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The Democrat House now has a NEW position that opened up.  The 'Class Representative' job and position in the Democratic House, which is to advise and be the 'p.r' between Democrat Major to the Democrat House Minority Leader,  has been filled by Democrat Hanabusa of Hawaii.  She will serve as liason(?) between Democrat majority to democrat House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi of California.   

A NEW ????? position.  ::shrug::

To advise and be the 'p.r' between Democrat Major to the Democrat House Minority Leader ?????

I know my brain is overloaded for the past 18 months, but I cannot help but ask someone to explain to me WHY such a position would be needed.... For the life of me I cannot figure it out. ::frown::

Maybe they are not allowed to talk directly to each other rofl

OR, maybe she will just be like a human email so nothing gets put into writing that they do not want anyone else to read........... ::whistle::

General Discussion Forum / Re: Guilt
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 07:15:12 AM »

The only "animal" created in God's image is man.  Other animals do not have souls and are not sentient or self aware.

Some animals have been proven to have self awareness. Some even develop self-awareness.

Actually, humans sometimes have a smaller degree of awareness than animals.

yep. ::smile::
"Not even the existence of planet earth is "proof" of God.  That is only proof of earth."-Star of David

Sorry, but the existence of everything is absolute proof of God.

Thinking you do not understand who and what God is.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Reasons to keep on living?
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 07:09:46 AM »
I know so many people who have been through awful things, in the end its a choice at to whether you let your past ruin your future. A lady I know who was sexually abused as a child said this to me. 'I made the decision that even though what happened ruined my childhood, I wasn't going to let it ruin the rest of my life'. She has crawled out of the pit, she has worked so hard at regaining her self confidence, she has studied, got a degree, works full time, made lots of effort to mix with people and get involved in things, she has many interests and hobbies, and she is a really lovely caring person.

My advise, find a good friendly church and get involved.You say yoiu have no one to talk to, so you clearly have no spiritual church family.You need that. Make the effort to go along and join a smaller midweek group as well.
Try to stop focusing inwardly on yourself so much and focus outwardly on others. Do things where you will make friends and build your self confidence. I know its not easy to get out of the pit but many of us have done it with Gods help.

Listen to Joyce meyer, she had a terribly abusive childhood and gives good practical advise on how to get through such things and enjoy life again.   www.joycemeyer.org
"Not even the existence of planet earth is "proof" of God.  That is only proof of earth."-Star of David

Sorry, but the existence of everything is absolute proof of God.

Thinking you do not understand who and what God is.
That was a question that was posed to me siting at the table during Thanksgiving dinner.

It took me off guard and my answer was -  I just know.

Why should I have to defend that or better yet feel guilty by not defending that?

The correct answer, I think, is that no one knows that God is not an illusion. Believers believe that God is real and is not an illusion.

Believers know that God is real and is not an illusion.

Wow, chosenone, you've just obliterated the concept of faith.

Of course, a knowledgeable person on the concepts of "knowing", "believing", and "God" agree with me.  If it was true that God was "knowable," there would not be a single atheist in the world.

After 40 years of knowing Him, I know He is real. I have seen so much evidence after all this time as well.

Oh, a person can have beaucoups and beaucoups of what they think is evidence that supports the existence of God, but it will never constitute one iota of proof of His existence.

I know from experience of what I speak.

When Jesus was brought before the Sanhedrin to explain His belief that He is the long-prophesied Messiah spoken of in the Jewish scriptures, His only resort would have been to walk the members of the Sanhedrin through the process of His discovery beginning when He was a young Jewish child learning the Jewish scriptures and noticing that His life ran a very uncanny parallel with the messianic prophecies which led Jesus to tell His mother, at the age of 12, when He was 'lost in the temple', "Why are you surprised to find me here? Don't you know that I should be going about my Father's business?" (Or something like that.)

Had Jesus began His explanation in this truthful way, He knew that He would have been digging a deep hole for Himself in the eyes of the members of most of the Sanhedrin and that is why, when asked by the head of the Sanhedrin if He was, indeed, the Messiah, He simply replied,  "I am."

You may not see proof but I have seen loads of proof. If I wasnt 100% sure God was real I wouldnt be a Christian.

You've seen loads of proof of God, chosenone?  Well, please tell us all what this "proof" is that you've "seen". I doubt if whatever you tell us can be truly characterized as "proof" and more likely will be a "feeling" or an "impression" of yours. 

