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General Discussion Forum / Re: Cash was a Christian
« Last post by kensington on Today at 12:28:40 AM »
That songs makes no sense. It doesn't reveal to me anything that answers the question about his being a Christian.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Cash was a Christian
« Last post by Jd34 on Today at 12:07:11 AM »
Hmmm.  Not a soul?   Ther is an active thread going about one is saved or not...
Seventh Day Adventist Forum / Re: The Santified Day?
« Last post by Gerhard Ebersöhn on Yesterday at 11:54:26 PM »
<<<Do you think a person becomes anti-Christ by believing in the freedom that is in Jesus Christ?
Or are we getting off topic here?
I wonder if people who see only one day set apart for the Lord are people who are seen by others as one day Christians and six day not.
Whether it is sat or sun or some other day matters little in my view.
Do you believe that we should see every day as Holy because of what the Lord has done?
I believe that the limits we put God, and the days He created, do not limit God but they do limit us

You are right on topic!

The <freedom> that is in man is not the same as the Freedom that is in Christ. 'Freedom in man' is the antagonist of 'Freedom in Christ'.

If you think it matters how others might <see> Sabbath believing believers in Jesus, you must have an idea about yourself and your own <<view>>, hey, <<little>> being a hell of an exaggeration, hey?

<<<Do you believe that we should see every day as Holy because of what the Lord has done?>>>

If only we would— in relation to WHAT the LORD has done on each of the days DISTINGUISHED BY HIS DEEDS and not by ours.

If it were but true  <<<that the limits we put [to / upon] God>>> do not limit Him; but that the <limits>  He put upon / to us, “do limit us”, it would have been a much better world.

Yes I still live with her; I plan on moving out once I have enough money though.  And thank you guys so much for the support.  I am blessed to have found this forum.

Do you and your brother pay a percentage of your wages towards the bills?
Theology Forum / Re: What is more important I believe is...
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 10:48:00 PM »
I have never heard of a single believer in 40 years who has been told to store anything up for those times, but His word is clear, we must trust Him for all of our needs.
He's told me.

He would never contradict his word.
Stop living in fear and trust in His promises.
Theology Forum / Re: Divine names of God:
« Last post by Wycliffes_Shillelagh on Yesterday at 10:44:56 PM »
  ::frown:: The uncertainity of the proper translation/transliteration of our heavenly Fathers sir name is due to the condition of the manuscripts from which it is taken.

For the most part, those scholars who have had the privledge of acutally handling the oldest known manuscripts agree that the lettering YHWH is correct and thereby assert Gods sir name to be pernounced YAHWAH, but as it hase been identified by others, the Hebrew letter that is mistakenly given as a "W" has been improperly transliterated due to damage to this Hebrew letter in the aged manuscripts.

At first glance, the Hebrew letter does appear to be that which represents the "W" in the English language, but with farther examination one can detect a slight imprint and a partial ink mark in the page that gives evidence that the Hebrew letter is in fact a "V" and not a "W" as purposed.

 ::eek:: "V" (Vav) and "W" (Waw) are the same letter.  They are both represented by the logogram that symbolizes the fishhook.  There can't be any imprint or ink mark that turns one in to the other.  They are already identical.

But here's a fun fact... as the ancient Hebrew language evolved, the logograms (pictures) that originally represented the sounds were stylized into something more like letters.  When the Essenes wrote the Dead Sea scrolls, they used a script of Hebrew that was modern at the time.  HOWEVER, when they wrote the proper name of God, they abandoned their modern script, and wrote The Name in the older logograms.  See here:

The proper English transliteration then should be YHVH, and when the proper vowels are included the proper pronouncation of Gods sir name is YAHAVEH.

There are no vowels in Hebrew.  Modern Hebrew has diacritical marks which approximate vowels, but these did not become part of the language until hundreds of years after Christ.  The entire Old Testament was written without them.

Everything else contributed to His person are no more than identifiers or attributes such as Elohim.

El is the first part of Gods person which in English terms is the identifier that gives us His person as GOD or the supreme being, but the last part of the title "ohim" has nothing to do with His person and is in fact actually identifying something other than GOD.

The oldest book in the Bible is Job.  It uses ELWH as the name of God.  Depending on who you ask, EL is either a shortened version of ELWH, or else ELWH is a combination of EL and YHWH.

Either way, ELHM is the plural form of ELWH.  Waw is dropped due to elision and Mim is suffixed to make it plural in the same way that we stick an "S" on the end of English words.

In ancient Hebrew custom, a man is identified through his father and thereby being expressed by others as [example] Johnohim or son of John.

The concept is right but the grammar is wrong.  Typically "Y" or "YT" is suffixed for this purpose, as in IsraelI or IsraelITe.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Backslidden or never saved?
« Last post by chosenone on Yesterday at 10:41:58 PM »
IF you are not sure, then how about you just recommit your life to Him, repent of all past sins, and begin again.
Also read the story of the prodigal son.

What do you mean by 'well intentioned false teachers?'
General Discussion Forum / Re: Cash was a Christian
« Last post by Jd34 on Yesterday at 09:59:08 PM »
People ask here ; How can you tell if someone is born again. Surely Johnny ..:what you think ???

Heck, his dad was a preacher and his brother killed in a saw mill accident....

What ya think ? Did Johnny know Jeseus?
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