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Singles Sexual Discussion / Re: Fifty Shades of Grey
« Last post by Cally on Yesterday at 05:57:07 PM »
Is that what happens in the book, that men are treated like objects?

I haven't read it--saw a few excerpts, know the basic story.

The book is written by a woman, for women, for the sake of women's sexual gratification. So of course that means the existence of the male character in the sexual exchanges exists for that reason: women's sexual gratification.
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Arm the Syrian rebels?
« Last post by Amo on Yesterday at 05:47:29 PM »
In 1854 a new party was born it was formed around one major issue slavery. It was a coalition of minor parties. That party was the GOP. In 6 short years they owned both houses of congress and elected Abe Lincoln as president. Why the history lesson? Because IMO this is the most important election in my life time for both the nation and the Republican party. We can not stand 6 more years of deficit spending , open borders, no real job growth , and out of control EPA. If republicans lose this election they may and should be replaced by a new coalition. If they win and fail to significantly reduce the size of government , control the border, reign in or replace the EPA and get our economy back on track our future as a democratic Republic will be in doubt . The revolution can be lead by conservative candidates or IMO we are in danger of a real revolution. Almost 18 trillion in debt wake up we are on the verge of collapse. It was debt that destroyed the USRR and it will destroy the USA if not reversed soon. I am usually a very positive person and hate to preach so much doom and gloom but this is serious.

Yet no one will pay attention to the destruction of our country from within, from the same global contender that we united with to topple the USSR. Go back and read THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD by Malachi Martin, and understand who will continue to drag our nation deeper and deeper into debt until it topples as well. The three contenders for global domination at the time of this book were the US, the Vatican, and the USSR. We worked with the Vatican to topple the USSR, and now the Vatican is toppling us from within by her politicians stronghold within inhabiting both sides of the isle. Without a third party which is not drenched with Vatican supporters, we are doomed. All Catholics and Catholic politicians have been instructed to establish Roman Catholic social teaching and doctrine through legislation in their perspective countries wherever possible. Here they are the single largest block of power within our legislative halls.
Theology Forum / Re: Eternally Secure
« Last post by MeMyself on Yesterday at 05:40:24 PM »
Lacking faith or becoming unfaithful  IS DENYING HIM

Lacking faith is *denying* Him?!

Holy cow. I am in BIG trouble then...faith is my biggest stumbling block.

Luckily I know this is not true. When I lack faith, God is quick to bring to my mind remembrances of His Word, other times He was faithful and He comforts me, He does not turn His back on me for "denying Him".

Also, Peter flat OUT denied Christ..and he was not cast away.  He was forgiven and given a ministry.

Ugh.  Makes my heart so sad when I read the theology of some here.
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Liberals misquoting Islamic Creed
« Last post by Amo on Yesterday at 05:31:03 PM »
I think there is a great amount of hostility towards Muslims, and a lot of misinformation. I tried to clear it up linguistically, but some would rather not believe it. Do you realize that Christians in Muslim countries call God "Allah?" Do you even know what the word etymology means? Do you realize that God never called himself God; neither did he call himself Jehovah? Jehovah is what scholars used to believe YHWH (YHVH) spelled out to, but is now believed to be Yahweh. The word God comes from the Germanic Gott, which existed before Christianity ever came to the region! Don't want to believe me on any of this? Then here are some articles you can read yourself (and if you claim liberal conspiracy, then who can help you?):


If you don't believe Allah is the same as God, that's perfectly understandable. But that's not the question. The question is whether the writers mentioned in the original post were wrong or somehow biased, and what Allah's etymology is. The answer is no, they were not wrong, they were not biased, and Allah simply means God in Arabic.

It seems there are misunderstandings on both sides.




News from Around the World / Vancouver Experiments With Prescription Heroin
« Last post by Victor08 on Yesterday at 05:19:25 PM »
The Atlantic
By Matt Schiavenza 5 hours ago

Vancouver, one of North America's most progressive cities in respect to drug policy, will conduct a groundbreaking experiment: prescription heroin.

Following a clinical trial involving 26 subjects, doctors at the city's Providence Medical Clinic have earned permission to provide doses of the drug to a group of 120 severe addicts. The decision followed a lengthy back and forth with Rona Ambrose, Canada's federal Health Secretary, who opposes the policy.

Vancouver has provided needle exchange programs for 11 years, a policy that has reduced negative outcomes from contaminated needles. But clean needles may not be enough. In recent months, several dozen addicts have overdosed on heroin at the clinic, usually through using street-purchased drugs. The prevalence of the overdoses—there were 31 over a two-day period in October—led drug policy experts to recommend more progressive policies to combat the negative effects of the drugs.
Theology Forum / Re: Eternally Secure
« Last post by Thaddaeus on Yesterday at 05:13:14 PM »

So, in other words you have nothing in rebuttal, except just to repeat your statement.  Repeating it does not make it any more correct than the first time you stated it.
Singles Sexual Discussion / Re: Fifty Shades of Grey
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 05:00:02 PM »
Is that what happens in the book, that men are treated like objects?

 I just got very sad that so many people read the book, and that the lady who wrote such trash is now very rich. Shows the low morals the world has now. 
Singles Sexual Discussion / Fifty Shades of Grey
« Last post by Cally on Yesterday at 04:47:24 PM »
So this is a literotica written by a woman, that's being made into a movie that should come out pretty soon. The book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and hearsay is that the writing is horrific by any standard.

And, the primary demographic for this book is married women in their 30s.

I've seen some responses against the book and the movie. But one thing I have not yet seen is someone saying, "don't treat men like objects."

Would someone explain to me why? I think I can remember a couple times in my life--to be fair--that I've heard this said to women as to why they shouldn't be lustful of men. Men get the spiel, "don't treat women like objects," and if that's supposedly SUCH an effective and motivating rebuke for men to avoid lust (I wouldn't list that as anywhere close to my main motivator) then why am I not hearing this being said anywhere REMOTELY so much to women when they demonstrate the same issue?

Explanation, please.
Well, I for one would be happy to donate any of my rump ... free of charge.... to anyone who would like a transplant.  rofl

me too!  I would be happy to donate.  ::giggle::  We in my fam joke that some of my kiddos got my J-Lo booty...


Well, I for one would be happy to donate any of my rump ... free of charge.... to anyone who would like a transplant.  rofl

me too!  I would be happy to donate.  ::giggle::  We in my fam joke that some of my kiddos got my J-Lo booty...
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