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« on: Sun Apr 03, 2011 - 20:32:28 »
Many of the sayings and expressions that pepper our language are derived from the Bible. Some of these expressions have more than one biblical source, so you may still be correct if your reference varies from this.

A drop in the bucket. [Isa. 40;15]
Holier than thou [Isa. 65;5]
Blind leading the blind [Matt. 15;14, Luke6;39]
Salt of the earth [Matt. 5;13]
Money is the root of all evil [1Tim.6;10]
Man shall not live by bread alone [Deut. 8;3,Matt. 4;4]
An eye for an eye [Exod. 21;24]
Apple of my eye [Deut.32;10 Zech.2;8]
Escaped by the skin of his teeth [ Job 19;20
His knees were knocking [Dan 5;6]
I wash my hands of the matter [Matt.27;24]
Eat , drink, and be merry [Eccl. 8;15]
The handwriting on the wall [Dan 5;5]
You cant take it with you when you die [1Tim.6;7
Kiss of death [Matt. 26;48,49]
Hope against hope [Rom. 4;18]
For goodness sake [Psa.25;7]
Like mother, like daughter. [Ezek. 16;44]
A man after my own heart [ 1Sam. 13;14]
Pulling my hair out [Ezra 9;3]
Little by little [Deut. 7;22]
Money talks [Eccl. 10;19]
He brought the house down [Jud 16;30]
He's a know-it-all [Job 38;18]
He's asking for it [Prov. 18;6]
Go the extra mile [Matt. 5;41]
He's beside himself [ Acts 26;24]
We do't see eye-to-eye [Isa 52;8]
At wit's end [Psa. 107;27]

This was in our church bulletin / paper today.

Sorry for any mistakes I have to type it out.
I have not learned how to copy on the printer , maybe one day !