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Palette of all cultures

1. Judaism (church of Ephesus between 7 churches from Apocalypse of John)
First capital is Jerusalem of light,
Between 7 lamps the river shine,
The memory of saturday in paradise,
But you remember not your first love's sunrise,
The Word in Arc Alive
Is Virgin Mary with her Son Who Is Verb Right,
Violet color on the board of cloths by Moises law,
Women touch Jesus' overwear for eating from life grape,
Paul also from Judaism with salt,
Where Scripture touch the point (chakra) of the brain;

2. Eastern Christian Orthodoxy (church of Smyrna)
And Orthodoxy in the blue ocean wave,
Through all storms of world of pagans,
But false brothers try to falsify,
like pirates are against our sapphire
of just dogma fine,
Here angel know to do what the pharisees say,
But do not what they make,
Humility is tuning fork for all 7 churches like one vine,
And by 7 notes of rainbow for the song of Lamb with drops and tears we play and pray,
Icons touch the point of lamp of eyes;

3. Catholicism (Pergamum)
After it is the chakra of the tongue by patriarch roman,
And catholic church is builded around,
But if the pope is not the good Samaritan,
But Caiphas or Balaam inside,
It is the inquisition for Jeanne d'Arc outside,
And false indulgence for rent and buy,
Nevertheless stay for Virgin Mary pure knights,
Like Her belt color blue sky light
Against the cardinal Richelieu in red of vampire,
Against this Goliath flight the stown white,
Manna's taste by the communion us apologize,
The benediction for all universe in eucarist what cover like sky and bright
The star for the next church also mine;

4. The Reformation (Thyatira)
Reformation why?
The opposition is between acts and faith what try
By point of breast and hands all being liberate,
But here exist a double sens between freedom pure and suicide,
Statue in New York in United States what signify?
Virgin Mary is the Queen without any sin therefore not slave,
Else it is false idole of masson's freedom good to fornicate,
Samson and Delilah in fight,
You, guys, should to decide,
Here green color of leafs even on dollars with "we trust" and massonic signs,
This green forest is the lungs or mafia's serpent behind?;

5. Sectes (church of Sardis), divisions in samaritan way
Yellow of puritans our stomach of heart like fastfood excite,
Nevertheless the sectes for the body are tumoral,
Except few good Samaritans in white and not layers,
They are not cause of divisions like dna's errors from false guides,
Judgment is Robin Wood who arrive,
In this anglican's archipelago by unknown time;

6. (church of Philadelphia) Coptic, Armenian and Syrian Oriental branch like old and young wine,
And orange tree is the bosom (Joseph from the bottom) with child,
On the branches little Zacheus son of Abraham say: Hi,
Open the door for the Sun of Truth allways,
Kinder proportions on coptic and ethiopian icons is this cordial bosom's door again,
Colon of the kindle and the persecution of giants around,
But Paul understood Stephen testified,
But this kids was confused with them language simplified,
When personality and nature by the same word signified,
In controversy of the Church against the monophysitic lie,
But in this hole this little electrons may not to stay,
In error by error, they rest and stay right;

7. Pagan philosophy (between Babylon and Noah, church of Laodicea) lukewarm not alive, not died,
Red of philosophy pagan not low, not high,
Because the cultures from Noah should not slay,
In paradise the trees was not savage in this sens nice,
But from Babylon the pagans are in same time wild,
Because they give also the being for the evil what do suicide, kill and lay,
And for the qualities (before Love) with Aristotle they pray,
Jesus with medicine knock again,
You are not cold and not hot between ing and yang,
Like Odyssey between two mountains,
This church of Laodicea with Lao Tzu in some rap dance day and night,
Even the Islam not radical inside,
And three wizards mans with gold, myrrh and frankiencens go nevertheless from this tide
With Abel sacrifice,
Point of the throne of Solomon's judgment beside,
Pedagogy for a difficult child,
You need contemplate The Origin for all languages unify again,
Is Son of God Jesus Christ.

To collect this 7 rocks the time arrive,
With my Consolation Melody i cry,
Against Goliath by infernal pit made.



End of first chapter of Revelation of John:

1.19 Now write down all that you see of present happenings and what is still to come.

1.20 The secret of the seven stars you have seen in my right hand, and of the seven golden lamp-stands, is this: the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lamp-stands are the seven churches themselves.'

Second chapter of Revelation of John, message to 7 Churches:

Church number 1:

2.1 'Write to the angel of the church in Ephesus and say, "Here is the message of the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and who lives among the seven golden lamp-stands:

2.2 I know your activities, your hard work and your perseverance. I know you cannot stand wicked people, and how you put to the test those who were self-styled apostles, and found them false.

.3 I know too that you have perseverance, and have suffered for my name without growing tired.

