Author Topic: The Damascus Document Scroll, 4Q271Df, found in Cave 4.  (Read 284 times)

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The Damascus Document Scroll, 4Q271Df, found in Cave 4.
« on: Tue Sep 14, 2021 - 09:16:03 »
According to the community rules of the Dead Sea Scrolls, loud laughter was forbidden among the Essenes, who are generally recognized as the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The community rules reveal a person could be punished and banished from the community for “breaking the social harmony”.   ::headscratch::

The sect divided humanity between the righteous and the wicked and asserted that human nature and everything that happens in the world is irrevocably predestined.

“The Rule of the Community (1QS), from the Dead Sea Scrolls, sets forth the beliefs and activities of a community of pious sectaries at Qumran in the desert just before the Christian era—what Professor Frank Cross has called a sect (church) of “anticipation.”

Everything is by way of preparation “for the eternal planting of a holy temple for Israel, and the mysteries (secret ordinances) of a holy of holies for Aaron” (1QS VIII, 5–6). Preparation is the theme; hence, it is not surprising that the specific ordinances referred to are the initiatory rites.

But at the same time, the scroll makes clear the ultimate objective of its whole operation—exaltation and eternal lives for the members—while plainly indicating the general nature of the temple activities to which it looks forward with such eager anticipation.

The striving for perfection is the theme of the Rule of the Community. The sectaries of Qumran knew that the greatest of all prizes were not to be cheaply bought, that there could be no cheating or cutting of corners; to prepare for eternity, one must be willing to go all the way.”

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Re: The Damascus Document Scroll, 4Q271Df, found in Cave 4.
« Reply #1 on: Wed Sep 15, 2021 - 13:10:14 »
There's a theory out there that the uber-strict Community Rules were not observed during everyday life by the Essenes.  The rules may perhaps have been in effect only for the duration of a feast or pilgrimage.

I might have read that on a link you posted here, now I think about it.  rofl