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LGBTQ's are confused regardless. Now they are just a little bit more confused.
That's too kind~call them what God calls them.......DOGS. The word fits perfectly if you only consider what all dogs do to each other when they meet.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Church Music
« Last post by Dave_UK on Today at 04:32:58 »
Rule 1.  If the song was written by Hillsong, it is evil.

Rule 2.  If the song was written by Chris Tomlin, it is doubly evil.

Rule 3.  If you exchanged your scripturally approved choir for a worship team, the gaping maw is your reward.

Rule 4.  Any percussion, or guitars is of the devil.

Delightful!  But let's not get too judgemental of others, we have enough personal problems of our own without getting worked-up about the perceived faults of others.  IMO the "benchmark" of good church music is - does the indwelling Spirit rejoice in it, does it touch our hearts?

One thing however puzzles me with the O.P.s initial post - and I write this with respect for someone else's beliefs etc, but why use anachronistic language - the yea's and nay's etc,??? Does such language usage make one more holy than others? It seems to me highly "Puritanical", reminiscent of the language used back in the period of the UK's "Roundheads and Cavaliers" almost!  I would also point out that some muslims have equally stringent rules about any music (or dancing - even capering around with joy!).  They are extremely pious in their observance of their rules - but look at the outcome - moral slavery!?  "Pharisaical" in attitude?

Yes there are musical "excesses" IMO,  such as "heavy metal" music.  I cannot understand how any musical style remotely similar to that, could possibly draw one closer to the Lord.  So go easy on the use of percussion and "whangy" guitars - as in our friends RULE 4

On RULE 3 - I think it requires a very wise/humble "worship leader" to choose the appropriate music for any particular stage of worship - and not "force the pace" by super-imposing their own views, but be acutely sensitive to how the Spirit" is moving. If it seems the Spirit is encouraging a time of "singing in the Spirit", and this is permitted in a particular church - then IMO the worship team should for a while "shut up", and allow "a capella" singing, unacompanied by any music whatsoever!
Theology Forum / Re: A brother from India
« Last post by AVZ on Today at 03:57:36 »
Just a question. If there can be no sin in heaven, isn’t that why Satan and 1/3 of the angels were expelled from heaven? They chose to disobey?

Valid question.
All I can say is that God promises we will be with Him for all eternity.
I don't think that promise was ever made to Satan and his angels.
I also think that heaven is a different place now since Satan has been conquered and Jesus has taken His place.
Scripture is pretty clear though. Nothing unclean is allowed to enter heaven, so we can be very confident that heaven will be a place without sin.
Theology Forum / Re: SALVATION?
« Last post by NorrinRadd on Today at 02:02:45 »
Norrinrad, where do WE disagree on Paul’s baptism? In Acts 22, Ananias instructed Paul, “Why do you tarry, arise and be baptized and wash away your sins calling upon the Lord.”

Probably on the idea that baptism was mandatory.

And was Jesus talking about a cultural iniation rite me when He said he that believes AND is baptized shall be saved? Or was it a mistranslation and should have read he that believes and is saved shall be baptized?

Even taking the minority view that those verses are legitimate, I don't read the baptism part as necessary.  Sorry, but I just don't.

I agree it was common and in some sense expected.  But to me, there are too many places where it is NOT mentioned for me to believe that it was to be a universal mandatory practice.  Honestly, it seems strange to me that some people advocate it with such vigor.
Anyone who doesn't like it may not enjoy heaven.
Christians it is time for us to deal firmly with Planned Parenthood and other similar abortion providers funded by our tax dollars if our government won’t do it.  After today’s glaring defeat by our government of all our attempts to stop our tax dollars going to support the murder of the unborn by Planned Parenthood and possibly others, this is now the time to act If you truly don’t want your tax dollars to continue to fund any abortion provider.  I say let’s just withhold a certain amount that you think is taken from your taxes to fund this abominations of abominations and go and fund a strong anti-abortion group  If we can get a million or more Christians to do this act of civil disobedience there would not be enough jails to house us or judges to try our cases.  It is time to see whether or not we can be true martyrs of the faith.

