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hi this is qwest
« on: Thu Jun 13, 2019 - 02:59:52 »
I'm not sure if there was a welcoming area at this board like most others do. Well when people go to church I believe fellow shipping,or knowing others on a personal level is important in part of our walk in God. As in Acts 2 for example see how the disciples ate and did things together often.

I also can know this can be true to some part of a posting forum. We can fellowship and know others also on a personal basis. At least some chatting or discussions here and there. When I went to church I was one who stayed behind hoping to meet some of the members. Why should we treat a church like some kind of music concert? We just walk in. And walk out immediately the sermon is over. Jesus on the earth wants us Christians to know one another. Well maybe not all members of the church and maybe not all the members of a forum. But at least some at least.

I and my girlfriend who have posted on these kinds of forums majority wise do not make too many true friends. People are too worried about their number posts and posting average. perhaps points boards that have them . . I don't think that should be any desire.

In the biblical days there was no technology. No worry about posting things like a competition. No worry of points. But life was slower then. probably making friends was more worth people time to do so. We can sometimes learn from the biblical people we take life for granted. Today's' fast pace society. Saying they are too busy have to much to do to know you. But if they could do it back then we can also do that now. .

I think I can feel more patient about things when I can try to apply sometimes the way the biblical people did including numbers were in scriptures. They read everything and probably more slower too. That is the best way to study. That is how I do it now. The complete bible and at a slow pace. .

It was a Shepherd walking that threw a rock that found the dead sea scrolls. If he would have been on a fast horse maybe those scrolls still would have been hidden. Jesus also walked on his feet at a slow pace with others. .

Let's learn from Jesus and the biblical people to teach us our today's technology does not always mean have to be flying like bullets as many do. . .

So does anyone here want to fellowship in this post? As who would like to share those things bout themselves . .

I'll start this off and see if others will also want to join this conversation.

As for me and my girlfriend live in the Chicago area a few miles from that place. . This area once called Chicago got split up because Chicago as a city got too big. So now there are suburbs with many names. But we are still in the same county.

We live in a more safer area. Some areas of  Chicago are high in crime.  . there is plenty enough to do around here. We here are mostly a mix of many races.  But there is more in Chicago then our city.
My girlfriend has been living here since 68. She is the longest living person as far as how long she has lived here more than anyone in her family. Only is one lady Connie moved a few years later than my girlfriend did . . of course my girlfriend knows this area well. But she is not an outdoors person. So she  only lightly talks to neighbors. We mostly talk to friends on the phone and e mail letters. Not really much in person.

We don't go to church but do our own home bible studies . . I started to study on a serious level on and off since 97. I've read much of the bible but still not all of it . . I always feel no matter what I know I am always in the learning stage. So the bible says we have only one teacher. We would never know everything in this lifetime no matter how much we study. .

Much of my learning was watching church TV at first. Now the bible plus christian books, commentaries, and anything similar mostly in text. We like text better then most videos and audios . .

I just got my first 3 library books today. Well not about the bible. But some interesting stuff some kind of fact things . . I like to read and not ashamed of it. In school my first nine years I did not try hard enough in school, also late and lots of Saturday detentions. I did a bit better though from the 10th to the 12th grade. I was not any honors roll student though. Maybe I am more of a b average person. Well probably a's b's and c's depending on what subject. Like math, history maybe an a, and English a b or c.  .ok so I am a not an Albert Einstein . . maybe an average IQ I suppose . . will let Bill Gates and Warren Buffet business philanthropists lead us on the IQ part.

I'm taking a break in my bible studies. Will start studying again July 7th. . I knew I needed a break for once so I can be motivated again to start back up where I left off. .

So that means for now I will only be posting for awhile in the regular areas of the board. Not bible rooms for the time being . . although I like to encourage others to stay focused on the bible sometimes I guess I need encouragement too. . Sometimes we are standing up  Sometimes we are tired now lying down . . I think I am kind of lying down this moment just kind of shooting the breeze. So I will keep an eye on the board whether to try to answer in some rooms and try to start any if I can think of any.

My girlfriend is good at participating on the these kinds of forums. She usually has more ideas. While I can think of things in between. . She is good at getting more people to post about things more than most that I know in general. Because she likes to cover the whole board if it is possible. She thinks like moderator does . . I have good ideas here and there when I can. .

So now that I started this fellowship conversation about us who next would like to share some things about themselves?.  Well some will join hopefully. I said I don't usually make a lot of friends at the forums. . So the bible says man go the way. Few find life. and also in life we don't have a lot of friends anywhere . Just a few good friends we talk to . .maybe partly because we are just simple home dwellers. Maybe don't give a lot of people great interests . As we don't have or own much. . But we are very concerned people. We make friends for life wok want to be our friends if they want to.

so whoever wants to join the fellowship post here you are welcomed so.
Feel free to ask questions too about our lives. . Or where we live at. . I try my best to answer when people ask us questions. Only that we are trying to win on who wants to be a millionaire to win money prizes doing so. lol. . Well is that your final answer. . Ok enough with this hokey pokey clowning around stuff. Who is next to join this conversation?. . type at your own risk. LOL!

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Re: hi this is qwest
« Reply #1 on: Thu Jul 04, 2019 - 08:54:55 »
Good morning and welcome to Grace Centered Forums.
 Clever username. :-) Also, a very good post. It seems that for the most part the Family on and of Grace Centered are more informal than a lot of other sites. Feel free to join in and comment on any thread that interests you.
 Welcome. and continued blessings.