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Christian Singles Forum / Re: How do i get closer?
« Last post by chosenone on Today at 12:39:43 PM »
Well the only way to get to know God or people is to spend more time with them.
You wont get to know this young lady unless you ask her out and talk to her and spend time with her.
I have heard far too many discouraging sermons neglecting hope. The only other one that would bother me too much is the stealing of church funds.
chosenone - So do you think your Spiritual Gift is Exhortation/Encouraging?

I do do a fair amount of that, so maybe,  but I believe I have the gift of discernment and I do pray in tongues.

I think everybody on this board thinks he/she has the gift of discernment. :)

Other people have told me I have this gift. I believe them because it fits in with what I also thought. 

Certainly. And I am sure many people are told they have the gift of discernment, usually by supporters who share their opinion.
So how do we measure the gift of discernment? How do you discern between the opposite opinions of two parties who both claim to have the gift of discernment?

Its no one here who has said that but people in my church. Its not a question of differing opinions, but on being able to discern different spirits and  if something or someone is speaking/acting from God.   For example if someone in a church or meeting gives a word that they say is from God, its being able to discern it if it indeed God or if its their own carnal ideas or opinions, or if its from the enemy.
Its nothing to do with discussions and disagreements on doctrinal issues.
Christian Singles Forum / Re: How do i get closer?
« Last post by JeroboamOfGod on Today at 12:33:50 PM »
actually both, i dont wanna be a better christian for her.kinda feel like i dont deserve her but  still i feel like if i dont change i wont get that oportunity to get closer to her.
Theology Forum / Re: The Free Gift of Salvation
« Last post by Dougie56 on Today at 12:26:05 PM »
The seed is sown and life comes forth but not the same in every individual,some in hard ground some in thorns,some in good ground,no doubt it all comes to life,some grows while others wither while others are choked.salvation may not be an instant process for all,the bible does speak of being sanctified as a process,those being saved,those being sanctified.Those sowed in the good earth never failed of the grace of God while others did,even tho they were alive once.If ones heart is right with God he should never doubt God will carry him thru to the end,but realize there may be others of his brethren whose hearts left something to be desired when the word brought life to  them and that eternal life may grow differently in every heart.
Theology Forum / Re: A study on the nature of eternal life
« Last post by TruthScientist on Today at 11:46:11 AM »
I believe so too TS  ::amen!::

I believe you dougie and I believe that we both believe that God is not the author of confusion...  and thus if we both continue to discuss our understanding on the matters of difference that He will be glorified and we will be shown the truth of the matter.  As long a self is kept in check God is in the midst.  When self shows up He is often put aside...  I believe your post or genuine and from the heart.  I know mine are.  And I believe that God will open up one of our eyes, I am not so puffed up to believe I can not be in error.  But as I have said when I post I am posting from what I believe is the truth.  I have been corrected many times on big and small things but the frequency has decreased because I have learned to connect the dots better but am still open to my friends and Holy Spirit...  I picked up a great saying from the pagan socrates...  "know what you don't know"
Theology Forum / Re: The Free Gift of Salvation
« Last post by TruthScientist on Today at 11:32:04 AM »
To say that someone was saved and then lost their salvation according to the bible seems to me an oxymoron...

we should stop preaching that we are saved and preach that we have a book that can instruct you how to reach the kingdom of heaven in time if you do certain things...  a warning should probably be given that social intercourse with others is dangerous but needful because of the neighbor principal.  discourse with people and interaction can often led to our falling away from the will of God. 

I can imagine the lives of some people as they age and the enemy set their minds upon having come this far only to have to worry and possibly be doubtful of their salvation.  Even become feeble minded and wavering in their mental processes... 

wow I am glad I am not of that persuasion...
Theology Forum / Re: Salvation is by???
« Last post by TruthScientist on Today at 11:16:52 AM »
Phil: Who was it Paul preached to in Corinth?  Was it not Jews at first and then the Gentiles?  And he wrote that there he gave "demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power." Not a reading - a DEMONSTRATION.  TO gentiles. 

There is nothing in scripture that says we should not be doing the same thing today.

If we indeed should be doing the same thing today...why don't we?

