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General Discussion Forum / Re: Is it...
« Last post by Believer on Today at 02:21:17 PM »

So you believe that Christ removed Himself and was distant from God when He was in the garden PRAYING for God's will to be done?

Praying that we give up our requests and the way WE wish things would go, so that we can fully surrender to God's will and His way, is distancing ourselves from Him?!

Why would you say that. No idea what your talking about.
Crow, I think Charlie is right. speaking negatively about Trump at this point only helps those that want to see Hillary elected. It's kinda like Hillary trotting out Republican Senator Warner from Virginia to bad mouth Trump FOR the Democrats.

Like I've said more than once here - It's like going to your teams football game and sitting in the stands booing, hissing, and trash talking them. Demoralizing one's own team and supporters isn't cool.

That's why I am on Team Texas Conservative.    ::disco::

I think it is less offensive to call people names than run guns to ISIS, leave Americans stranded in Benghazi, and sell weapons to other countries after taking bribes through a foundation with your last name on it.

Yes, and I hope he gets a little more offensive and vulgar. I love it. It turns me on. Now...bye bye and please instruct your countrymen to stop offending me with their rotten teeth.
Crow, I think Charlie is right. speaking negatively about Trump at this point only helps those that want to see Hillary elected. It's kinda like Hillary trotting out Republican Senator Warner from Virginia to bad mouth Trump FOR the Democrats.

Like I've said more than once here - It's like going to your teams football game and sitting in the stands booing, hissing, and trash talking them. Demoralizing one's own team and supporters isn't cool.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Is it...
« Last post by Believer on Today at 02:15:26 PM »

Why are some healed and others not? I suspect it is for the same reason that some are saved from persecution/suffering while others are not. We have examples of both in scripture - one is miraculously saved, another is martyred. It even happens that the same person is in one case saved, and then later killed for his faith. Why?

The ultimate answer is that we don't know.

We search the scriptures for answers. We wrack our brains trying to figure it out. We think that God should somehow make it clear to us. We forget that He doesn't owe us answers. We forget that He is God and we are not.

If we understood everything, if He explained every time we asked "why," we would have no need to trust. No need for faith.

The most important thing is not getting our questions answered, but learning to trust God when He doesn't answer.

I am starting to think that you have serious problems with reading comprehension. What part of my post did you interpret as saying that God is distant? That is just strange. Having the mind of Christ does not mean knowing everything He knows. If you think that you can understand everything about God, if you can fit Him in your head, then your God is too small.

So which do you believe is more important, knowledge or faith?

If you have to wrack your brains its because there is some distance between you and God, if you think He heals some and doesnt heal other, means Hes a changing God. But our God dosen't change scripture says. If He loves us He does owe us answers were a intitle to understanding to get the job done thats basic. who sends some one to work and doesn't tell them how to get it done? Thats ludicrous.

Once again you are wrong. My God in three parts fits inside me. And Hes way bigger in the inside. They all dwell in me, And He says I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.

Its not learning to
God. I already trust Him, I love Him, why wouldn't I trust Him, thats already established. Its about closing the door to the secret place and waiting with Him and He will reaveal all thing unto you. You are totally missint out in a real relationship with God willfully. ANd every thing I said here to YOU is scripture.

Not. even. close.

What you share is all about "I, I I"  and "me, me, me"

*I* am not distant from God.  *I* have the mind of Christ. *I* have the fruit that show *I* am a true believer.

Please.  Your posts end up being less about God than it is about you and how wonderful and enlightened *you* think *you* are; hence the rude, high minded replies.

Well am glad you are starting to get it. For God its all about me. For me its all about God. There ya Go. He loves me. He sent Jesus for me.  Woohoo God rocks baby.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Matt 17:20
« Last post by Believer on Today at 02:11:29 PM »
  Scripture does not say we should go to doctors,

No it doesnt. But scripture does tell you what you should do if you are and its not go to the doctors is it? So we can delete that from our thinking cause its not there.

 IF you are sick call the elders. Yes?

and it does say we should NOT go to doctors.

No it does not say that. So we can delete that also forever and ever.

And we dont add any thing remember revalation.

Paul does refer to Luke as "the beloved physician" (Col. 4:14),

And also says Jesus was a joiner. Theres is nothing in scripture that tells us Luke took his bag NOTHING so we can delete that also.

and does not say anything about him ever abandoning his medical practice. 

So this is not in scripture aslo to be deleted from our thoughts for ever.

1 Tim. 5:23 encourages Timothy to employ a natural remedy -- wine -- for his ailments,

Same old story same old misunderstanding. What was the ailment stomach problem. So tim was young in the faith. We are growing into Christ. Tim when you go there take a little wine for your stomach. that was the sickness you are getting will be better for the wine will kill the bacteria in that bad water. Because Tim I wont be with you to deal with it for you every time it comes. But untill you are walking in Christ fully, you will need to rely on a little wine. Makes sense to me.

and notably does NOT tell him to "have more faith" or "call for the elders."

Wonder if it was because there was no elders there. He going out on to teach there. Not to listen. He was the leader.

Trophimus had not been healed at the time 2 Tim. 4:20 was written.

Oh man I dont get how people with such a hugh lack of understanding feel they have the right to teach.

What does scripture say about this? These signs will FOLLOW the believer.
Not every one I prayed for was healed instantly. Its great when It happens. But it doesnt happen every time. Some times 10 mins sometimes an hour, sometimes a day. week three weeks. I am praying for a boy in a coma since a year.