4 Nevertheless, I have this complaint to make: you have less love now than formerly, first love lost.

5 Think where you were before you fell; repent, and behave as you did at first, or else, if you will not repent, I shall come to you and take your lamp-stand from its place.

6 It is in your favour, nevertheless, that you loathe as I do the way the Nicolaitans are behaving.

7 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: those who prove victorious I will feed from the tree of life set in God's paradise."

Church number 2:

8 'Write to the angel of the church in Smyrna and say, "Here is the message of the First and the Last, who was dead and has come to life again:

9 I know your hardships and your poverty, and -- though you are rich -- the slander of the people who falsely claim to be Jews but are really members of the "synagogue" (communion) of satan.

10 Do not be afraid of the sufferings that are coming to you. Look, the devil will send some of you to prison to put you to the test, and you must face hardship for ten days. Even if you have to die, keep faithful, and I will give you the crown of life for your prize.

11 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: for those who prove victorious will come to no harm from the second death."

Church number 3:

12 'Write to the angel of the church in Pergamum and say, "Here is the message of the one who has the sharp sword, double-edged:

13 I know where you live, in the place where Satan is enthroned, and that you still hold firmly to my name, and did not disown your faith in me even when my faithful witness, Antipas, was killed among you, where Satan lives.

14 "Nevertheless, I have one or two charges against you: some of you are followers of Balaam, who taught Balak to set a trap for the Israelites so that they committed adultery by eating food that had been sacrificed to idols;

15 and among you too there are some also who follow the teaching of the Nicolaitans.

16 So repent, or I shall soon come to you and attack these people with the sword out of my mouth.

17 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: to those who prove victorious I will give some hidden manna and a white stone, with a new name written on it, known only to the person who receives it."

Church number 4:

18 'Write to the angel of the church in Thyatira and say, "Here is the message of the Son of God who has eyes like a burning flame and feet like burnished bronze:

19 I know your activities, your love, your faith, your service and your perseverance, and I know how you are still making progress from time before.

20 Nevertheless, I have a complaint to make: you tolerate the woman Jezebel who claims to be a prophetess, and by her teaching she is luring my servants away to commit the adultery of eating food which has been sacrificed to idols.

21 I have given her time to repent but she is not willing to repent of her adulterous life.

22 Look, I am consigning her to a bed of pain, and all her partners in adultery to great hardship, unless they repent of their practices;

23 and I will see that her children die, so that all the churches realise that it is I who test motives and thoughts and repay you as your deeds deserve.

24 But on the rest of you in Thyatira, all of you who have not accepted this teaching or learnt the deep secrets of Satan, as they are called, I am not laying any other burden;

25 but hold on firmly to what you already have until I come.

26 To anyone who proves victorious, and keeps working for me until the end, I will give the authority over the nations

27 which I myself have been given by my Father, to rule them with an iron sceptre and shatter them like so many pots.

28 And I will give such a person the Morning Star.

2.29 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

Chapter Three of Revelation of John

Church number 5:

3.1 'Write to the angel of the church in Sardis and say, "Here is the message of the one who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars: I know about your behaviour: how you are reputed (named) to be alive and yet are dead.

3.2 Wake up; put some resolve into what little vigour you have left: it is dying fast. So far I have failed to notice anything in your behaviour that my God could possibly call perfect;

.3 remember how you first heard the message. Hold on to that. Repent! If you do not wake up, I shall come to you like a thief, and you will have no idea at what hour I shall come upon you.

4 There are a few in Sardis, it is true, who have kept their robes unstained, and they are fit to come with me, dressed in white.

5 Anyone who proves victorious will be
dressed, like these, in white robes; I shall not
blot that name out of the book of life, but
acknowledge it in the presence of my Father and his angels.

6 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

Church number 6:

7 'Write to the angel of the church in Philadelphia and say, "Here is the message of the holy and true one who has the key of David, so that when he opens, no one will close, and when he closes, no one will open:

8 I know about your activities. Look, I have opened in front of you a door that no one will be able to close -- and I know that though you are not very strong, you have kept my commandments and not disowned my name.

9 Look, I am going to make the "synagogue" (community) of Satan -- those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are liars, because they are no such thing -- I will make them come and fall at your feet and recognize that I have loved you.

10 Because you have kept my commandment to persevere, I will keep you safe in the time of trial which is coming for the whole world, to put the people of the world to the test.

11 I am coming soon: hold firmly to what you already have, and let no one take your victor's crown away from you.

12 Anyone who proves victorious I will make into a pillar in the sanctuary of my God, and it will stay there for ever; I will inscribe on it the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem which is coming down from my God in heaven, and my own new name as well.

13 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the
Spirit is saying to the churches."

