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And the depravity of Hollywood accelerated as well. Not to mention the fact that in virtual reality games, kids can immerse themselves immediately in unspeakable violence, desensitizing themselves to real violence. This HAS to be a factor.


Here is the most reasonable explanation for the mass shootings plaguing the US. It is from CNN, yes, CNN. My own observations are that the mass shootings began in the 1960s and accelerated as "rights of the mentally ill" have increased.

General Discussion Forum / Re: MAGAZINE BE CAREFUL PLEASE !
« Last post by grams on Today at 10:52:10 »

This  was addressed  to my husband  who   is now  home  in  heaven....  2 years now.....

And  my son is very  strict  about  bad things....     I went to show my daughter in law, and she got a glimpse

as  I brought it to her to show her this,  she  said  as I told her  the whole book is like this.  She said right

away  I do not want to see it......    And also  we hope  the children were not able to see it.....  Because

some times they get the mail.....

I have no idea  who , what company sent it.....    If  it happens  again I will  find out and  send a letter to

them to stop...........!!!!

Its  like  a  look magazine  /  life  /     
I have always wondered why people ask when either the Republicans or Democrats have the majority of members serving in either chamber of the U. S. Congress (Senate or House of Representatives) they can’t get their legislative agenda accomplished.  After doing a little research on the matter the answer may seem a little surprising.  The issue is not whether they have a simple majority but do they have enough members to not only pass normal legislation (51%), but override a presidential veto 2/3 (66%) of the members voting or deal with a cloture or filibuster (60%). Now let me fine tune these numbers a little bit.

First there are 100 members of the U. S. Senate and 435 members of the U. S. House of Representatives.  To pass normal legislation using the percentiles above it would require 51 members of  either party in  the Senate to accomplish this and 218 members of the House.  To end a filibuster or cloture it would take 31 votes in the Senate and 262 members in the House. To override a presidential veto it would take 66 members of the Senate and 262 members of the House.

Therefore to have enough members to be able to control the Senate or the House it would require 66 members of either party voting in total solidarity and 262 members in the House to do likewise.  So it is not enough just to have a simple majority to take control of either chamber but rather enough members to either pass or defeat any legislative item that comes before them on any issue.

The unfortunate part in this situation there is not enough cohesiveness in either party to accomplish this objective.  Too many times democrats will side with republicans and vice versa thus negating the number of votes for the so called majority party in power to accomplish their legislative agenda.
I know a fine young woman who is a former nun.   She's happily married now and worshipping in a non-catholic venue.  She once gave her reasons for leaving the Catholic church.   Primary reasons include the spiritual chain of command as established by Pope Francis.   The line of authority is this;

1. Top authority is the Virgin Mary 
2. Second highest authority is the Roman Catholic church /the Pope
3. Third and lowest authority is Jesus

If you notice there are no scriptural references attached to this at all.   Catholic apologists will formulate a few I'm sure, but as it stands its a fine example of religious conceit.

and that's me, hollering from the choir loft...

Do you have any source for these claims, my wife was brought up Catholic, and wonders where you came up with this nonsense. 
Where is God in your ranking, keeping in mind that the Catholic church believes in the Trinity?
Theology Forum / Re: Catholic Infant "Baptism"
« Last post by AVZ on Today at 10:30:20 »

It seems when you responded to my post that you misunderstood much of what I said. I believe this is due to how polar opposite we believe in this issue. I try to be careful how I word what I say. I go over it repeatedly to make sure I am communicating what I want to communicate. This is not to say that I am right in my doctrine, just that I am trying to say what I believe (and my trying can still fail me). No doubt my poor communication, despite my efforts, is what's going on here. Let me show you what I am talking about and try to answer some of your queries.

Jesus has always been God, Jehovah, the Almighty. Nothing I said questioned Jesus preexistence as God nor suggested He did not maintain that identity during His ministry. If He had not been God while on earth, He could not have spoken as God, received worship, etc.

I never said Jesus was emptied of all divine attributes. I said he emptied Himself of His equality with God and that He set aside Godly attributes to be fully human. That does not mean all attributes since I acknowledged that His authoritative words and actions belong to one who is God. He had to have empty Himself of some attributes, which at least refers to their use, or else the scriptures I posted about His humanity and dependence on God make no sense.

Jesus was always God. If not, how could He speak as God with all of the authority that goes with that identity. Setting aside certain aspects of His divinity does not rid Him of that identity. Like I said, our opposite view on this topic is where such questions probably come from.

Anyway, I did address when He was restored with what He had previously divested Himself of. Quote: "It was after He accomplished God's will that He was highly exalted, crowned with glory and honor, and given all authority in heaven and on earth. Certainly now all the fullness of deity dwells in Him."

Like I said, He is God and spoke as Him, but the miracles and such were by faith. How could the apostles do such similar things during their ministry? Did they have to be God?