Do you have any Scripture that guarantees God *does* always heal?

Really cant believe you asked this. Have you not read the scriptures that were given already. Go back and read them.
You really have no idea of Jesus already paid for everything. God is not sitting saying will I heal this guy or not. When someone get meraculosly healed GOD NEVER MOVED. Faith triggers healing. Just like the sun knows its place and the moon.  You are not seeing its already all been done in Christ.. Jesus said its finnished. Every things is bought and paid for if you believe it you will be healed.

Regarding the verse that was the basis for the OP -- Similar language occurs in Matt. 21:21, Mark 11:23, Luke 17:6, and 1 Cor. 13:2.  In its context, that last one especially suggests that the sort of "faith" that can "move mountains" is a specific ability distributed by the Spirit according to His own will, not something we can just sort of summon. 

Really shallow explianation. again with nothing but human understanding to try and justify it.

Any thing you ask in my name I WILL DO IT FOR YOU IF YOU DONT DOUBT IN YOUR HEART. Is that sumning up?

Since you seem so positive that you have "the truth," and so confident in your ability to dispense it,

Oh I am really confident, but your mistaken sir my confidance is in Him. Whos promises are yes and amen in Him.

perhaps you can explain in nice understandable terms how one is to know for certain how to interpret those passages; how do we know whether "mountain-moving" (or "tree-moving") faith is something every Christian is expected to have ready to pull out of his holster at any time, or whether it is only available "as the Spirit wills"?

Because God has no favoutites, what He will do for one He will do for all. Because he loves you. Becaue He sent Jesus to die for you. And He did that because He sees value in you.

Here is where very thing is with God. Meet Him in the secret place. And stay there no matter how long it takes and God will give you understanding in every thing . He loves us all and has paid for our salvation. people dont even know what the Greek is for saved. Please look it up guys . It means more in the greek than the English even touches. http://biblehub.com/greek/4982.htm Strongs version
Theology Forum / Re: Dispensationalism
« Last post by Stranger on Today at 02:11:14 PM »

Indeed, and I am learning.

Charlie, the one and only thing Trump has going for him is being the "alternative".

Since the theme of this thread is "understanding", I fail to understand why the train riders haven't been furious over the socialist/progressive stuff. I fail to understand why they accept his lying to them as if it doesn't even matter. I fail to understand why the riders are constantly making advanced excuses; as though they are expecting him to lose and ready to assign blame on everyone but him. Believe it or not, as much as I despise the man, a month ago I'd nearly worked myself up to something approaching a positive attitude. Well, that got squashed in a hurry. Ivankacare, constant fabrications of fact, refusing to release tax returns, being completely unprepared for the debate, saying he would take first strike off the table; the list gets far too long for a positive attitude. What's next to impossible to understand is why the train riders aren't livid!

Because he is the alternative, he gets my vote. No other reason. None, zero, zilch.

I agree with most all you say!

I also see Trump as the alternative to another Obama term. But if we put down Trump and influence others in that direction, who is the alternative then?

We're not influencing anyone, Charlie. Anyone with an IQ higher than four knows Trump is the only option. That fact does not make him a good option. And should he get elected, the only hope (as I see it) is for everyone to ride him as hard as possible in an effort to get done some things that need to be done. To me, that's where it gets really depressing. Based on the fact the train riders won't criticize him now, how can we think they will criticize him once he's in office? Amazing that we do not blindly follow our Lord and Savior, yet so many are more than willing to stagger along in the shadow of some political leader without a single protest.  ::frown::

I must be the only one with an IQ less than 4.

How can one be criticized before they start the job, not knowing they will start the job, while at the same time seeing that person as the only alternative?

No, you get it, Charlie, and I know without a doubt you will be voting for Trump. He is the only alternative because Hillary is, was, and always will be, completely unacceptable. That does not mean we, the people, don't deserve better than what Trump is offering.

Let me try an analogy regarding being critical in advance-

You are the coach of the Dallas Cowboys (and you have my sympathies). Front office drafted the number one QB prospect. Of course Romo is on the shelf once again, so you're forced to use the rookie QB. The only other alternative is buying Kapernick from the 49ers.( So, as you see, no other alternative.)

This young QB is brash, confident, and had a good college record. But, there are countless ways he can improve, and he must improve if he's going to win games for your Cowboys. So are you critical of him? Do you press him to do better, or do you just hope for the best, accept his brashness and lack of effort, and take what you can get- simply because there's no other option? Well, I can tell you, to keep Jerry from giving you the heave ho,you're going to be riding that rookie like a rented mule!

That's being critical. And if you don't, if we don't, then few games will be won.

Yes, I would be critical in a positive manner. But QB's aren't elected, and they are praised before they start the job, to lift their spirits.

Trump is being drug through mud by you and others before he's made the team. And the ones who can put him on the team are the ones listening to that criticizing.

Look Crow, I mean no disrespect to you. I just can't understand why you can't criticize in a positive manner like the rest of us. Especially since we both agree that he is the better choice of the two.

I sometimes read your posts and actually wonder if what you are saying about Trump is coming from the heart. Maybe so, but which heart? It seems to me you have set forth a double standard on Trump that I see is unfair. You are either against him or for him, take a stand and be positive on it.
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