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 ::amen!:: notreligus
1Cor 13:9  For we know in part and we prophesy in part,
1Cor 13:10  but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.
1Cor 13:11  When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.
1Cor 13:12  For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Paul, who surely knew much more than any poster here, had to admit that all things were not yet revealed to him.   
Chat with Moderators / I Hope That the Mods Will Consider...
« Last post by notreligus on Today at 07:22:14 AM »
...placing cgavira's threads in the Non-Traditional Theology forum.   His views are not based in mainstream or orthodox Christianity but are rooted in (a form of) Judaism.    I've not been a member here since the beginning of this web site but I have posted here for some years and can verify that threads like his have in the past been regularly moved from their present location.   Thank you.
Being a latecomer to a fairly old thread, I would like to make a few comments.  I am not so informed about CofC history as it concerns Campbell and Stone and the like.  But, I believe that to be a child of God or born again, we follow the instructions Peter laid out in Acts 2.  So, any person who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and wants to obey His commands will repent of his old ways and be baptized in Him.  In baptism, God washes away the person's sins and puts His Spirit in him or her.  Now, I don't know of many groups that teach that and some places with the CofC name don't teach that throughout the country.  If I moved from my current location, I would look for a building with the CofC name.  Then I would see what they taught about becoming a child of God or about how to be saved. 

I am doing a study with some teenaged girls who will be going off to college.  We are looking at the names of churches.  Since the church belongs to Christ and is a spritual kingdom, it makes sense that it would be called by His name.  Romans 16 calls His church by His name.  Other places call His church the church of God or the church at such and such a town. 

I approach such doctrinal matters as one who may have just picked up a Bible and wanted to find answers.

I would encourage you to change your approach.   The main character of the Bible is Jesus Christ, and He is found in the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.   The central theme of the Bible is redemption.    If your focus is names of churches you will miss the Savior and you will not point others toward Jesus.   
Apologetics Forum / Sovereign Solicitude
« Last post by Netchaplain on Today at 06:23:16 AM »
Just a little FYI, nearly all the materials I’ve been posting in the last 15 years are from three books compiled by Miles J Stanford entitled “Position Papers,” which consist of his selections from various Christian writers (circa 1700’s—1800’s) who shared their beliefs of the Scriptures concerning spiritual growth of faith in God. Thank you Brother Miles (now with the Lord) and see you later!

Sovereign Solicitude

The Bible plainly asserts that the influence of God upon the unsaved must be exercised if ever they are to turn to Him in saving faith. Christ declared, “No man can come to Me, except the Father which has sent Me draws him” (Jhn 6:44). The will of the creature is a creation of God and in relation to it He sustains no timidity nor uncertainty. He made the creature’s will as an instrument by which He might accomplish His sovereign purpose and it is inconceivable that it should ever thwart His purpose.

When exercising his will, man is conscious only of his freedom of action. He determines his course by circumstances, but God is the author of circumstances. Man is impelled by emotions, but God is able to originate and to control every human emotion. Man prides himself that he is governed by experienced judgment, but God is able to foster each and every thought or determination of the human mind. God will mold and direct in all secondary causes until His own eternal purpose is realized.

How else could He fulfill His covenants which commit Him to the control of the actions and destinies of men to the end of time and into eternity? His election is sure; for whom He predestinates, them—not more or less—He calls; and whom He calls, them—not more or less—He justifies; and whom He justifies, them—not more or less—He glorifies. When predestinating, He assumes the responsibility of creating, calling, saving and completing to His own purpose.

In calling He moves those to believe to the saving of their souls, whom He has chosen. In justifying He provides a substitutionary, efficacious Savior by whose death and resurrection He is legally able to place the chief of sinners in as perfect a relation to Himself as that of His own Son. In glorifying He perfects all that infinite love has designed. The precise number that will be glorified will be the precise number and the same individuals—not more or less—that He predestinated. Each one will have believed, have been saved, have been perfected and presented like Christ in glory.

Men enter consciously into this great undertaking only at the point of believing, or responding to the efficacious call. Naturally, it seems to them that they, acting in freedom within the restricted sphere of their consciousness, determine everything. Their action is vital, for no link in God’s chain can be lacking. The point where misunderstanding arises is with reference to the fact that, so far as their cognizance serves them, they are certain that they act freely; yet every truly regenerated person will testify that he would not have turned to God apart from that all-important divine drawing of his heart.

Divine election is absolute. If this seems to some to be taking things out of the hands of men and committing them into the hands of God, it will at least be conceded that, when thus committed to God, things are in better hands and this, after all, is God’s own universe in which He has sovereign right to do after the dictates of His own blessed will.

