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Minister available, new online church
« on: Sun Jan 30, 2011 - 17:25:32 »
I am putting this link on here for anyone who is interested in visiting and learning about my pastor. The website is Universal Church of Biblical Christians. The preacher preaches nothing but the straight truth from the OT and NT completely.  I cannot tell you in a message how wonderful this preacher is. You will have to listen to him and judge for yourself. There is a sermon link on the site and also a blog page with comments you can read what others say about him. Please contact me or go through the site if you are interested in hearing him live or just want a private conversation or prayer with him. He is an ordained minister and has his doctrine in Theology. You just really have to hear him preach to get a feel for how good he is. You will get chills and want to hear more! God bless

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