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Christian Singles Forum / Re: "Why don't men pursue women anymore?"
« Last post by Cally on Yesterday at 02:16:54 PM »

No matter how many times I repeat it, you never acknowledge the difference in me saying that all women behave outright badly (which I am not), and that there is a huge legal injustice present that puts men in incredible danger.

I believe it is shameful of you that you can't manage to respect men's personhood enough for such a thing to mean anything to you. You think it's perfectly fine that a woman can accuse a man of anything she wants and get him locked up for nothing but an accusation? As you make clear that you think women should get justice against those who harm them, does it mean anything to you that justice isn't served to the same capacity against women who harm men (when it happens, however often or seldom it happens).

But no. You're so stuck on this "you're being down on women" that the issue that harms men flies clear over your head. And that is disgusting. And like what you demonstrate, I find that this attitude that you exhibit (like men hardly matter nearly as much as women) disturbingly common among women, such that these injustices exist.

You DO know at least one man who avoids marriage because of this: me. I have known many women, I've seen the "sweetheart" sides of a number of them, some have shown interest in me (at least several I have in mind outright expressed it),  I love them and treat them as kindly as I can manage. Some women with a lot of wonderful qualities, NO doubt about it, but two things: I cannot forget how unprotected I am as a man, and there is a lot of doubt in me over which women are contributors to the legal/cultural problems men have such that I am in such a vulnerable state as a man.

I am FAR from the only man who thinks this way, only a lot of men who do came from horrible experiences themselves. Some men treat women horribly, but here's the big fat difference: a man who suffers from a woman is a LOT more abandoned by others than women who are in distress because of how much more people are full of zeal to rescue women than men. A LOT of the blame for this falls on men too.

I'll never get tired of saying it though: I DO know some wonderful, wonderful women. My hope grows more with the more of them that I see! Yes, proving that a woman can in fact have a human empathy for a man after all! Another thing that's really great is seeing groups in which people are supporting male victims (a place where I see some of these women) who tend to have so little options. One man mentioned how he was giving another man shelter from his abusive wife (since men otherwise have NOWHERE to go in such cases like women can go to DV shelters).

Am I a little"fixated"? Sure, but that's because prudence is in order when cultural/legal misandry victimizes men with so little protection or options.

I have definitely beaten all of this to death. Honestly, chosenone, what is making you want to argue with me anymore? I'd understand a desire for anyone to debate if you're actually paying attention to what I'm saying.

Okay, how about this: I heard what you said. You know all kinds of godly ladies. Fabulous! That has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the topic I started or any of the points I made later, but fine. I heard you: you know hundreds of Godly ladies. Thank you. Is your mission now accomplished, now that I acknowledged what you have said? What more can I do for you?

I am sorry that you are upset.
Posted: December 21, 2014

An investigation into the slaying of a dolphin in Florida waters earlier this month has been solved. Friday, police say a juvenile confessed to the deliberate killing of a bottlenose dolphin with a bow and arrow. Because the animal is a protected species and died in Alabama waters, federal agents were involved in the shooting death probe, according to an AL news report.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA) led the investigation into the dolphin slaying. Agents say a minor child was identified as the main suspect into the death of the marine animal, which was found dead December 6 in an Orange Beach Bayou.

Investigators from Florida and Alabama partnered on the slaying of the dolphin. And using tips and other evidence, they were able to get a break in the case and locate the unnamed juvenile, who provided a written confession to the illegal killing. Because he is a minor, his name and other demographic information are not being released.
Christian Singles Forum / Re: "Why don't men pursue women anymore?"
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 01:45:55 PM »
To say that most women are out to cheat men just isnt true.

To say that most women don't mind the fact that they have the capacity to ruin a man's life with nothing more than an accusation is my diagnosis that I justified. And that reflects a majority of women disrespecting the personhood of men.

Oh! But more talk about good ones. There's a really tiny facebook group I came across: "women against paternity fraud." Just a random happy thought that jumped to mind.

Once in a while, women care. No doubt about it.

WHy did  you write this?

