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Author Topic: Email from Canadian UN observed unintentionally killed by Israeli bombs...  (Read 724 times)

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An e-mail sent by a Canadian U.N. observer and obtained by FOX News casts doubt on claims by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan that the Israeli attack on a U.N. peacekeeper observation post along the Lebanese border was intentional.

The email from Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener warned that the post had come under "unintentional" artillery fire and aerial bombing several times in the previous weeks, and that several Hezbollah positions were in the area of the patrol base.

"It is not safe or prudent for us to conduct normal patrol activities," wrote Kruedener in the July 18th e-mail. "(The artillery and aerial bombing) has not been deliberate targeting, but has rather been due to tactical necessity."

Kruedener was one of four unarmed U.N. military observers killed in Tuesday's bombing.

"I think that e-mail is very important, because unfortunately these are practically the last words of somebody who eventually paid with his life,

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Nobody believes Israel deliberately targetted the UN observers.

Nobody with any sense, anyway.

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I would not believe that the Israelis would attack a neutral party.

On the other hand, I truly believe that they feel that anyone who is actively for them are against them.

For details, Google "USS Liberty"...

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Hezbollah routinely sets up next to or right on top of others so that they will get hit in the blowback.  Listen to the Brigitte Gabriel interview for details.

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