Author Topic: Fake news? False reporting? Perhaps anecdotal? Or just a bold lie...TC?  (Read 283 times)

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I know this is not real.

 It came from a news source posted on the confounded computer written by someone named
Yelena Dzhanova ~ ( Surely a fake name or from a forein source)

A Mississippi 8th-grader - who'd only been in school for just over a week - died of COVID-19 hours after testing positive

Not saying this girl did not die from it... I just question if

" Then, dozens of students and employees reported testing positive for the coronavirus, and the district backtracked."

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I am sure it is true that a Mississippi 8th grader died.  However, it is rare that these things happen.  The article is using a real instance for propaganda to push the narrative that children are just as vulnerable as older populations, and to scare people into masking and getting vaccinated.

Anecdotal stories lead people to think that the frequency of these occurrences is normal.  Media/government know this, and this strategy is successful a lot of the time.