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Dear Aunt Sophie
« on: Thu Sep 22, 2005 - 21:16:04 »
By Judith Weizner | September 22, 2005

Dear Aunt Sophie,

What do you think about a president who hates black people so much he uses a hurricane to kill them?

Of course, I’m serious.  

First, he doesn’t pay any attention to the infallible science on global warming. And then he sets it up so there will definitely be a Category 5 hurricane aimed right at a city where 70 percent of the people are black. If this isn’t racial hatred, I don’t know what is.  

But was he content just to point that hurricane in their direction and let nature take its course? No. After that Mother came and went, when he saw there were still black people alive in New Orleans, he had to see to it that they’d die.  

Now he knew that the levees weren’t going to hold. Everybody knew. They’ve known for 1,800 years that those levees would not hold up. But instead of building up those levees, what did he do? He blew them up. That’s right. Instead of building up, he blew up. There’s no denying it. I know a very honorable and reliable man who saw them place the charge. They were very cunning because they knew how to place it so the black neighborhoods would flood but not the white ones. You see, they can’t let us live because they’re afraid that when the mother ship returns there will be too many of us for them to kill all at once, so they do it piecemeal. And what better way than to use the weather to do it? No forensics expert in the world would ever be able to prove it. Except that this one gentleman saw it happen.

This white devil is so cunning that when he was running for president he got elected by telling people that he wasn’t going to sign the Kyoto agreement. Every white person in America understood that was code for “we’re going to kill all the black people.