Church number 7:

14 'Write to the angel of the church in Laodicea and say, "Here is the message of the Amen, the trustworthy, the true witness, the Principle of God's creation:

15 I know about your activities: how you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other,

16 but since you are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.

17 You say to yourself: I am rich, I have made a fortune and have everything I want, never realising that you are wretchedly and pitiably poor, and blind and naked too.

18 I warn you, buy from me the gold that has been tested in the fire to make you truly rich, and white robes to clothe you and hide your shameful nakedness, and ointment to put on your eyes to enable you to see.

19 I reprove and train those whom I love: so repent in real earnest.

20 Look, I am standing at the door, knocking. If one of you hears me calling and opens the door, I will come in to share a meal (communion) at that person's side.

21 Anyone who proves victorious I will allow to share my throne, just as I have myself overcome and have taken my seat with my Father on his throne.

3.22 Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches." '


Revelation of John 5.6 Then I saw, in the middle of the throne with its four living creatures and the circle of the elders, a Lamb standing that seemed to have been sacrificed; it had seven horns, and it had seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits that God has sent out over the whole world.

Gospel by Matthew 24.22 And if that time had not been shortened, no human being would have survived; but shortened that time shall be, for the sake of those who are chosen.

Genesis 9.13-15: I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
14 When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds,
15 I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things.


Rainbow of Noah = 7 colors = 7 churchs = rest of chosen persons in humanity = 7 notes for the song of Lamb and Moises, Thrue Gospel in one commun heart = 7 materials of Temple of Jerusalem = body of Jesus Christ New Adam = all who offend not Holly Ghost (Mother in Trinity) = all without 666 of pharisean hypocrisy = Book of Life = Paradise with culture trees and Cross of Redemption = Cultures in accord of peace and love without wild wilderness of death.

Because Jesus has not 3 cheeks.
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Specially about two churches without errors: Smyrna and Philadelphia.

1. I see the angel of Smyrna who is "rich in poor state" like poor Lazarus (and Lazarus brother of Mary and Marthe) from Gospel.

2. And the angel of Philadelphia who "has a little power, but stay in fidelity in all tribulations, and has always the open door before Jesus by key of David". I see this angel who is like a kid. Like little Zacheus from Gospel who go up on the tree like kid and he is believer to Abraham's promess (tree is the symbol of cross and also of a good thief beside Jesus), and he has a open door to Jesus. Because we may not to close the paradise for kids. Also king David little between his brothers.


1. Now it is icon from Russia (when Jesus Redeemer take by hands Adam and Eve from hell)

[link removed]

The rules, canons in russian and greek icons (Eastern Orthodoxy like Smyrna) is the mesure of head to height like about 1 to 12, and therefore Jesus with Hollies seem the Lord of Hollies like Lazarus. Icon from Smyrna. Ascetic "look".

2. Now it is coptic icon:

[link removed]

The rules, canons here is the mesure of head to height like about 1 to 4, and therefore it is Zacheus with kid's proportion (adult by anatomy is 1 to 8 or 9). King David also (with holly crown). Philadelphia is Oriental Orthodoxy


Therefore by me Smyrna is Eastern Orthodox Church, and Philadelphia is Oriental Orthodox Church. It is about humility of friend (Smyrna) or kid (Philadelphia). Like on icons the character of theology in 2 churches is the same, characteristic for any church of both. And more. But without error it's about interior court of 2 Churches with tradition, hollies, dogmas (more precise in Eastern Orthodoxy), liturgy, this court stay without touching by satan - enemy. But in exterior court stay a lot of pharisees, false brothers. Because they falsify what is precious, but they may not break or introduce the errors in interior court. In this sens others Churches may purify own interior courts (commun court) with help of Christian Orthodoxy like heritage of Holly Fathers.
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Wings blue and blue light by the dove in flight,
Orange amber of sunrise above Ararat mountain,
Red ruby's star for philosophical way through the night,
The sea and the sky
Like catholic orthodoxy from deepness of the highest of high,
Holly Therese's little book inside,
This french princess in my mind at my right and protect behind,
Her friendship is without lie,
Creation of the world again,
Some protestants are green or yellow leaves and fruits on tree of life,
The purple veil in synagogue now is sail,
Rainbow as the ark in shine,
But from my cross with salt i cry:
Exist not three cheeks for one who slay by lie,
When gay(or totalitarian military)-parade's snake with my Eve speak into street's maze for the crime,
His semaphore's eyes like a false rainbow of sins mesmerize,
The mirage over Kosovo in burning pale drop like the tears without rain,
Crowns, crowds, arrows, it is the signs,
The two commandments are Robin Wood and Ivanhoe knight
With all good samaritans around in white,
Under this flag i continue to fight
Without any shame for the Cross of fathers' vine.