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Author Topic: Protestant colleges might drop student health care over contraceptive mandate  (Read 495 times)

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By Chris Moody | The Ticket – 4 hrs ago

On a chilly winter day earlier this month, 120 college presidents--mostly of Protestant schools--from around the country met in Washington for an annual meeting sponsored by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, a group that represents 136 American schools and more than 400,000 students. One topic kept coming up in the discussions: How to combat President Barack Obama's proposed mandate for religious employers to provide health insurance that offers free contraception, a decision that would affect all of their institutions--and could violate some of their deepest-held beliefs.

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Did I miss something somewhere?  Since when do protestants not believe in contraceptives?  I mean, like all christians, I don't believe we're supposed to have sex outside of marriage, but where does the bible say anything about not being able to use them in a marriage?  And we can't use :it wasn't around then" as an excuse here, because the greeks were using birth control long before the bible was written, and during the time of the NT, the plants which were used to stop a woman from becoming pregnant had not become extinct yet.  (They were one of the most commonly trpeoaded plants in the history of the world during that time)  It seems to me that the bible is probably intentionally silent about what a married woman and a man can and can not do. 

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Most protestant groups are opposed to abortion and many forms of BC are actually abortive in nature - meaning they do not allow a fertilized egg to implant in the uterine wall.

There are some that are similar in stance to the Catholic position of banning all BC.

That should not be a surprise.

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I can usually figure out what word most typos are supposed to be, but this one has me stumped.

(They were one of the most commonly trpeoaded plants in the history of the world during that time) 

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