Many Christians in many churches in many countries do.

The way Dave describes it is that "we" should be doing the same thing. That means you and me.
So how about you? When was the last time you did a miracle? Made a blind man see, raise the dead, made a cripple walk?

I have a friend in the UK who was instantly healed when a young believer prayed for her and laid hands on her. She had been in a wheel chair for 7 years and hasn't needed it since. That was about 20 years ago. People in other countries see miracles all the time. God hasn't given me the gift of healing but other gifts. We can only use what we have been given.

Lets bring the bar down a bit then.
When was the last time you witnessed a miracle? A blind man being made to see, a dead being raised or a cripple being made to walk again?

AVZ what is your point of seeing or his not having seen a miracle... 

I see one every day I look up into the heavens and see the sun still shinning, that it is not consumed is one.  no one has ever had to go and relight it...ever
Theology Forum / Re: Salvation is by???
« Last post by TruthScientist on Today at 11:14:57 AM »
Just because Pharaohs magicians could mimic Gods miracles didn't and never will stop God from doing His thing.There are fake gospels too but that isn't going to the stop the true from coming forth.Instead of trying to find every exuse that can be reasoned about what God cannot be doing in our silly minds like,God sitting on His throne saying,oh my goodness satans doing this I better not do it or oh my goodness the devils doing that I better not do it too or people might get led astray.Hummm lets see now whatever God would do satan or man just has to mimic it and God will be shut down.Hers another faulty argument that is brought forth about it too,its that people looking for miracles automatically discard the word of God,where did this come from?it was made up in the minds of people to bring irrepute to those who are believing in God to do miracles and it couldn't be further from the truth,mabe if they would prayerfully get into the word with more than their own understanding they might not come up with such garbage,just sayin? ::lookaround::

another point about miracles dougie is that like when Jesus fed the 1000s...  even after they heard what He had to say during the teaching session the majority were only following him for what the miracle produced (the fish and loaves)...  so miracles basically get the attention or draw people...

I like your post, it speaks of the Immutability of God...  He is not reacting to satan's trickery toward men...  some where in Timothy it speaks of grace being put toward men through Jesus before the world began...  God has already made the assignments of grace of the billions of men before the garden of eden...  now that is wisdom and knowledge beyond understanding...  I believe that some of those assignments involved those whom He saw would come to Him through Jesus.  He saw us in certain positions and gave us opportunity to be a blessing and be useful to the kingdom.  And at the same time he saw the pull of the world and had the ram in the bush. 

If we were to take God to court and demand accountability of our lives since grace through faith saved us we would leaved shamed...  in the spiritual realm every opportunity has been provided by grace for us to be all that the bible says we can be but the pull of the world distracts us and we are reaping the benefits of it. 

The angels are in awe I believe of what God does through one man who decides to stand upon faith alone against the odds or 'reality', common sense, science and every other system man has invented.  They see beyond what we see when this happens.  Like when Jesus died, except for the phenom of the sun darkening and the quakes the enemies of God would have probably gone to sleep with a peace and pleasure that night and God forbid what might have happened to the disciples the next day after they felt they had defeated them.  IMHO

One man, even Jesus Christ upset the balance of the entire world.  The fulfillment of a promise God made to one man many seasons before.  The event seemed to be lost in the death of the Man Jesus but through His weakness (death) we became strong. 

Computer Assistance / Re: Now is the time to switch back to Firefox
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 10:54:54 AM »
My son keeps telling me to dump firefox as it is a HUGE memory hog.
Certainly. And I am sure many people are told they have the gift of discernment, usually by supporters who share their opinion.
So how do we measure the gift of discernment? How do you discern between the opposite opinions of two parties who both claim to have the gift of discernment?

There are actually 2 different discernments listed in the NT: the charismatic gift of Discerning of Spirits, which is in 1 Cor 12 (involves knowing the names/functions of demonic entities during deliverance/exorcism) and Discerning good and evil (Hebrews 5 last verse) which everyone is supposed to be growing into.

What passes off as "discernment" in many circles fits into neither of these categories. It is more closely linked to the "gift of suspicion." (I suspect everyone is wrong but me)
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