As Israel goes, so goes... (Author : ejected)
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 As Israel goes, so goes the 'church'. By the way I hate the word 'church'. It is legally in the N.T.only  in Acts where it is talking about pagan temples. No where else does it fit. Church: place of worship, building. Ekklesia: called out ones. In other words, believers.
  Israel would back-slide. When they cried out to God for their miseries, God sent a prophet. Right now the true prophets are thrown out on their ear [like what's gonna happen to me here], if they dare speak the truth of God's word. The false prophets prophesy for profit fleecing the sheep 'and my people love it so.' So the ekklesia is NOT ready for the truth yet. The 'body' is dying on the vine, nay, but is already dead on the vine. They are not quite miserable enough yet to cry out to God. 1Cor.12 and 14 describes what a N.T. style gathering should look like.
  'Church' people can't and won't see the difference. They say 'oh yea, that's it. That's how my 'church' is', and yet they aren't even close. They are blinded by pride and excess. Israel thought it was on the right path yet they were somewhere out in left field walking around as zombies.
 So is the body of Christ.
   Funny how many christians believe the theory that the Laodecian 'church' of Revelation is the 'last days church' and at the same time believe 'but we're not part of that system. My 'church' has it right.' Following one dynamic, adorable man in the pulpit and refusing to see the word of God on this matter is laziness and arrogance. If I say any more I'll be accused of rambling. I'm already going to be accused of having a 'bitter and hurt' spirit. Like liberals, churchians can't debate the scriptures. They must fault the message deliver. Or as some, simply twist the clear word to their own dire destruction. What say you?