It will also be conceded that the sphere of human action, so far as it can mean anything in the sphere of human consciousness, is left in perfect freedom of action. It should be deemed no crime on the part of God that He discloses to His own elect that His sovereign power and purpose are working through and over all human forces and secondary causes.

- L S Chafer

Excerpt from MJS daily devotional for April 26: “It is one thing to believe on the Lord Jesus, to be born again, to be saved. That is a glorious thing as a beginning, but it alone will not take you right through all you have to meet; and if you are really in the Lord’s hands He will see to it that by virtue of need you are drawn into knowing more and more of His Son. It is the normal course of a true, Holy Spirit-governed Christian life that, in order to get through, an increase of Christ, a growing discovery of Christ, is necessary.” -T. A-S.
General Discussion Forum / Re: My shampoo and body wash
« Last post by The Barbarian on Today at 06:17:52 AM »
I liked it, until it broke out my hands. I'm allergic to lanolin.

Have you tried Cornhusker's Lotion?    It contains glycerin, which shouldn't cause anyone allergy, and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
Chat with Moderators / Re: For Al: Account mod, lock, or delete?
« Last post by Alan on Today at 06:17:19 AM »
General Discussion Forum / Re: My shampoo and body wash
« Last post by The Barbarian on Today at 06:15:04 AM »
You know, it's happened to me before.    I really like the fried gizzards at Chicken Express.    And when I order them when I'm out of town, sometimes I get an odd look.   It turns out, some people think that only black folks like fried gizzards.   

I had no idea.

And that's not exactly what God said.

Gravity isn't exactly what God said, either.   God didn't tell us about everything.   The important thing is that science and scripture do not contradict each other.

Rather, I think, it's the scientist mind and eyes in you that understands and sees it that way.

Actually, I'm speaking as a Christian here.   I'm merely showing you how the world does not in any way contradict His word.

I don't understand and see it that way.

You don't have to.   It won't affect your salvation, unless you make an idol of creationism.    But if you learn more about His creation, it can't help but make you closer to Him.

And as much as God did not say the details of HOW He did that, I accept to be a humble, wise and good thing not to spend my time, money, and effort in trying to know something that obviously God deemed wise and good not to tell us.

God gave you a mind and curiosity for a purpose.   If we didn't have those, we'd still be living in caves wearing animal skins.
Barbarian observes:
We are learning more and more about it.   As you probably realize, it doesn't matter to our salvation, but it's accessible to anyone who wants to go look.

You think you are, would be the more accurate thing to say.

Easy way to check.   Does our understanding of nature help us get along in the world?    Yes, it does.   For example, the same knowledge that confirmed Darwin's theory tells us how to make computers out of dirt.

Besides, while you say that, even now, you claim to know HOW the supernatural divine God CREATED the different kinds of living creatures.

Yes, it's very clear how that happened, and getting clearer all the time.  He uses nature for almost everything in this world, and He made it knowable for us, so that we could get along in His world. 

So why bother putting and spending so much time, money, and effort in trying to know the HOW?

Barbarian explains:
Because it's worth knowing.   For two reasons.   One, it's of considerable practical use, and has (for example) medical applications.   Two, it can give you a richer and more complete understanding of God.   This is what St. Paul meant when he spoke of those invisible things, clearly seen.

For what it's worth, then it is for you. As for me, I take this matter of HOW God created all things, by faith and in faith. As it is written, "The just shall live by faith."

Which is sufficient.   I'm just pointing out that a deeper understanding of His creation will enrich your faith.

And looking at what Paul meant in Rom. 1:20, what invisible things Paul there refers to, refers to God's invisible attributes, not anything else.

No.  Let's take another look...

Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable.  (my emphasis)

Paul says that the invisible things of God, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen.    In His creation, if you are willing to set aside pride and preconceptions, you can see the power and divinity of God.   

These is what Paul says are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made. Paul clearly points to WHAT things God have made, and not to HOW God made things.

God is telling you something very important here.   Listen to Him.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Cremation
« Last post by grams on Today at 05:57:15 AM »

To my husband and I .........!

Being cremated   ,  we believe  it saves a lot of  grief ......missing and crying , etc.

Plus  its cheaper then being buried   ....  The coffin , the plot, the funeral home.  and what

ever ! 

And we did this  at least 15 years ago if not longer...... much less $

I miss my husband so much !  It would have been  so very hard on me to go to

a funeral and all of that.....  I would probley had to go to a hospital or doctor for help ! 
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