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Theology Forum / Re: Speaking in tongues before the Day of Pentecost?????????
« Last post by RB on Today at 04:01:28 AM »
yes english is but im not spoken well like most of you. I work as a maintenance fitter so get to work with my hands and not my mouth.
So what...That is WHERE you will find God's sheep, for the most part....God has chosen the poor and unlearned of this world rich in faith, The Lord bless you, my dear brother.  Hey, I do not have any education but only in the school of the Holy Ghost.
Theology Forum / Re: Speaking in tongues before the Day of Pentecost?????????
« Last post by RB on Today at 03:57:42 AM »
RB I know you love him. I have no doubt at all.
I have no question about you, or, Charlie, anyone on this forum loving God, this is NOT why we are here, but we must expose men who are deceiving others, whether intentionally, or unintentionally, God knows, not me.
yes english is but im not spoken well like most of you. I work as a maintenance fitter so get to work with my hands and not my mouth.
Theology Forum / Re: Speaking in tongues before the Day of Pentecost?????????
« Last post by RB on Today at 03:51:17 AM »
RB  could you please explain how somebody could be so overcome by a demonic strange spirit again and again and then still be madly in love with Jesus Christ our Lord and confess that he is with their mouth? So here we have it, a church filled with demons praising Jesus Christ our Lord. Or would this be a kingdom divided against itself?  It just doesn't add up unless the spirit that they are overcome with is instead the Holy Spirit.
I want to come back and answer your post after a few minutes of rest. Is English your main speaking language? I asked that because  I took the liberty to correct some of your post, to make it readable, without changing the contents. Hope you do not mind. Your question is a very good question that has a bible answer that I want to share with you.
and RB i know you love him . i have no doubt at all
Ok i accept that from you
Theology Forum / Re: Speaking in tongues before the Day of Pentecost?????????
« Last post by RB on Today at 03:44:04 AM »
R B  if you think Benny Hinn is moving in another spirit then you don't know him. He is our Lord Jesus Christ .
I have thought and know that he is under the power of a lying spirit. He's ten thousand times easier to recognize than Jimmy Swaggart.
R B  if you think Benny Hinn is movinlg in another spirit then you dont know him. He is our Lord Jesus Christ .
Theology Forum / Re: Speaking in tongues before the Day of Pentecost?????????
« Last post by RB on Today at 03:30:19 AM »
Swaggart might not sink to the level of a heretic by today's doctrines.
Of course he would not, especially so, since we are living in the latter days of the last day. If these days are indeed the days of perilous times spoken of Paul from 2nd Timothy 3:1-4:5, and I'm convinced they are for many reasons, then men like Swaggart would fly under the radar of Paul's warning of the coming of the man of sin, but he cannot deceive the very elect, which is NOT Israel as he so vainly believes. The man of sin is NOT a single man, coming AFTER the church has been raptured out as Swaggart and others like him believe, but are men just like Swaggart, Benny Hinn, and thousands of others like them, who have taken the word of God and disgraced it by corrupting its truths, deceiving millions of people, with their false gospel. They are blinded on so many truths. Charlie said:
Red's opinion is that everyone is wrong except him! It's not just tongues.
No Charlie, that's an unfair statement. I sense a little bitterness in your statement. Yes, I do hold fast truth ONCE I'm convinced of it, just as I'm commanded by God to do so. Yet, let us be clear concerning your statement: When I first started out, I was taught just  AS  you and Swaggart and others like you believe, not only on Eschatology, also concerning salvation, through and by OUR FAITH, repenting, etc. the list is longer, much very much the same as you now believe~I admitted most all that I was taught was a lie, that had no support from scriptures so I LEFT it many years ago after I gave myself to a diligent search for truth IN God's word~I lived by the motto and still do btw: "Let God be true and every man a liar"....and this is where it has brought me to. SO mock me if you will, but at least I DID my sincere search and tested every man with the word of God. Now, does that make me free of error? No way~I still live in this body of sin and death, yet, I do believe it has saved me from many corruptions and false doctrine, and from false prophets like Swaggart, and false he is. The list is long with proof. He has now invented "Church Media" where one can join his (yes HIS) church from anywhere in this world and they DO NOT even have to meet you and ask you any question...."NO QUESTIONS ASKED POLICY" and just send $$$$$$$ and you can remain a member. This is so shameful and wicked, so against the word of God, and I might add~a mark of the man of sin, who comes and changes the word of God to fit their liking and disliking.
But, disgraceful behavior is par for television Pentecostals
Agree to a certain point. Swaggart is so much harder to see through than most are. They have some good things and do a few of good things, but we judge them by their overall doctrine concerning free justification through Christ's faith and obeidence, which they corrupt in many ways~and their fleshly worship and their use of the gospel, to live a lavish lifestyle.
And Swaggart acted disgracefully
He did indeed, but after his fall, he proved just how gifted he is...he reinvented himself and has come back bigger than ever before and is still growing through his son and grandson, books and music, BUT MAINLY through coming up with this: THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS, saying that God gave him a revelation which  took place shortly after his great fall in which he lost so much support, almost to a crippling effect. So, he reinvented himself with something that he knew would allow him to get back into the gospel arena where it is BIG $$$$$$...so their motto now is God has called US here at Campmeeting Worship Center to take the THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS to the world, as though no one else were doing this, or could do this. But, their message is nothing more than the same old that Jimmy Swaggart has always preached, just re-package to new faces, since he is out living the old faces he once deceived. I have listened to thousand of hours, so I do know what I'm speaking concerning. They know nothing about being born of the Spirit of God~They confused the new birth with conversion and conversion with the new birth.
The monstrous doctrine of Dispensationalism seems intrinsic to Pentecostals.  I don't know the details of Swaggart's doctrines, but Dispensationalism generally is the blasphemous belief that the children of Satan are God's chosen people, and that Christians are just second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God.
Well, since Pentcosticalism started around the early 1900's~at the very same time that Premillennialism began to take shape, they embraced that lie as well. I know exactly what they believe~the very same doctrine that Baptist fundamentalist believe and teach, why not? since both began to rise at the same time...shocking? not to me it is not.  If one has a Scofield Reference bible then you have their full teaching on end time. Fundamental Baptist and Pentcosticals are sisters, just one is more outgoing than the other. They both despise the very elect, and promote a false seed to Abraham that indeed are strange children to God, and they do make the church an AFTER THOUGHT in God's eternal plan of redemption. SO wicked and shameful, which come through ignorance of not knowing the truth, or even desiring it in sincerity.
So i ask this as it is important. is he facing challenges at the moment because i could be picking up on that. Is he in a battle?
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