'It tells me that only a minority of women respect the personhood of a man on a fundamental "love your neighbor as yourself" sense. The women out there who actually do are very rare and really stick out'

Cally when you have been out on the world more, have more life experience, and met many more women, rather than reading all this stuff on line, you will see that most women, not just a  few, care about all people, both men and women, and are, as I said, just normal people/wives/mothers just trying to do the best they can in their cIrcumstances.
Because you read so much of this stuff, about the 'poor old men who are are so badly treated by the horrible evil women' in the world, you get a very skewed picture of women and of what most of them are like and it isnt as you describe.

 I could give you loads of examples of men I know or have known or who I have heard of who have acted appallingly. Several cases of severe sexual/physical abuse of their own children, physical abuse of their wives, repeated adultery, walking out on their wives and small children for another lady,  getting other women pregnant, and those particular examples are from families I have known personally. However I must not let this skew my picture of all men, and make out that MOST men act this way, because I can acknowledge that most men are pretty good decent human beings. You implying that only a tiny minority act in the right way is incredibly offensive to the majority of women who would never act in the way you describe, never have and never would.

Bad, sinful, abusive, unfair, wrong and cruel behaviour is done to people by both men and women. Women to men, men to women, men to men and women to women.   Please go to God with this. You have it all way out of proportion and you have such a downer on women which I think God is very sad about. ::frown::

Also you implying that men don't marry because they somehow fear it and what may happen if they do, doesn't wash. Most people end up getting married eventually in their lives, and the fact that so many couples live together now is simply because its so accepted and no one think its immoral any more. Not so long ago it was very frowned upon to live together outside marriage ,and few did it, now many people think you are odd of you DO wait for marriage till you live together.
I am talking about the actual challenge presented in the OP. I am not referring to the topic of divorce remarriage as it obviously is a challenge in and of itself. With regard to the actual challenge in the OP, some of the things you write indicate you do not understand what the challenge is about.

I have read the OP and will spend more time making sure that I am following your arguments and position correctly.  Which I believe that I am~ but allow me to spend more time pondering your position.  I will say this:  most of God's children are simple and are not doctors of the law, and your reasoning used to support your position, is not without flaw, and if one has truth, they should consider making it as simple as possible for God's sheep to follow their teaching, in order for them to arrive at understanding truth.  Christ is a perfect example of one who said much with little words, and even though he spoke in parables, they are not that hard to follow~he made it easy for his children to follow him.  Scriptures interpret scriptures much more so than a long drawn out worded post with very little scriptures supporting one's position.

Question for you: Why not not just take the scriptures and seek to allow the scriptures themselves to define the use of the word fornication~and then Matthew 5, and 19 should be no problem to understand, or at least will greatly help?    Why not? 

I will go back and re-read the op.
Christian Singles Forum / Re: "Why don't men pursue women anymore?"
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 01:18:40 PM »
Amen, tennman, but that's the paradox of feminism itself: even as more women prove their "independence," it still boils down to showing up on men's doorstep to fix their problems, including enabling the world to be this generous cradle in which "equality" is feasible.

But again, today, the providers are in trouble from being so taxed. If women are equal, indeed, can't they do some of the rescuing? I wouldn't mind that in any case. Just look at Proverbs 31:20 about the woman of noble character: "she extends her arms to the needy." What, and a husband is excluded from that if he's the one who's needy?

And then yet again are these cowardly traditionalists: "a man should be the sole provider." Feminism seeks out and destroys men's material success so women can take men's places, and they succeed! Get with it!!!

And credit where it's due: the true Godly women that I've been SO BLESSED to find--just to behold them--are spectacular in their love.

But yeah, it's cowardly and it's a hate-on. Likewise, I think the "men should pursue women" is what you say, and to suggest that the woman should have all the choosing leverage.

