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It appears that the various professing Christian gatherings fall into some identifiable groups, and this can help seekers to look more closely at what they are thinking of associating with.

A History Of Christian Profession And Failure

This compilation of religious groups who profess Christianity in some degree, should be carefully considered as to what is real in the faith and honoring to the Lord, or only profession or man’s ideas;   for as the Lord said: “Not everyone that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall  enter into the Kingdom” (Mt. 7:21-23);   and not all are serious about studying and obeying  the Word of God or even knowing the Creator-God.  The Scriptural Assembly listing shown here is the only known fellowship this writer has seen in the world determined to be in conformity to the Holy Word of Truth.  It should be allowed though, that there can be some real Christians in all religious groups.   – R..DeWitt, 06/11 – from a paper about 1990.   

CHRISTIAN  FUNDAMENTALISTS:  This is those who value the Gospel message in the Bible with emphasis on being “born again” believers, and seek Scripture verses for any doctrines; and are a loosely formed mixed multitude of very independent believers of various kinds.  They are usually quite devoted to Christ and each group will have rules and expected practices for their membership.  They do not usually value church truth and expression of the universal “one body in Christ” in accord with Scripture, and prefer independence in each gathering.  Within this general circle there are also found charismatic assemblies which add Pentecostal doctrine.  It holds in various degrees the teachings of Jacobus Arminius (circa 1560–1609).  He opposed John Calvin and believed God intended we should exercise our free will and choose our course, stating there is no certainty to salvation of the soul, and man needs to hold fast to his faith and keep praising God for hope.  The various gifts as given to the Apostles are said to be the same for faithful believers

CHRISTIAN  CONSERVATIVES:   These Christians often consider themselves as conservative compared to the so-called High Churches, and are somewhere between Fundamentalists and the High Churches of Religious Societies.  They tend to be devoted religionists emphasizing form and ceremonial routines, and may be part of a system of universal organization or an independent local gathering.

RELIGIOUS  SOCIETIES:   This group is often called High Churches and takes the name of Christian, and quotes and applies some verses of Scripture, but is mostly about religious form and display of ceremonies, rituals, traditions, creeds, programs, etc.  They recite doctrines and creeds regularly, and promote salvation by ordinances and following doctrines.  Deity is more a hope than a relationship.  Their allegiance is more to a hierarchy of priestly order who rule. They seem to be more as religious clubs or fraternities. 

RELIGIOUS  CULTS:   This grouping of professing Christians tend to pervert the Bible to serve their devised apostasy, which is for religious gain;  and they typically have their members in religious bondage with fear by elitism of a few leaders.  There are various new types forming every year.     

LIBERAL  THEOLOGY:   More of a philosophy than biblical, though they may use some biblical Scriptures to maintain their religious ideas.  They are more properly social and ethical fraternities who contemplate gods and metaphysical ideologies. 

SCRIPTURAL  ASSEMBLY:  We see there are Christians gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone, receiving "all the counsel of God",  seeking to be “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”, expressing the "one body of Christ" in the world in “unity of the faith” as the Word says;  and acknowledging the priesthood of believers and yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  This fellowship avoids denominations and a sectarian spirit, and holds to God’s Word as the only authority for the Christian faith;  and without additions, innovations, or deletions, they seek to maintain that revival of Church Truth from 1827 A.D.  They usually take no name nor church practice not given in the Bible for the church, and have a sense of unity and the good of the saints.  One can contact Bible Truth Publishers in Addison, IL for more information on this. These kind of believers are often found in three main camps:  some as described here; and others as open and quite loose gatherings somewhat like the Christian Conservatives (though preaching a real Gospel message);  yet others being very strict and legal in form require uniformity in all members similar to a cult. 

Most denominated believers in Christ reply that they are also following only the Word of God, but upon closer examination one can often see they are not. 

One should consider what is meant by the description of a true “scriptural assembly”: 
1)  Christians gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone (as Matt. 18:20), means there is no other name under Heaven given among men, whereby we should gather as a collective testimony.  Names and titles and various doctrines and ideas of men, are exclusive positions for certain beliefs which preclude those of us who wish to hold only to the Bible; 

2)  Receiving “all the counsel of God”, and “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” means just that, and the various sects of Christians (mostly those denominated) cannot honestly claim that they fully follow the Word by rightly dividing and comparing all Scriptures for the truth, by their practice of adding or deleting what God gives for His Church; 

3) Expressing the “one body of Christ” in the world in “unity of the faith”, refers to a worldwide fellowship of true believers who act on the ground that the local gathering is only a local extension in a geographical place of the universal church.  They endeavor to be all of  “like-mind” in the World considering essential truth in the Word of God; 

4)  The priesthood of believers as shown in 1 Peter 2 speaks of the gathered saints and our work and testimony and walk individually before God, not waiting on a hierarchy of men to lead and minister;

5)  Non-sectarian fellowship is a testimony that avoids denomination, and any professing Christian group that takes a name or identity independent of the universal church God established,  and adds or deletes things not given by God;

6)  Faithful saints gathering as in Matthew 18:20 as a work only by the Holy Spirit and not ideas of men, and according to Acts 2: 42 and the Epistles;  which is what occurred in God's recovery of church truth in 1827 AD, when a number of saints set forth the Word of God fully.  They separated from the various ecclesiastical sects and systems, which came out of the Roman Catholic Religion and had copied their practices;   

7)  Such a fellowship as described here as scriptural assembly has continued down through the years, though some have left it and started or joined others, with their imitation of this truth with carnal ideas.
One might be able to tell which group here they are presently associated with, but the writer can be specific if one desires some help.  There may be additional categories that could be added to this listing, and which are mostly after the ideas and preferences of men;  but there can only be one scriptural fellowship testimony  in the world, as God ordained and established.  We ought to find it.   -RLD