Author Topic: Golden Opportunity to Home School Your Kids  (Read 4731 times)

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Golden Opportunity to Home School Your Kids
« on: Sun Aug 16, 2020 - 13:11:31 »
Have you ever thought that the schools that are seemingly ever closed could be a direct blessing from God during this pandemic crisis?  Yes it most certainly can be.  Did you know when schools were started in this country they were private and taught by devout Christian parents or members of the clergy whose only textbook primary used was the Bible not only to learn how to read but for spelling, history and other elements of a rudimentary education.  That is why this nation prospered because children were taught the Word of God and applied it their lives by applying the Biblical principle from Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” That is what is so desperately needed in this country today—a life grounded in the Word of God

Please don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to finally take charge of your child’s education and teach them what you want them to learn particularly if you are a born again Christian family.  Get hold of a catechism of your churches doctrines.  Try to get it from a Bible believing Church.  Have your children read it thoroughly and explain in detail where needed and even test them on the subject.  It would even help to get a children’s bible with illustrations to get them introduced to the Bible.  Show them movies such as 10 Commandments, the Life of Jesus; there are many such good Christian movies abou Jesus and the Bible. Get the ones produced before the 1960’s before Hollywood tried to twist the Scriptures in them.
Also teach them a basic Civics Class, explain our basic rights in the Constitution and how these documents were based on Biblical principles. Oh this is such a golden opportunity to turn this nation back to God which is the only answer to all our problems  Please pass this on to others.