  Biblically the women are told to look after the husband and children. Many godly men I know believe that they should earn the money while the wife cares for the home and family. It does seem God ordained it to be that way. 
Theology Forum / Re: Attempting to Flee the Impossible
« Last post by Nomad1689 on Yesterday at 01:16:40 PM »
Very timely devotional. Thanks for posting it.
Christian Singles Forum / Re: "Why don't men pursue women anymore?"
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 01:14:24 PM »
The thing is that if men werent persuing women generally(not just in the colleges), then everyone would be single. Being that most people end up either married or in a relationship, there must be a whole lot of persuing going on.

Yes indeed, many people are still getting married or having relationships.

Marriage rates are nose diving, however. Many people gripe about the fact without bothering to get themselves informed, and come up with worthless criticisms. Many men are avoiding marriage because of the legal dangers in today's world, and that's a fact. Fewer and fewer men are choosing to ignore warnings that come from horror stories that reflect how unprotected a man is in today's world.

Strange that I have never known a single man who is avoiding marriage for those reasons. If it was SO common you would think I would have known at least one wouldnt you ??? . The single young men I know would lOVE to marry, but they havent met anyone yet.
Christian Singles Forum / Re: "Why don't men pursue women anymore?"
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 01:10:39 PM »
you hear of some cases of women acting badly

Eh, whatever. I'm only going to end up repeating myself.

I sooooo feel your pain.

Thats because you both have a downer on women in general. It comes out in so many of your posts.
Theology Forum / Re: My form spiritually and materially.
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 01:08:26 PM »
God IS spirit. We have a spirit inside us yes.
Theology Forum / Attempting to Flee the Impossible
« Last post by Reformer on Yesterday at 12:31:53 PM »

 Attempting to Flee the Impossible

   A fleeing man boarded a ship to escape a matter that did not interest him. When the ship was some distance out a great wind was hurled upon the sea, accompanied with a mighty tempest, so that the ship was about to break up. Conceiving he was the cause of the turbulent weather, he instructed the men of the ship to throw him into the sea, “for I know,” said he, “it is because of me this great tempest has come upon you.” So they took him and threw him into the sea, and the sea ceased from its raging.

    After having been thrown into the rolling billows, he acknowledged his mistake of having fled from the mission he had been challenged to accept and was miraculously rescued from the tomb of the sea by One whose strength was greater than his. Following his rescue, he exclaimed, “I called to the Lord out of my distress, and he answered me.”He went on to accept the challenge and the mission from which he had attempted to flee, and what followed was a complete victory.—Story of Jonah.

    The story of Jonah very fittingly depicts my message. The sea of life is encompassed with tempestuous waves. To one degree or another, we all are entangled. Even the great apostle Paul, an ambassador for Jesus, faced with life’s turbulent billows, cried out, “O wretched man that I am! Who on Earth can set me free from the clutches of my own sinful nature? (Romans 7:24).

    Paul happily concluded that Jesus was his Deliverer. Paul was drowning in a sea of problems, trials, and uncertainties, just as we are, but he knew where relief could be found and how he could be rescued from the hostile forces that surrounded him. The Lord was his Lifejacket! Otherwise, he indeed would have drowned.

    Seasons of rest and peace of mind are found only in the inner limits of heaven. In Jesus a paradise of blessings and happiness is no farther away than a change of mission and direction. The Keeper of this paradise abode will help us bear our earthly pain and stand when we are about to fall. Paul’s cup was running over with joy even while he experienced a state of distress. He affirmed on one occasion that when he was the weakest physically, he was the strongest spiritually.

    It is interesting that in another place Paul expressed a desire to go home to be with the Lord. He did not feel, as many of us do, that Earth was his heaven. He knew he was about to take a journey to a city with everlasting foundations. Furthermore, he knew God was the Designer. Little emphasis did he place upon earthly goods. He knew genuine and eternal peace could never be found in them.

    We may feast upon the richest of foods, wear the finest of clothing, live in a mansion that startles the eyes, and have a goodly number of friends and celebrities. But these are of no avail when we consider they cannot provide a true peace of mind, real happiness, and genuine security. These blessings are not available in what we possess. They are available only in the Man Jesus—not only this season of the year, but every day of the year.

Happy Holidays in Jesus to Each of You!
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