Not even the existence of planet earth is "proof" of God.  That is only proof of earth.
No nothing to do with feelings and impressions. 
Healings, lives changed completely, deliverances, His awesome creation around us. Many of other faiths seeing Jesus Christ in dreams and visions and converting, His spiritual gifts in operation.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Reasons to keep on living?
« Last post by Alan on Today at 06:46:35 AM »
I read the link, this appears to be your 2nd attempt in 6 months (that we know of) at raising funds to help get your life back in order. What have you gained or learned from your campaign?
While your story does appear to be rather sad, it certainly is not unlike many others I know as well as many others that have pulled themselves out of a much more difficult place such as prostitution to support decades of heroin addiction. Although it's quite difficult to see the benefits of the life you have been given, if you reach down far enough you will find them, stop focusing on the negative and begin to believe that every life, especially your's is a blessing and a miracle!
Theology Forum / Re: The True Gospel Brings Guidance As Well As Salvation
« Last post by RB on Today at 06:37:52 AM »
Nobody is saved by faith alone. Only by not breaking God's law and by doing good deeds, we could know a true Christian. The bible alone is another false doctrine.
Jesus Christ would be at war with you and others like you:
Matthew 4:4~"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
I have one word for you: Get behind me Satan!
Theology Forum / Re: The simple way to be saved.
« Last post by RB on Today at 06:20:28 AM »
re: Reply #114. to RB  In Acts 19:2 Paul asks the Ephesian Christians, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? Whenever I've read that, I've always understood that Paul was asking them if they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit since they had gotten saved.
Well now, you still have not learned how to read the scriptures, and then give the sense that you and those that hear you can understand the reading of the scriptures.
Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed
Means, have you received the knowledge of the indwelling Spirit~which is a promise to the seed of Jesus Christ. These believers had only been baptised by John's baptism, which truly was the SAME baptism of post-Christ's death, which with only ONE exception~which all baptism's post-Pentecost, the PROMISE of the Spirit had come, and with that the teaching that ALL who are born of God "Immediately" are indwelt with the holy Spirit in the new man.
RB, I would just say to you by the Holy Ghost that if you do not remember the circumstances of your regeneration and do not have a tesimony about it, then chances are you were never saved;
Well now, Mr. Pharisees, you need to learn the difference between regeneration and conversion, of which I vividly remembered!
John 3:8~"The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit"
I believe Jesus, and you would be wise to do the same. Conversion and regeneration are NOT the same, they are two different doctrines entirely.

Consider: Regeneration is wholly of God. It is the Holy Spirit’s quickening work whereby spiritual life is given to the sinner “by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost” (Titus 3:5). The word comes from “re” meaning “again” and “generate” meaning “to beget.” Jesus identified this work of God as being “born again” (John 3:3). The Bible is emphatic that God “of his own will begat” us (James 1:18), even as Jesus claimed He “quickeneth whom He will” (John 5:21). Eternal life, i.e., spiritual life, is God’s sovereign gift bestowed in regeneration. While invisible to men, this life is demonstrated by man’s response in conversion. Note especially the absence in Scripture of even one command for a sinner to seek regeneration.

"CONVERSION"~Conversion is the response of the regenerated child of God to his Heavenly Father’s will and commandments. The word means to “turn” or “turn about.” Thus it was foretold of John the Baptist’s ministry, “and many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God” (Luke 1:16). Those John turned are declared to be already related to “the Lord their God” but needed to turn about and obey Him. Jesus describes the Apostle Peter’s denial and recovery by saying, “when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:32). James explains the departure of a Christian brother from the truth can be corrected if another “converteth the sinner from the error of his way” (James 5:20). Numerous exhortations and commandments are addressed to the saved, i.e., regenerated children of God, calling them from sin, error and ignorance to righteousness, truth and joyful assurance in fellowship with God (1st John 1:3, 7-9). A person’s conversion is usually in proportion to his understanding of and obedience to Bible truth.


While regeneration is a once-for-all event, conversion will occur in steps depending upon one learning to follow God’s revealed will.

REGENERATION: God’s work; Sovereignly given; Eternal life; One time; Inward Work: Complete at once 

CONVERSION: Man’s response; Conditional; Fellowship; Repeated; Outward evidence; Partial in step and never completed in this life.

Concerning CONVERSION....Unless one holds to the false theory of sinless perfection, every child of God will have some area(s) where he needs to experience conversion. That is, there will be ideas, habits or personality traits that need to be changed and replaced by God’s perfect and revealed will.

RESULTS OF CONFUSING REGENERATION AND CONVERSION: Many teachers of religion confuse the words -- regeneration and conversion -- making both refer to being eternally saved or born again. Therefore, they put various conversion commands upon the unsaved. This has resulted in the present popular theology of conditional or decisional regeneration. It is commonly preached that the sinner must do something or meet some condition before God can or will save him. Conditions vary from one church or evangelist to another, but may include praying the sinner’s prayer, confessing faith in Jesus, making Jesus Lord, water baptism, joining the church, taking communion or other works of righteousness. Enough said for now.

but merely began to be interested in the things of Christianity and began to have a kind of head knowledge about them but no real salvation.  As such you would be eighteen inches away from salvation, having a mere head knowledge apart from actually being born again.
You have broken the rules of this forum, yet it really does not bother me, for I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED IN regardless what some pride filled Pharisees may say otherwise. Learn your bible and more about yourself, and then MAYBE you would be less likely to judge others. Such a statement above proves to me just how ignorant people like you are, But, I pray that God would be merciful to you and forgive you for such ignorance.

Regeneration happens at a specific moment in someone's life, not at an unknown time in life.  When a man is regenerated he will know that it just happened: if someone is dead in trespasses and sins and then becomes alive, will he be unaware of this?  Not only will he be filled with the joy and peace of the Lord but his life will be changed in a radical way.  He will no longer be walking towards sin, death, and hell; but has changed his direction towards righteousness, life, and the heavenly, even towards Jesus Christ in everything.

We overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  If you do not have a testimony of how and when you got saved, how will you overcome the devil?
Joy and peace come THROUGH FAITh and faith comes by hearing the word of God and UNDERSTANDING what one is hearing. Read my post, then maybe we can talk some more. You said you been in the faith for twenty years? Did I read you correctly? I have been in the faith almost 44 years and started when I was 25 or thereabout ...do your math. 
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