He emptied Himself of that equality as far as their manifestation was concerned. Quote from me: "He had divested Himself of His equality with God so as to come among men as fully man. At least He certainly didn't exercise or manifest this fullness of deity."

Quote from me: "Certainly now all the fullness of deity dwells in Him."

No doubt I may do the same to you and misunderstand some of your position due to our disagreement. In such a case I hope you will clarify with me so that we can understand each other better. I wish you all the best in your study of scripture and in your sharing with others here.

God bless...


No beef with the misunderstanding, I like a good discussion even if we disagree.
I think I got your point of view better now.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I understand.
Jesus was God, but in order for His divinity not to interfere with His humanity, He "dropped" some of His divine qualities.
The first question that comes up is, if indeed Jesus dropped some divine qualities...He was not FULLY God. Correct?
So in His walk on earth Jesus as fully man, but somewhat God? Is that what you are saying?

The other question I have for you is which divine attributes would you propose Jesus "dropped"?
Omnipresence? Omnipotence? Omniscience?
You must realize that if Jesus ceased to be either of the above, He would cease to be God.
God is either fully God or He if not God. There is no such thing as a half-God or "almost" God.
Just to illustrate that with an example: If Jesus would have "dropped" His inability to sin, He would cease to be God because God is unable to sin.
Or if Jesus would have "dropped" His omniscience, He would cease to be God because God is omniscient.
There is not such thing as an unholy God or an unknowing God.

You said "He is God and spoke as Him, but the miracles and such were by faith. How could the apostles do such similar things during their ministry? Did they have to be God?"
I don't think that's correct at all. Jesus did the miracles because He was God. In fact Jesus was the Creator Himself.

"For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."
Jesus was and is the Creator God. He does not need faith to perform miracles, He can do them because He is God. He can create when he so desires, He can heal when He so desires and He can command the elements if He so desires.

Now people in scripture have performed miracles before. Neither of them were God. So I do not understand your question why the Apostles could perform miracles.
They did them through faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit. But that doesn't mean that the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit need to have faith in order for them to do miracles.

You seem to be struggling with the "reward" of exultation for Jesus. You are of the opinion that God could only exalt Jesus for something He would do as a human being.
That is also not correct. God can exalt Himself for something He did or does as God. The angels worship and exalt God, not because He did something human...but because He did something being God.

The thing that Jesus emptied Himself of was His eternal position in heaven with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Jesus said so Himself: "And now, Father, glorify Me in Your presence with the glory I had with You before the world began." (John 17:5)

Finally I would like to repeat my question from the previous post, you did not answer it:
Do you believe Jesus still is fully God and fully human in heaven?
General Discussion Forum / Re: MAGAZINE BE CAREFUL PLEASE !
« Last post by Carey on Today at 10:20:13 »
I suspect a glossy flyer or circular add.  It is not at all shocking from my perspective, the problem is not going away, women in bathing suits are at the pool, on the beach, and even on billboards.  There is no escaping it, what needs to be addressed is how the Christian reacts to such images. 

Our church supports a mission on the small island country of Yap, where it is not all that unusual to see women walking around topless.  A bit shocking with sexual undertones to folks like myself, but not at all to the locals.

People need to take control their own urges, and not lay the blame on the images they might see.
Miz KJV Only,

Good post. I like the comparison between a physiologist check-up and a faith check-up. Such a check-up is needed on a regular basis.

At the end, maybe it is a bit confusing.

Sabbath 2/17/18 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “Signs of Spiritual Life”   I John 2:24-25

The more we do this, the more the devil will bother us. Satan only bothers those who are not followers of him. Our confidence and trusting in God will overcome the devil every time. We have Victory thru Jesus and will move onto higher ground in the Lord.


It sounds like you are saying that as we grow in our faith, the devil will not be able to bother that faith. Yes, he comes after us (see Revelation 12:17), but He cannot shake us as we hold on to Jesus. It is the unbelievers who are bothered.
Theology Forum / Re: Catholic Infant "Baptism"
« Last post by soterion on Today at 09:50:13 »
Nearly all of that is pure conjecture.  If original sin or the even worse Total Depravity is a human condition, then Jesus was subject to that human condition.  Either that or Jesus was not human as the Scriptures say.  Now the truth is that both original sin and Total Depravity are false doctrines that have no place in Christian thinking.  Neither are human conditions.  Sin is not transmitted physically from parent to child.  I truly do believe that of all false teachings, both Original Sin and Total Depravity are among the worst false teachings out there.  Both lead to intolerable conclusions about the character of God and His attributes.

Theology Forum / Re: Catholic Infant "Baptism"
« Last post by soterion on Today at 09:48:07 »
AVZ, Soterion choice of words was not wisely spoken

They may not have been wise, but they were mine.  ::wink::

I appreciate your words in that post. We'll disagree on the topic but you have a good heart about it.
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