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Author Topic: Are judges all atheists or at minimum agnostics? Or at least those on the left?  (Read 310 times)

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The judicial system in this country is totally screwed  up and you can most certainly substitute the infamous F word or that which I would have done but given the delicate ears on here have refrained.

Certainly the judicial system does not believe in Proverbs 23:13

But the Supreme Court’s 2005 Roper v. Simmons decision found that capital punishment was a violation of the Eighth and 14th Amendment prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment.

Moreover, SCOTUS ruled in 2012 that juveniles cannot face life in prison, either.

In other words, the teenager accused of killing eight students and two teachers as well as injuring 13 others could be eligible for parole around 2058, near his 57th birthday.


So that will mean, if that kid gets out at age 57 he will still be cared for by the tax payer because he will need taken care of being too old to start a life of his own.....

So looks like he ultimately will have jabbed it to many more victims the those he killed and wounded.

At least I will be dead by then.....

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