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Title: Hi everybody. I'm new here.
Post by: Treegila on Fri Nov 29, 2019 - 16:12:36
I don't know how to actually start. Except to say I love you all.

Hi, my name Justin Trigila

I’m not here to bring any gimmicks. All you have to do is believe in Love and I will be there for you. I am a teacher of dreams, and although I have spiritual beliefs, that is not important. What is important is that we agree that Love is important. I don’t mind if you a part of the psychological/scientific school of thought or the spiritual school of thought. It makes no difference whatsoever. What we can all agree upon though is that we believe in Love. I understand the reality behind dreams at a very conscious level. There are two schools of thought and quite honestly I follow one approach. There’s the scientific approach. And there’s the spiritual approach. The reality is, is that the scientific approach is a complete waste of time and I am going to let everyone know in this world that it is. Conversely, the spiritual approach is not a waste of time. However, what nobody knows about is that there is a war that is taking place between ultimate good and ultimate evil. Regardless of your belief system, there is an Almighty power that is constantly at war with a nemesis that happens to be the source of all evil that manifests in our material reality, however, things are first decided in our immaterial reality, which is our dream world.
There are sides that we must pick and we do that subconsciously. We either become the living or the walking dead. And it’s happening right beneath our nose in the dream world. This almighty force is putting in the work to try and help us, so long as we are putting forth the effort to come to Love. At the outset, I am looking for five dedicated, dedicated, dedicated people who are truly in search of answers. I need these people to record their dreams, at least 3 times per night. The goal is 4. And I will accept nothing less than 3 dreams per night. It is crucial that you wake up intermittently from your slumber and voice record your dreams. It takes 1 to 3 minutes on average to do this. If you believe that you cannot accomplish this task that I demand from you, You are not the one I am looking for to help. For the people I select, I need you to help me. You will be given two months of understanding your dreams. This will give me an accurate understanding of where you stand in your battle between Love and Loveless Love. And this is how you learn who you truly are. After two months, I will give you all the help in the world. If you want to work with me in the future, we can certainly think about it.
I am going to begin with five people on December 11th of 2019. That is when you will be mandated to give me 3 to 4 detailed and descriptive dreams per night. I will coach you on what nuances to look for in your dreams. I am going to give you a grade point average after your two months of loving counseling is completed. This grade point average is not based on the traditional A through F system. This grade point average is based on a numerical 1 through 18 system. A grade of 1 means you are literally the worst of the worst human scum and you are a valuable tool of the Almighty forces nemesis in this eternal war and you have clearly sided with evil. If you are an 18, you are the most valuable chess piece that the Almighty Force has in this war against evil. And of course, there is the spectrum that exists between the two. After two months of you telling me of your dreams, I will assign you a grade point average and I will help counsel you and teach you how to Love more. It is love that the Almighty force is looking for from us. And it is love that helps us in life. Luckily for everyone here, because you search for Love in life, you are most certainly on the path to come to the side of Love and stay there, which means you will be in good standing with God. At least, I hope so. Contact me if you can handle this workload. It is a big commitment from you and I am giving you my loving time.

I believe God is helping me on my journey to become a reliable aid to people who are looking to walk among the living and denounce loveless Love.