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[by Leon Anderson, " Bulletin Archive 2002"]

Yes that's right why should I go to church when all you hear is how big of a sinner you are and that the only way that you can get right is to stop doing your evil deeds: But who can completiely stop forever?
The preacher spends too much time talking about how much money you should give. "to the Lord". but does the Lord really spend the money? The preacher talks a good gave about "loving everybody". and "forgiving everybody" in order to be loved and forgiven by God, but does he himself really fulfill all these requirements? There are many more impossible demands that the preacher puts before the people to perform before they can be right with God, but I don't do them so why should I even bother ????

Well you wont hear any of these things at Grace Bible Church because thats where the word of God is taught "Rightly Divided" as God says to do. You will hear that God doesn't talk about you nearly as much as the preacher does, but talks constinually about how his love for you resulted in his Son dying for all that's wrong with you if you would only TRUST Him. God wants to give you eternal life through His Son. He doesn't want your money, He wants you ! So you won't hear so much about how bad you are, but how good God is. You will not be asked to cut out all of your bad habits but will learn that the love of Christ will lead you to "Want" to live for Him. You will learn that God has "ALREADY" forgiven you "ALL" your sins through faith in Jesus Christ. Come and learn what Gods word really teaches, not what the "wisdom" of man teaches. Then your faith will not be placed in "going to church" but in the fact that you along with all other believers, ARE THE CHURCH

This was written by one of the men at our church !

hope I did not make to many  mistakes

You will tire of the situation you describe very soon.  When that day comes you will find something else to do on Sunday morning.


The problem with churches that preach and teach buzz words, slogans, and forgiveness for everything from soup to nuts is that it doesn't satisfy one's spiritual need for the truth.   Constant babble about love being God's primary motivation and used as an excusal for every sort of licentiousness is false doctrine.  Sooner or later people either tire of hearing the same empty chatter or tire of being told they are ok with what they're doing and don't need church to remove their guilt.

Your post reveals the true motivation of your church.  Happy talk fills seats and adds to donations.   Unfortunately happy talk does not satisfy the heart over time.  You may not be hearing constant petitions for tithing, which is never mentioned in the New Testament, but I'd bet you dimes to donuts that some sort of presentation is regularly scheduled to ask the people for long term promises.   Unfortunately money is necessary to keep the venue operating.  It's a necessary evil, but the establishment and maintenance of large religious edifices was also never mentioned in the New Testament.  Contributions to the teacher and pastor are indeed necessary and are mentioned in the New Testament as well as contributions for the poor.  Happy talk is never used in the Bible as a goad for charitable contributions or to establish the faith.  Happy talk is a salesman's pitch to buy phoney goods and services.

Your post reveals the true root of your church.   There is no mention in your post of repentance and the absolute necessity of it for starting and maintaining a relationship with Christ Jesus.  According to your words one does not need to stop bad habits.  Bad habits are not mentioned in the Bible.  SIN is mentioned and mentioned often.   God will not hear the prayers of those who embrace unrighteousness.  He will not listen to songs and ceremony of empty religion and He will not pardon those who believe they are comfortable in their sin.

"This is the one-dimensional, secularist ideology of the Western right to be immoral and to justify its immorality."
- Priest Andrew Phillips

"People are not on a truth quest; they are on a happiness quest. They will continue to attend your church - even if they don't share your beliefs - as long as they find the content engaging and helpful."
- Andy Stanley

Finally your post reveals the judgment of God upon the worldly church of today.

And the LORD asked me, "What do you see, Amos?" "A plumb line," I replied. Then the Lord said, "Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people Israel; I will spare them no longer."  - Amos 7:8

The terrors of hell are unleashed upon humanity when men no longer fear it and cease striving to bind it.  The authority and work of satan will return and grow until men learn again the true meaning of hell and damnation.  Blood and death and destruction await.   

Repent and seek God's mercy while you may, for the end is near.

that's me, hollering from the choir loft...
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