Author Topic: a last minute thought to "KiTetse" (Deut 22:1)  (Read 192 times)

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a last minute thought to "KiTetse" (Deut 22:1)
« on: Sun Sep 18, 2016 - 15:42:25 »
DEUTERONOMY 22:1 (A last minute thought)

Wanted to add this last thought to Parasha "Ki Tetse". People lose things all the time, sometimes, the lost items are recovered by the person who lost them, at other times, someone else finds a lost item, and if the person is following Torah, the person will return the item to the person who lost it,

It is one thing to lose a material thing, be it a valuable item or a sentimental item, but many people will lose something more valuable than a material thing, Some people will lose their faith. Perhaps when tragedy strikes, death comes to a loved one, etc, some will say, "I can not worship a God that does __________!!! (fill in the blank) some will lose their faith little by little, because of the cares of the world, the distractions, they will stop going to church or synagogue, stop reading their bibles, develop a disinterest in spiritual things,
developing an "I could care less" attitude.

If we know someone like that, we must step in and try to help that person "find" their faith again, we should try to "return to that person, their lost faith" perhaps just through listening to that person's story, being a friend, even sharing scripture if the person will allow it, maybe sharing verses in scripture with a different light, perhaps, allowing the person to understand more deeply.

Who knows, the person might return to their faith with even more virtue, but we have to try, lost faith can be found again, because it is inside of a person, not on the street somewhere

Rabbi Ben AVraham

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Re: a last minute thought to "KiTetse" (Deut 22:1)
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Goo thoughts