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Florida Christian musicians and Outreach
« on: Sun May 12, 2013 - 23:50:44 »
I am a 34 year old Christian metal guitar player that spent 3 months on and off searching for a real connection here to start a project and found nothing but a way to waste my time with non returned emails, phone calls and screening the wrong people. The amount of posts that I've seen that desire to blend Christian music with a lack of true Christian foundation and the secular fence is staggering to me, as many other Christian artists may have noticed. I am not on the fence with my walk with Christ, and clearly some other Christian musicians aren't either. I am devoted to my church P&W team, and am moving to help us as a community. My wife and I are shaking the ground with a source for Florida Christians right now, and we need help getting the word out.

The Breaking Ground Network, Inc. wants to ensure the highest integrity and strives to keep a screening process in place for a safe, Faith driven environment free of the concerns in a common secular environment and we helping to make fruitful connections within the community and the Church.

Our goal is to provide a secure and exclusively Christian environment, regardless of denomination for Churches, Musicians, Outreaches, and
Ministries in the Central Florida and Tampa area looking to make fruitful connections within the community and the Church.

We need driven local Christian musicians, Churches and Ministries. We are 100% legit and are a registered non-profit ministry devoted to changing the resources we currently have. Please contact us via email.

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Re: Florida Christian musicians and Outreach
« Reply #1 on: Mon May 13, 2013 - 18:57:59 »
Florida seems a cool place. I would probably live there if I was an American.