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Christian Politics Forum / Re: Consolidated Donald Trump Thread
« Last post by LexKnight on Yesterday at 05:35:12 PM »
I agree I don't see why the Church wouldn't be here (if anything they need to be), but we digress...

Even if Trump is elected, and so far he seems to be an unstoppable force so it's a chance, I doubt he'll be enough to change things. The Oval Office is a pretty powerful throne, but the Constitution acknowledge Congress with much more power, and they're practically useless. What comes for this nation will come for this nation, and to no offense to Mr. Trump, as far as I know he hasn't been anointed to deviate the nation from what's coming. But time will tell.

One thing is for sure, though. The nation cannot expect to be in the Lord's favor unless they change a LOT, and if they don't it will fall.
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Consolidated Donald Trump Thread
« Last post by mclees8 on Yesterday at 05:10:57 PM »
what ails our country can not be stopped on a dime...  it has been working a long time... 

I will give you credit for one thing mclee8...  what we see in this nation is in great part lifting the restraints off what will give him rise in the eyes of the world...  read what Daniel says about his coming...

but trump is not smart enough, making money does not take a really smart person...  just being in the right place at the right time or the right backer...  it takes a smart man to keep it... 

he knows the ins and outs of finance and back door deals...

but I doubt very seriously if we went crazy enough to put him in office that he would do much more than the Korean maniac if he thinks he will bully anyone...  it ain't happening...  putin is not a rational man...  and GOD forbid if iran gets the bomb... 

there is a coming crisis that will cause a man to step forward and bring a false peace across the globe... that aint trump...  this man will satisfy much of the ills of the world in a short span of time... of course the church will not be here for it...  but he will placate Israel and allow them to build a temple and perform sacrifices again.  and in the middle of the tribulation he will declare himself god and Israel will see that they have been duped...

the US is losing her prestige, not her power...  but rationale will keep us from being stupid and using the bomb...  the world is going to turn on us for some reason...  we won't be welcome on many seashores, not even Canada or mexico's...  We won't be invaded but we will be friendless even Israel will shun us for some reason...  GOD already is chastening us...  internal strife will keep us in turmoil and a laughing stock in the eyes of the world...  imho

The Bible does not say the church will not be here during the time you are referring to. Daniel 7:25 and Rev 15:2 says differently
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Consolidated Donald Trump Thread
« Last post by mclees8 on Yesterday at 04:59:27 PM »
Don't be looking for some Political messiah. If we needed a Politician messiah Jesus could have taken Satan's offer to have the whole world. The world is looking for its Messiah and you won't like Him.

...really? TS said certain people, i.e. I assume he means those who been looking for true reformation in DC. AKA those who don't share the faith... Did you read his post and take it to mean he was calling Trump a Messiah?

nah...  just looking at rallies and what people are saying about trump.  listen to what is being said...  I feel sorry for those who are banking the attributes that he is feeding them...  but we deserve this...  it has been coming a long time...

No one feels sorrier than I do for those who banked the attributes that Obama fed them, but yes we collectively deserved that too!

guess we never learn from our mistakes...  out of the frying pan into the fire...

Very well said.
End Times Forum / Re: Matthew 24:29
« Last post by Star of David on Yesterday at 04:24:18 PM »
I must say, your End Times scenario is a new one on me, the_sign. What is only 255 days away and where did you get this info?

The Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5).

From being led by the Holy Spirit to the opening and counting of the 1,290 and 1,335 day periods of Daniel 12:11 & 12.

It is a matter of public record in the Court of Common Pleas Court, Chester County, PA, USA.

By definition, we are in the last week (seven day period) of the Days of Creation.

And the very fact that God is returning in Judgment on a Tuesday shows He means business.

This was such an arcane explanation that it is pointless to follow up with a question asking for clarification as you will undoubtedly reply in more arcane ways.

At least I use Christ's statements to His apostles recorded in Luke 21:25a & Matthew 24:29-30a and the venerable science of astronomy to support my prophecy: the complete fulfillment of Matthew 24:29 in 1999.

Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Faith no longer in a church
« Last post by Johnb on Yesterday at 04:04:15 PM »
Lex just a correction.  I said Jesus is not here physically meaning in the flesh which He is not.  Is he here spiritually yes and so I the Holy Spirit that indwells us.   So no I am not saying Christ is not with us today.  I have said repeatedly that He still works in our life.  Miracles still happen.  I don't know how else to say it.  The only point I made was that we do not have the same power and authority that Christ gave to the apostles for the purpose of establishing that He was the Son of God.  When I lay hands on someone and pray for their healing I believe God can heal them and have seen it happen.  However, that is different than the authority given to the apostles to heal and raise folks from the dead. 
Matt 10
10 Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.

2 These are the names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon (who is called Peter) and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and his brother John; 3 Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; 4 Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Fall of the Southern Man
« Last post by mommydi on Yesterday at 03:41:20 PM »
He's had about 10 user names (poorguy, etc) here completely against the rules here, which would not comport with New Covenant Christianity for honesty ironically.

