and then proceed to catch you out, I have a particular skills which, despite people saying they will help, I don't get that help and people work with their own friends and family in the Church. I have no one in the Church, so although I am female, I seem to be an easy target for people with personality issues or issues generally: after all, I am not the Pastor's wife and my Daddy isn't Elder s-and-so. There seem to be many people there with personal issues (like everyone out there) but they do not do the work of searching themselves and seeking healing as they are content to languish in head-knowledge and facts, so that being there is an unpleasant experience at times when there are so many issues to deal with. Church is not something I look forward to and I actually begin to feel a bit anxious when I know the time is approaching. I feel extra tired at the thought and it is only God who keeps me going there, against my apprehensive feelings.

In Biblical times, believers were close. Where has the sense of "community" gone. We are a "family" but only in Biblical teaching as this is not lived out in life.

**Confession time**  I am also a theology student. After I have done my college work and church work, I would rather be by myself, riding a bus, sitting in a park or lying in bed watching livestream services, praying, sleeping, reading, dreaming, etc.
As for the 666 designation being equal to 66% as in your Zechariah 13 reference, two-thirds is never equal to an even number of 66 or 666 - it is equal to 66.6666 / 666.666, or 666  and a fraction.  And the number of the beast is "the number of A man" (singular) as in Rev. 13:18, not MEN (plural).  I'm afraid the Zechariah reference of 2/3 and 1/3 of men is not addressing this point.   
Zachariah 13:7-9 is a perfectly supporting scripture reference, or AS NEAR perfect as you would ever get with any other scriptural teaching in God's word, with other doctrines, for three reasons: First, equation is as near perfect as one can get, say what you will, but it is true; and secondly, the PEOPLE FIT~the righteous and wicked; and lastly, end results fit, destruction for the wicked and the righteous inheriting the land. If these scriptures were not given for the sole purpose of giving us an understanding of God's mysteries, then there are not such scriptures available for us in all of the word of God, and we all are at lost as to how we must use the scriptures to search out and uncover the mysteries of God. 3~"R", they fit too perfectly to discard them.  The world is wondering in darkness and scared to death over the possibility of them being tagged with 666 in any way, because of all the strange teachings that they have heard from false prophets, when the truth is HIDDEN in the scriptures right under their nose.
However, it is IMPOSSIBLE for total depravity to be equal to the mark of the beast, simply because there are those individuals described in Rev. 20:4 who did NOT receive the mark.  The mark of the beast is represented in Revelation as a decision that was made by an individual to receive it - which cannot be said of total depravity.  No one since Adam has had a choice in the matter of whether they wanted to be conceived as a sinner or not. 
3~"R" you are wrong~It can be said that we received not the mark of the beast when we refused to not fellowship, and not agree with this world system, in both its religion and what it has to offer as a way to have  happiness, peace, and contentment as it uses it entertainment (lust of the flesh) and all its goodly merchandises (lust of the eyes) and all it has to offer (pride of life)...to allude us to do so.  We have been called out of this world by God's grace, and also God continuously calls out of Babylon (this world system and all of its temptations it has to offer us........
Revelation 18:4~"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
This call by John is the VERY SAME ONE that he gave already here:
1st John 2:15-17~"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever."
To believe that they are different is to be deceived, for they are not, but are one and the same. Now, by nature we ALL were children of wrath even as others, but once the Spirit of God quickens us to life, we refuse to fellowship and agree with this world and its false religion headed up by Devil, whom you reject as even having a part of this world since 70 A.D. Of course, you and I will disagree on almost everything when it comes to Eschatology.
John's Revelation borrowed heavily from Ezekiel's prophetic language.  Ezekiel described Jerusalem's first death under the Babylonians, and John described Jerusalem's second death under the Romans.  This mark in Revelation and all that it entailed comes from an already-accomplished episode in history, with no threat of it hanging over our heads today.  The man that this number of the beast referred to has already perished by an assisted suicide back in AD 68.
Your corrupt doctrine leaves many that accepts it unprepared for the evil days coming.
And the number of the beast is "the number of A man" (singular) as in Rev. 13:18, not MEN (plural).
I just remembered that I forgot to say something concerning what you said concerning the number of he beast.
"the number of A man"
The sense of that is this: It is the number of A MAN that is void of the Spirit of God, or, a man that lives according to the course of this present world and all that it has to offer...or, a man that said~WHO is the Lord that "I" should obey him; or A MAN that said, who is wiser than "ME". Yes, we too know that it is a number of THAT MAN! That man that is part of the 2/3, or the majority of the world, in contrast of the small remnant. Selah
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