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I AM That Future Moses spoken of By Isaiah!
« on: Fri Feb 05, 2010 - 00:10:29 »
Here is the Last Passover.

Isaiah 19:20 And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the Land of Egypt: For they shall cry unto the Lord Because of their oppressors, and he shall send them A SAVIOR, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.

Do you SEE THIS!!! ::eatingpopcorn:

WOAOOHHHHH ::announcment:: ::pondering::

I Thought God was the God who brought Israel out of Egypt to be his own very special people?

Dear Friend, When You speak of the great and Terrible days when the Lord brought Israel from Egypt, Just remember to speak of the coming Terrible day of the Lord when God will bring forth the Egyptians from Egypt because the Egyptians will also be called Israel when they come forth from Egypt bringing the Assyrians with them.

Isaiah, '' Blessed is Egypt MY PEOPLE, Blessed be Assyria the Work of My Hands and Blessed be Israel my inheritance.''

Dont let it be said that God is not the God of the Gentiles, Dont let it be said that the Jews are the only chosen people of God because God shows us the future Passover of Egypt and Assyria in all the Prophets.

Go Look, ''It's Egypt in the wilderness for 40 years next time.''
Isaiah,'' Israel will be a third partner with Egypt and Assyria and there shall be a Temple built in Egypt and the Egyptians will give sacrifices and make oblation to the Lord and they will be his people and he will be there God and, and, and,and ect.

What we read about Israel's past is shown for the future of the nations in the last Passover.

Many people do not see this future Passover event but stick with me and I will lay it our so clearly that it will be a crystal Sea and a Foundation whereas a man could walk across water.
I see a great cloud huge and dark building up in the North Land, and this wonderous cloud is taking the form of a Dolphin head and an eagle appears over it as if to carry it to it's place.

This is the cloud of witnesses who have given their lives for the Lord.

Go Look Now to the construction of the Tabernacle and Look to the outer Layer because it's made from Dolphin skin and it is showing you The water, and How a Man could walk across Galillee of the Nations Lake.

When God dresses his bride, he puts Dolphin shoes on her feet, Do you know that actually says this in Ezekiel?

Go Look at the Dyed Skins and the Man who comes from Boaz and Tell me what he is wearing and whee he Got those dyed skinned Jeans he's sporting.

This is Under the Dolphin skin.

How do we come by the fine Embroidered silk for the covering of the Tabernacle?

These are some and Just a few interesting things about the construction of the Tabernacle.

Then we can Look on to see what changed in Solomon's Temple and show you that great BRAZEN SEA.

Can the Law change?

The Law has indeed changed and this cannot be denied by anyone who has measured the Temple and knows the comings and goings of Ezekiel's Temple.

How Can I say that I am the Savior spoken of In Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel?

How Can I say that I am the Man whom all the Prophets spoke about in the days when a Savior leads the Egyptians 40 years in the Nations?

Ezekiel's temple which stands now has no Veil, It has no Menorah, It has no Laver and it has increased to the size of a city and it's laws have changed because the construction of the temple changed it.

It is nearly the size of Central park in New York.

It has no veil because the seperation walls have been taken out and anyone can come and claim the Priesthood in this Temple if they are so willing.

This is the Temple for the New Prieshood spoken of By Paul ''and we are it's Temple'', we who believe in Yeshuah.

He is that Light of the Menorah that shines within us and this is why there is no Menorah in The temple of Ezekiel.

These are just My Opinions.

Hi, ::kissing:: I'm Joel

I am Looking For Moses.

Are you that Moses spoken of in Revelation before the coming of our Lord?

Do You want to Be?

The Last Passover has to take place to give all people a chance to be partners with Israel in the days of a Messianic Kingdom come.

Call them Out.

'' Come out of Her before you recieve her plagues''

You know what I'm talking about.

The Last Passover, The Last Moses.

Who is this Savior in Isaiah 19?

Is it you?

It's Not Jesus, at least I sure don't believe it.

I am told that the elements of the Earth and everything in heaven will melt at the coming of Jesus when he comes as a thief in the night {Cor}.

These are just my opinions.


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Re: I AM That Future Moses spoken of By Isaiah!
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Matthew 24:5,24

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Re: I AM That Future Moses spoken of By Isaiah!
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