Ahh, I see. So if it's true that he posts under 10 user names, and that's against the rules, then why isn't something done about it?
Theology Forum / Re: working out your salvation
« Last post by Jaime on Yesterday at 03:32:21 PM »
Yes TS, a very well written testimony of the following:

2 Corinthians 7:10-11New King James Version (NKJV)

10 For Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.  11 For observe this very thing, that you sorrowed in a godly manner: What diligence it produced in you, what clearing of yourselves, what indignation, what fear, what vehement desire, what zeal, what vindication! In all things you proved yourselves to be clear in this matter.
End Times Forum / Re: Matthew 24 The choice of Jesus' last sermon.
« Last post by Geezer on Yesterday at 03:16:41 PM »
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Re: Matthew 24 The choice of Jesus' last sermon. 

« Reply #9 on: Today at 03:40:12 AM »

Quote from: Geezer on Yesterday at 04:45:06 PM

Whatever does this mean? Give an example

I was agreeing with you that Jesus did always spoke in metaphors, similes, hyperbole, and parables. Now, if he did, and he did, then there had to be a scriptural way that his words could be understood, and I stand by what I said: 


yet, his words could be interpreted within the context in which he was speaking, by using the scriptures overall, and following the biblical mandate that is given to us, in order for us to understand what we are hearing, and reading.

Your desire examples will come in due time, but I refuse to allow you to cause me to jump ahead of myself, you must wait.


Above you concurred that Jesus publically spoke in metaphors, similes, hyperbole, and parables.and now you are saying that he didn't?

No, I am not saying that. All camps use metaphors, similes, proverbs/parables when they THINK that it better serves them, all true, and faithful bible teachers labor as much as is in them, to allow the scriptures themselves show us, when such language is being used, and when it is not. So, bottom line, the scriptures will defend the interpreter of his understanding with scriptures supporting each other.  I said:


And those words must be interpreted within the context of the discourse and other related scriptures.
and you said:


More fluff - Give an example.

Really? then give me time to prove my position, and then speak, if you can.


I'm not a Preterit (Preterist) but I do understand that the Bible is a prophetic book and we are going to have to study history in order to discover what has come to pass and what has not.

Well, then you have to be a Historicist, which is nothing more than a half-baked Preterit. You are either or~I have been around too long not to know whom I am speaking with.


Josephus was a very brilliant historian, he was a Priest in the temple, he was a General in the war against the Romans, he was a member of the Sanhedrin and he was an actual EYEWITNESS of the Roman/Jewish war that Jesus predicted. . Who in Israel would have better credentials than this? To call him an infidel is pure slander. His works was published in his lifetime and was read by those who were involved in the war. Any inaccuracies would have been refuted publically. Have you considered the possibility that an infidel could report accurately the truth?  The New Testament (except for the writings of John) was completed before the deaths of Peter and Paul. Their martyrdom was estimated to be around 67AD. The war began in Jerusalem in 66AD. That is the end of history as recorded in the Bible. From that point on we have to rely on the historical records. Josephus gives such a detailed account that it is possible to find most all of the prophesies of Daniel, Jesus and Paul fulfilled in his writings.   

  He DID NOT believe in Jesus Christ, would you desire to prove me wrong?  You will lose that battle. No Christian needs to read anything of this infidel~and the less, the better. 


From that point on we have to rely on the historical records.

We DO NOT need to know history to understand spiritual truth, PERIOD!   


Josephus gives such a detailed account that it is possible to find most all of the prophesies of Daniel, Jesus and Paul fulfilled in his writings.

That's the results of one believing extra-biblical teaching as a SOURCE of truth!  Keeping believing that lie, and you will die deceived on eschatology. 

« Last Edit: Today at 03:44:04 AM by RB » 

Well, your view is right out of the texts of Darby, Schofield, DTS etc. And you say we should not use "Extra Biblical" materials - they are all extra Biblical sources. Your whole belief system is "Extra Biblical." Do you quote the writings of others? Do you use a concordance or any other reference materials? They too are extra Biblical too. Shouldn't we always depend on the Holy Spirit to teach us all things - according to your statements. I've written on boards like this for well over 20 years and one thing always rings true. futurists always have to destroy any historical interpretations. If they don't they can't export most prophesy to the future.

I have failed over the years to pin down Futurists on what in Matthew 24 has been fulfilled and what is not. They just won't respond at all. If you want to continue with this conversation then I suggest that you post a couple paragraphs from the book of Matthew (starting at the beginning) and we will go through it word for word and sentence by sentence. Indicate if it is past or present.
Seventh Day Adventist Forum / Re: Bible vs. SDA
« Last post by Texas Conservative on Yesterday at 02:56:39 PM »
What about the Messianics?

What about us?  You think we are a cult?

I was responding to this:

The type of group that uses guilt and religious obligations to manipulate, and even control, their members.

Oh - you mean the Catholics, the Baptists, and every conservative, fundamentalist and holiness denomination our there?  They ALL do that.

Do you think Messianics do not have the issues ..."the Catholics, the Baptists, and every conservative, fundamentalist and holiness denomination...." have?
Churches of Christ Forum / Re: Fall of the Southern Man
« Last post by Texas Conservative on Yesterday at 02:53:50 PM »
He's had about 10 user names (poorguy, etc) here completely against the rules here, which would not comport with New Covenant Christianity for honesty ironically.

The guy seems more hung up on politics than the "political conservatives" that he is railing against.
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