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We have developed world leading technology to combat climate change and support development efforts - the 3rd Way Turbine

It offers exceptional fuel to power efficiency and may be used in transport, conditioning of living spaces, power generation and Concentrated Solar Power.

Operating on bio-oil it can save over 87% carbon emissions.

It offers a viable solution to energy poverty - it could be the only viable solution.

We could be one of the first companies to decouple development from carbon - a key UN objective.

To start with we are planning to install 3rd Way Combined Heat & Power systems in churches in the UK to generate bio-electricity for export to the grid earning income in the form of Renewable Obligation Certificates and Feed In Tariffs, and at the same time keep the church warm.

We plan to use these as demonstration pilots to social services and councils responsible for energy poor - 6m people in the UK with 25k dying every winter from neglect - "cold" on the death certificate.

We will also install in Social Housing Communities, Small and Medium Enterprises, hotels etc - pay back period is typically 2-5 years.

We are also developing relationships in India as a first step to Africa. Only 6% of people in Africa have access to electricity. The World Bank Group have recognised the 3rd Way Turbine as potentially the best solution.

We are working with Lotus Engineering (one of the top electric vehicle design consultants) to develop hybrid range extenders.

We have been accepted as Technology Founders of the Eu400bn DeserTec program to harness solar energy in N Africa and export to S Europe. We are negotiating an initial "trial order" for 15,000 turbines.

If investors allow - we would like to retain as much profit as possible to full our vision "affordable clean energy for everyone" - we are simply responsible stewards working for God - or least trying to do so. Learning every day under God.

Over the next 12 months we are looking for:

CAD/CAM engineers - product, machine and tooling design
Project Managers
Software & Control Engineers
Power Electrics Engineers
Sales & Marketing
Admin and Accounts staff
Finance & Legal expertise
HR expertise
Engineering expertise and consultants
Manufacturing subcontractors

We would like to build leadership and team of "good doers" in the above disciplines over the next 12 months in preparation for production and taking the new products to market.

As ever, blessings


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I would like to introduce you to my husband, V.Wayne Sorge. I was just looking thru all the postings and ran into yours...anyway, he was a newscast-journalist for 40 yrs and has interviewed presidents! He is also the author of "Watching Death", which is about capital punishment in America. In his career he witnessed 185 executions, with only one other reporter witnessing more.

He is very concerned with issues that directly affect every aspect...both, in how we treat the earth as well as how we treat people.

His email address is < >

He would appreciate (yup, I am speaking for him :) hearing from you! he is open for more involvement/work.