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My testimony
« on: Fri Feb 07, 2020 - 23:26:16 »
After my wife and I divorced I fell into a deep depression that led me to alcohol abuse.  I lost my job and I thought my life wasn't worth living anymore.  One night I decided I was going to end my life.  I looked for a bottle of pills and decided this was it.  All of a sudden this blistering white light appeared and I heard this voice, "Chuck, why are you doing this?  I love you". As soon as I heard "I love you" I broke down in tears and fell to the floor asking Jesus to forgive me.  As soon as I prayed for God to come into my life, this immense Joy filled my heart and I was overtaken by the Holy Spirit.  Since that day I have never been the same.  My wife and I have come back together and have been married faithfully for 15 years.  Jesus is the way!!!
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