I feel this is the only viable option left to stop that funding and it would send a clear message to our government that we will no long tolerate our dollars going to fund a group that God considers an abomination before Him.  Let’s start spreading the word and most of all VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE next election.  They are now unfit to either serve God or this country. We must get involved for the cause of the Kingdom.  God and those babies are counting on us to get the job finally done so He can start blessing America again rather than continually cursing us (by sending violent weather, allowing killings and epidemics to occur more and more frequently) because of the daily abominations we do each day.

Let's start a movement to do this.
Theology Forum / Re: SALVATION?
« Last post by NorrinRadd on Yesterday at 23:36:21 »
And you know that how?  Gut feel?  Still small voice?   Booming voice of God? Just how do you know that you were born again before you were "dunked"?

At the time, I "just knew."  I didn't have the Biblical and Christianese vocabulary to explain it.

Now I would cite verses like Rom. 8:16, 1 John 3:24, 4:13, etc., and also say I know because I called on the name of the LORD in faith.

There were also a few immediate changes in my interests and motivations that have persisted ever since.

OTOH, there was not the dramatic emotional experience or the drastic change of lifestyle others report.
Theology Forum / Re: A brother from India
« Last post by Jaime on Yesterday at 23:06:37 »
Just a question. If there can be no sin in heaven, isn’t that why Satan and 1/3 of the angels were expelled from heaven? They chose to disobey?
Theology Forum / Re: A brother from India
« Last post by AVZ on Yesterday at 22:08:50 »
I find your illustration of what heaven is supposedly to be like rather presumptuous. Our existence here on earth and whatever our life/existence in heaven is actually going to be like (and I don’t believe we have the first idea) will be so different from each other that any comparison, as you are making, is practically impossible.

The gist of the statements you made is that God can only be truly glorified man if man has free will.
If man does not have free will, the glorification cannot be genuine.

Sure we do not know a whole lot about heaven, but some things we do know. One of the things we know is that there will be no sin in heaven. Scripture tells us that.
It then logically follows that if there is no sin in heaven, then man cannot choose to sin in heaven.

I am not making any presumptions about heaven here. I am reasoning from facts that scripture presents us about heaven.
I can for example also reason that there will be no death in heaven, because scripture tells us that there will be no death.
Nothing presumptuous about that either.

If I were to make a comparison between heaven and earth and say: "In heaven there is no sorrow, and on earth there is sorrow", you would find that a perfectly acceptable because the comparison is based on fact and not presumption.
Theology Forum / Re: A brother from India
« Last post by AVZ on Yesterday at 21:44:54 »
If a perfect being is a sinless being then that cow, that horse and that squirrel are all perfect.  And that is the usual connotation or the essence of what one intends when he says that Adam and Eve were created perfect.  So it is no stretch at all.

Here is where we differ. I don't take the presence or absence of sin as a measurement of "perfect".
Perfect means that something is created perfect for its purpose. See, earth itself is perfect for its purpose...but it is less perfect than heaven.
Even Satan is perfect for his purpose, yet Satan is not a perfect being.

I will give you a thumbnail sketch of my view of that whole passage and hopefully then leave it at that.  After Paul presents the Christians continuing struggle against sin in Romans 7:14-25 where he presents the nature of that struggle in verses 14-20 and the source or the cause of that struggle in verses 21-25, Paul argues for the fact or truth of grace giving us victory over sin in chapter 8.

He says, in verses 8:1-4 that God frees us from sin's penalty and power.  He then declares that sin and death are defeated in us through the Holy Spirit.  That is the whole of the passage from verse 5 through verse 13 which deals specifically with the verses you are asking about. All of that is culminated in giving us the assurance of final and total victory over our fallen condition in Romans 8:14-39.

I am almost positive that will not satisfy you, but that is all you get from me now.

Yes you are right. I don't think you are addressing the question.
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