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Listened to Rush for a bit today. He went on for quite some time explaining what Trump was doing with what he said. And I see here many explaining what Trump was doing, what the thought process was, what he really meant, and that it was such "genius". Problem is, when you have to go out of your way to explain, to restate, what has been said, it completely missed the intended target. Or worse, it wasn't ever aimed at a target, but just words spoken without a thought process.

Same as when someone tells a joke and no one laughs. So, then the joke is explained, and still no one laughs.

Stupid move, stupid statement that draws all attention away from the rigged Dem primaries and the crooked methods of Clinton. Off message and just another case of lost opportunity and a fool being a fool.

Nope! it takes assymetrical warfare just like this to get the complicit media and the Obama Justice Dept off their rear ends and do their job or get someone like the Russians to post it for them. Yes, it was genius. It was inexpensive, harmless and likely will get the job done.

You're kidding, right? I mean, even attempting to spin this to fit your preferred narrative isn't going to change the outcome. And that outcome is Trump painted (fairly or unfairly) as an advocate of espionage by a foreign government to interfere in a presidential election. It takes the spotlight off Hillary and puts it directly on himself. Don't believe me? Read the headlines. They are about Trump being "unqualified", "dangerous", going "beyond the pale". This is as counter productive as political rhetoric can get. Need further evidence of the foolishness of this? Check out the polls. Trump's convention bounce already gone. Even the Rasmussen poll that had been the outlier in his favor has Clinton ahead. And Clinton now up by 9 points in PA? Tell me of that genius just one more time.  ::frown::
General Discussion Forum / Re: Anybody wanna...
« Last post by Jason_NC on Today at 04:41:54 PM »
Tis the season.  We will be talking politics until January.
RPG Discussion / Re: Legend of Zelda idea I want to try
« Last post by JDizzle383 on Today at 04:30:05 PM »
First off, I am a play-by-post or "forum RPer" so I don't understand what you mean by "What system?"

Secondly, yes, I am in the U.S.A.

And thirdly, as to the How are we playing? it's really simple. I write an intro and you respond to it as though we were writing a book. As you may have guessed it is a Twilight Princess-Majora's Mask idea involving a "What if Twilight covered Termina after it failed to take over Hyrule?"

The situation is simple enough, however this is what happens to Link's family as if he had never left Termina and instead his son or daughter(that's up to whomever plays this character) were to set off on an adventure in Termina. The reason this could be a group is because Navi could be found/Midna could get cursed AGAIN/ The Happy Mask Salesman could show himself again/Shadow Link could come back/Fierce Deity and Majora could show themselves/And of course every single mask doesn't have to be worn by only the new hero.

I do in fact have a plot, and it involves allowing for any of the situations above to happen if there are people who want those characters.
Christian Politics Forum / Re: The Best Candidate This Election Period
« Last post by crowcamp on Today at 04:25:33 PM »
More frequently it seems American elections are not about voting for the candidate that best represents you, like the fellow in the opening post.  Rather, voting is done strategically so the worst person does not get in, the "Any vote other than for the republican candidate is a vote for the democrat."  mindset. 

Is this not indicative of a flawed system, or flawed strategy? 

What if instead the conservative Christian community came out en masse to vote for a candidate that truly represents them?  Of course the worst would happen and you would certainly get a Hillary, but what would be the impact of such numbers, and how might that affect the selection of the next republican nominee?

Such a move would require patience and faith, but in a relatively short period of time (4yrs),  you may get a candidate that is deserving of your support.


Yes, the "least worst" approach is a flawed strategy. Thing is, that has to be addressed before you get down to the two finalists. Patience, faith, and a thought filled process are not to be found in the American electorate. Knee jerk reactions and outright fit throwing have become more the norm. Emotion wins out over reason. Likely, a constitutional conservative Christian could not have won this year, but even the slightest move in that direction would have been a very important step. But folks don't want slight moves. They want it all and want it now. Even at the expense of losing it all, now.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Anybody wanna...
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 04:09:30 PM »
Boy, I'm with you on this one, I am sick to death of politics, and each candidate running the other one down.  Why can't they just say what they ARE going to do without going into what's wrong with the other person.  I don't think either candidate is any angel.  I'd read something about Trump becoming a Christian, and I was willing at first to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I really haven't seen any evidence of it, he still acts like an arrogant you-know-what.  I mean, someone I was talking to said that he had the nerve to make a statement to the effect that Hillary Clinton couldn't keep her husband happy.  Who is he to talk, at least Bill and Hillary are still married to each other; Trump has been married HOW many times?  (I'm not even sure).  ::frown::

Watching paint dry is sounding better and better to me, LOL.   ::smile::

And incidentally, I think America is still great, in spite of its many faults.  No place on this earth is perfect, only Heaven is perfect.  I'd still rather live in American than any other country, except perhaps Canada, and it's too cold up there in the winter.   ::rolling::

I am British. If I had to live somewhere else it would be Canada, then NZ. My husband is an Aussie but its far too hot there. Wouldnt want to leave the UK though, I love it here. ::smile::

See we are talking about something else.  ::eek:: ::clappingoverhead:: ::giggle:: ::disco::
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Hillary's America - the movie
« Last post by mommydi on Today at 04:03:34 PM »
TS loves his Hillgal... he could not take any derogatory things about her.

Has she improved his life in any way? Has Obama improved his life any? Did they improve the quality of life for his children or grandchildren?
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Hillary's America - the movie
« Last post by Rella on Today at 03:54:49 PM »
TS loves his Hillgal... he could not take any derogatory things about her.
HE made the call against the State Dept's will in his speech to re-insert the words "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall". HE made the call against the will of the State Dept to re-insert the words "evil empire" in one of his famous speeches. He had the courage to say non-PC things just as Trump does and will do. This could have been done years before Reagan, but he was strong enough to get it done. Timing or not.

One Sunday at church when we lived in El Paso, during the early 80's and the height of the Cold War, I visited with a guy at church that was pretty high up in the military ranks at White Sands Missile Range and asked him if America really needs to be fearful of the Soviets. He told me not in the least. We are so far ahead of them it would make your head swim. I figure Reagan was privy to that kind of stuff and maybe gave him the courage to push the issue with Gorby. Everyone but Bernie Sanders knew that Communism was in the dust heap of history decades before. The exact moment of their demise was uncertainl
And TS, I too can not wait until November. It will likely feel like when the so-called idiot Raygun got elected. I loved it as well when the fa├žade of communism swayed and fell.

 Lay with community organizers, you get up as a radical.

communism like slavery was bound to fail...  old men not wanting to turn loose of their perceived advantage...  regan excited them like the arab spring...  as an actor he had the gift of gab, certainly those eight years were worthy of an Oscar. bests acting he ever did...  timing was right for him... different setting different personality...  which is why with the cards lying on the table at this point, with Russian intel being applauded for spying on US citizens and hilgal having been exposed as she has, one foot in the pen and the race is at a point that is advantageous for her with long enough for trumpt to muddle the proceedings to give her the election because he is being called on to be his self... 

this is better than any scripted movie... hey changes will occur in the coming government not so sure you will like them regardless of who is in the big chair...
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Hillary's America - the movie
« Last post by mommydi on Today at 03:31:50 PM »
In an 8 year Obama administration, how have lives of blacks improved? I'm open for any answers.

Another question - Do blacks think their lives will actually improve with 8 years of Hillary? If so, how? How has she improved the lives of black citizens?
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